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Social media is seen to have a great impact on people in different ways. Some people are impacted positively, others negatively and others are constantly influenced by the things they perceive in social media. Such impacts include behavioral, culture and attitude. However, such impacts depend on different variables.
According to the bullet theory, social media has negative effects on people’s behavior. It is because the media can quickly inject propaganda into the minds of people in a very short time. Sometimes the media airs both the positive and the negative. How the media airs Beyonce’s personality impact differently on people. Her critics suggest that she should wear more clothes while her fans support her. For this reason, people are both impacted differently by the media. However, not all people absorb information in a similar way. Thus, not everyone can be negatively impacted. Also, the media has some positive information to tell the society, there is both the negative and the positive side in the media.
The two-step model shows that people are influenced by the opinion of their role models like leaders and clergymen as compared to the mass media. It is true to some extent, but mass media has more influence on beliefs and behaviors of people as much as the role models. It is also seen in relation to Beyoncé when it comes to her opinion, especially about woman and power and feminism. Such public figures have led to women empowerment and equality.
Media also influences the behavior and thinking of people according to the type of coverage they give and depending on their priorities. For this reason, most of the time people could be negatively impacted because most of the coverage has always involved a lot of negativities.
Noelle has a very interesting point about the cumulative effects of mass media. According to her the effects of mass media are inevitable and are profound. Thus, no one can escape mass media. Her view is psychologically based, and those in the mass media who have much support air out views that make them confident, and with time no one challenges their views. Accordingly, many people will believe Beyoncé’s opinion, and trust her judgment regarding different things and even want to follow, because of her approval by many people.

Lifestyle Effects

It has led to socialization especially among youngsters, and has led to behavioral changes that to some extent is related to the social media. Many people see Beyoncé and want to dress, eat, behave and just act like her. Perhaps this is why there is an uprise of many musicians. Many musicians such as Beyoncé act as role models hence through the social media, many people get to see her, and she changes their perception in one way or another.
It has also led to the change of attitude regarding how people relate and social media has reduced one on one contact with people.

Annotated Bibliography

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 of the Mass Media Communication is an article about the social effects of the mass media. It is an experimental research study because more research is needed so as conclusively to know facts about the different impacts of social media. The research methodologies include evaluating different researches done in the past and comparing the researchers. It includes the history at different times and making constructions as to how it has affected the behavior of people over time. The research method also included evaluating different theories and cruising their shortcomings and sufficiency. The article also reviews evidence from different times and evaluates different evidences to show how social media impacts the culture, attitude and behavior of people.
The article is relevant when analyzing Beyoncé as a role model, because she is majorly publicized through the social media. Accordingly, socialites and celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles, contribute a lot towards the culture, attitude, and behavioral changes in people. This is because she is majorly a creation of her talent, marketed by the social media, thus widely known or viewed the way she is viewed. For this reason, the article is relevant to showing the social media impact on people in connection with great personalities, especially being a role model shaping people characters and wanting people to behave the way she behaves.
Beyoncé’s Fierce Feminism
Beyoncé’s Fierce Feminism is an article about Beyoncé Knowles, who is a musician, actor, and a popular culture icon, has a great impact on people. The article shows how Beyoncé has captivated people and how she is influential as a feminist and how she is a reflection of many women. What she goes through as a person tends to encourage or influence people in a certain way, thus she is a role model to many people especially women. The approval from people has given her a lot of confidence, despite her flaws as seen by her critics like wearing a few clothes.
The article is relevant to showing Beyoncé as a role model as it gives different instances of who she is, her lifestyle and how her fans are influenced. The research is not an experiment as it gives different conclusive facts about Beyoncé. The research methodology used is analyzing different historical occurrences in Beyoncé’s life and showing how good she is as a role model.

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