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Goal Essay

A well-planned activity will most likely bring a good result. The same is true with one’s life where they need to plan the decisions they will take and make in order to avoid regrets, sorrow, and disappointment. A person who wants to achieve something in life means that they have a goal to attain. In this regard, it is important for the goal to be properly established, so that one ay be able to direct their efforts in achieving it.
My first goal in education is to graduate from my course. This is the biggest goal in my life, which I should achieve prior to other things. Completing my education will prepare me for facing the challenges that will be given to me in the career that I will choose. It is always education that will save someone from experiencing a deprived and unfortunate life. It can be likened to a weapon that a person can use in battling the real world where one should be equipped with the skills and knowledge that their chosen career demands.
My second educational goal is to make and maintain good grades. Having good grades that will reflect in my student record is as important as finishing my course. More often than not, good grades serve as a proof that I have learned well. It is the best fruit of the work I put into my studies. In this regard, I can achieve good grades by building up my strengths in the subjects I really enjoy. This way, excelling in these subjects will boost my confidence that I can also do well in the subjects that I find difficult. Next, I will try to learn to love the subjects that I don’t like. It is not enough that a student excels only in some subjects. Being a good student should also mean not falling behind on other subjects. Sometimes a person who doesn’t like a lesson tends to forget the lessons taught in that specific class. According to Willingham (2009), a student should commit more attention to understanding a lesson and to do that, they must put the memory of that lesson in their working memory, which is the site of awareness and thinking. One should be aware that they have to remember things and eventually learn things that will enable them to understand the lesson. Lastly, I should always be a responsible student, and I should know my priorities. I have to determine which activities I should prioritize.
Although the goals and objectives mentioned above can be accomplished, there will always be obstacles that will hinder me from attaining them. The worst thing that can happen is for me to be so relaxed after achieving one or two of the short-term goals, which would be good, but which would not necessarily enable me to achieve my long-term goals. To combat this obstacle, I would always remind myself that I have not achieved my goal yet and that I have to keep moving forward.

Study Plan

Planning for a week of activities will help me plot what I should prioritize in achieving my goals. The following activities are the things I usually do in a week.

Self-Care Plan

There will be stressors that will impede the achievement of my goals. Since I have a lot of things to do in a week, there will be a time when I will get burned out and stressed out. This can be caused by the overwhelming number of tasks. When one becomes overwhelmed, sometimes they tend to feel that they no longer want to do the other tasks because one task has already taken up much of their time. According to Reese (2015), to ease the overwhelming feeling of having many tasks, one should be clear on what they should do first. It is important to identify the tasks that will require a long period of time to complete, as well as the tasks that can easily be completed. This will enable them to complete the tasks on hand.
Another stressor is the feeling of restraining oneself from enjoying the things they used to enjoy. Seeing my other classmates eat out together with their circle of friends and talking about the things they have watched on television make me want to do the same things. However, doing so will impede the attainment of my goals. According to Brown (2013), acknowledging your feelings is one of the things that one should do in order to not feel like they’re depriving themselves of enjoying the best things in life. Having many assignments and other priorities will definitely bring a heavy weight on one’s shoulders. However, by cutting out some activities, one may still be able to squeeze in some enjoyment in their schedule (Brown, 2013). Finding a better way to finish the tasks is one way of reducing the feeling of restraining oneself from enjoying life.

Personal Mission Statement

Francis Bacon said that “Studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability” (“Personal Mission Statement,” n.d.). This quote serves as my inspiration for achieving my goals. In particular, studies for me are very important in helping me accomplish my goal. Therefore, my mission statement is to graduate with good grades and with learning. I need to remember that in attaining my goals, I have to first accomplish the short term goals. These short-term goals for the completion of my first long-term goal are setting aside activities which are not important; making a time plan; and putting in more time for studying. These short-term goals must be achieved as they will help me realize my first long-term goal, which is to graduate or complete my course. By having these short-term goals, my second long-term goal will also be easily achieved: maintaining and getting good grades. My short-term goals for this long-term goal are building up my strength in my favorite subjects, learning to love the subjects I don’t like, and being a responsible student every time. I should always make sure that even if I can easily grasp the lessons discussed in my favorite subjects, I will still give it the same effort that I give my other more difficult subjects.
All of the abovementioned short-term goals will be ineffective if I will not be a responsible student. I should know my priorities in life. I know I should enjoy my life as a student but I should also remember that there are responsibilities and duties that I have to attend to in school in order to prepare for my future endeavors.
Achieving my educational goals will indeed show that education will be a delightful and invisible ornament that will build my ability for the path I have chosen.


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