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Health Care Professionals and Clinics are continually developing what they perform, where they do it and how they carry it out, as people like us are increasing our demands, impatience and and cost-consciousness in health care matters (Evans, Pettus and Higgins, 2011). I believe that, since health care professional have more medical responsibility for offering cure to us on a personal level, so it is certain for us to start behaving like consumers when making health care decisions (Srivastava, 2007).
Occasionally, I do not feel completely satisfied with my health care professional and the experiences I go through while getting my treatment under them. Therefore, I seek out for more information regarding the disease or illness I posses, more convenience combined with a higher level of service I could get from a health care professional.

Follows are the basic requirements that I demand from health care professionals when seeking a treatment;

He should be good at co-operating with me and listen to my problem very carefully in order to come up with a solution.
He should be specialized in the field and highly qualified for the position he is working and prescribe me the suitable prescriptions rather than beating about the bush.
His treatment methods should be perfect as well as less costly as healthcare professionals demand a lot of money in the name of personal care (Srivastava, 2007).

However, if the basic conditions of these demands are met then I will be ready to sacrifice the following prerequisites;

Time-consuming treatment will be acceptable to me only if it is working effectively.
I will able to bear the operating cost if I am suffering from a serious illness as there is no compromise in the name of health.

His long work experience could be ignored if his treatments are working efficaciously in curing my problems.

Changes to be made to Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act and its characteristics allow the consumers to remain as in charge of their own care and health concerns. If the health care professionals follow the Affordable Care Act then it becomes their duty to make their patients informed about the choices they could make in their treatment and health care facilities (Murdock, 2012).
Even though, changes are made in this act on an annual basis, but still, a lot of points are needed to be transformed in order to turn this act in a perfect one for health care professionals as well as patients. If I will have the opportunity to amend some points of this act, I would make the following changes;
Even though, this act ensures quality treatment but taxes implement in the name of payment are still quite higher especially for those who have to afford a normal family life (Murdock, 2012). Consideration should be done on this higher tax.
Insurance companies are increasing the cost of treatment through this act which should be changed. Because, even resident has to pay monthly insurance fees even if he visits a health care professional once or twice annually.
On a positive side, Medicaid is currently expanding through State and Federal funds. However, it is taking a lot of time and this process should be done faster as currently more than 5.7 million US residents are not having any Medicaid covering options (Murdock, 2012).
Through this act, employee health benefits are becoming expensive. As a matter of fact, workers who earn lower wages could save much more money by visiting market place, as cost-effectiveness is one of the most important factors to be considered for sponsored-coverage of lower level employees.


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