Free Reaction Of Nazi Ideology Book Review Sample

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Published: 2020/12/27

The rise of Nazi ideology and the spread of fascistic ideas in Germany had begun long before the beginning of the World War II. The book Enemies of the Regime thoroughly describes methods that were used by Hitler and his party in order to intimidate, prosecute, and finally kill political opponents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals. This meticulous persecution begun ever since Hitler's appointment in German parliament (Reichstag) in 1933. Even though the book does not offer a deeper insight regarding the freedom that these groups enjoyed in Germany prior the Hitler, it can be concluded that they were treated equally as other citizens of Germany.
Hitler and his party did not share the same opinion about the existence of strong opposition in a parliament and he did everything to destroy his opponent. However, the interesting part is that before doing any harm to communist or Social Democrats, Hitler reshaped the law, and this enabled him to justify his political moves in the eyes of the domestic and foreign observers. During his regime, Hitler managed to kill and suffocate any kind of democracy and free speech. He created a collective society that had only one purpose and that purpose was to act and subdue their lives to The Third Reich. The goal was to create a country that consists only of ‘pureblooded’ Arians.
Therefore, even Germans who were different in any kind from the ideology that was advocated to Hitler had to be assimilated and converted to Germans who salute 'Hail Hitler'. Everyone who did not want to accept this ideology was treated as an outcast from the society. Otherwise, concentration camp or death was secured. Hitler managed with strong and organized military and police to endow his will on everybody. The country where the greatest musicians, philosophers, and politicians were born has turned to dictatorship. Even though the Germany has risen from the World War II and the damage that they have brought on other nations and countries, Hitler serves as an example of dictatorship in the modern history.
The reading serves as a proof that not only Jews, Gypsies, and other minorities were affected by Nazi ideology but Germans who opposed to being loyal to their leader and the savor of German nation were affected as well. Every parliament should have a strong political opposing, because in this way the leading party is criticized and their political moves are questioned. By destroying political opposition, Hitler did not offer an alternative to its citizens. This is a clear example of false democracy in Germany prior and during the World War II. The importance of ideology is also essential. Under the false pretention of nationalism, Hitler managed to impose his ideology through propaganda and intimidation.
Before this reading, I used to contemplate about Germans who lived during the Hitler’s regime and ask questions why they allow Hitler to gain so powerful role in their parliament. The blame was on the entire German population, stereotyping all Germans. Now, I see that the vast majority of them tried to resist Hitler’s ideology but it was all hopeless. The society that was once proud of its democracy and free will, has become under the strong hand of Hitler a closed, nationalistic society that did not allow any deviation from the Nazi agenda and mission. People who were different in any way were prosecuted and eventually killed directly or indirectly in labor camps. This is why I believe that the term “normal” is not acceptable in every society. Without the cultural and ideological variety, each society is doomed to disaster. Societies need ideas and varieties.

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