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One morning Mr. Albert woke up and went on his daily job as usual. During lunch time he remembered that he was to withdrawal his money from his Skrill which is an online payment system. To his surprise, he found that $2000 had been stolen. The balance led zero. He was very bothered and reported the matter to the administrators of the company. It is then the administrators of Skrill Limited informed Mr. Albert to report the matter to the nearest police station as they continued carrying out their investigation. The administrators of the Skrill Company were able to trace the email of the person who had withdrawn Albert’s money and diverted the money in Skrill into his account. They informed Mr. Albert about the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that was used to withdrawal the money. It was through this revelation that the administrators of the Skrill Company told Albert to report the matter to the bank that owned that ATM. Albert case is one of the many reported online money theft carried out through phishing. Albert account might have been hacked or he gave out his payment email to unsuspecting criminal who pretended to help or promote a product/gaming.

Test Assertions

We shall need to produce a proper test assertion to be examined in the forensic laboratory that details how the computer fraud was undertaken. It is good to note that test assertion is testimonial of condition, behavior or action that can be measured or tested. Test assertions in forensic analysis are crucial statements that aid in crossing the gap between test cases and statements of the specification (Nelson, Phillips, and Steuart 27). Since every test assertion is independent and testable statement is lead to realization of a test case. Therefore, in our case, a test assertion from the paying company Skrill online company from which the money was stolen would of great help in resolving this case and making admissible in a court of law.

Test cases

Test Method
In this computer/online criminal case, we shall require the following forensic tool test for documentation;
We shall require a unique identifier or suitable identification which describe the exact test case
The scope of the test method which is needed in forensic requirements category
Description of the amount of money stolen and the email of the owner
Parameters that was present during happening of the unlawful action. This includes the hard disks that stored the captured information during that day, the camera and captured photo of transactions that happened in that hour and the access and action that define the test (Nelson, Phillips, and Steuart 48).
The testing environment and the reference standards will be crucial in retrieving the support software that was used to record all the transactions and computers used.

The area where the testing will take place and completed will documented to ascertain valid of the environmental conditions

Describe the set up methods and ways to protect the vital test results
Document and arrange how data will be stored, captured and analyzed and expected results to be displayed.
According international guidelines, the test method must be valid for the test results to be reliable, correct and be of integrity. Since section of ISO/IEC17025 states that, ‘Validation is the confirmation by examination and the provision of objective evidence that the specific requirements for a particular intended use are fulfilled’ Therefore, to have a valid case and help Mr. Albert to gain his stolen money back, we shall follow all the accredited guidelines and procedures to get effective test methods (Nelson, Phillips, and Steuart 49).
After carrying out a serious investigation into the case, we were able to locate the time and place where the fraud activity related to Mr. Albert was carried out. The time the computer fraud took place and the computers Jones used to decode the passwords and email of his target. To make the case even stronger, when we sent the police to arrest Jones Right, he was caught having unlicensed rifle in his room. This rifle was clear evidence that Jones was a criminal who had not only the habit of stealing unsuspecting people through online but also he might have gun robed many of other people.

Below is the charge sheet to be used in this case;

Charge Sheet
Jones Right
2.1 THAT Mr. Jones Right is guilty of the unlawful possession of machine rifle in contravention of section 32(1) of the ARMS AND AMMUNITION ACT No 75 and
2.2. THAT accused number 1 is guilty of the unlawful hacking of another person account and stealing money from his account in contravention of section 18 U.S.C. and 1030(e)(a).
2.3. THAT accused number 1 is guilty of the unlawful knowingly and intentionally accesses a protected computer without authorization and as a result of such conduct causes damage and loss.


THAT accused is guilty of contravening section 32(5)(a) of the ARMS AND AMMUNITION ACT No 75 of 1969. Further, the accused is guilty of contravening section 18 of the United Security code and 1030 (e)
In addition the accused is guilty of breaching the computer fraud and abuse act (CFAA) of the section 18 which an amendment that was ratified in 1986 from the 1984 section of the law that was against the Counterfeit Access Device and Abuse Act.


THAT the accused is guilty of Computer Fraud in contravention of section 18 U.S.C & 1030(e) of Act No 6 of 1986;
In that during the period December 2014 to January 2015 at Hawii, Honululu within Hawii County within the United States of America, the accused unlawfully and with intent to access an account and steal money which belonged to somebody else;
The accused performed carried out actions that were aimed at causing, promoting, bringing about loss of money and hacking of another person’s crucial and private details
The accused acting in furtherance of computer internet abuse and hacking person information with the intention of stealing passwords and money of the victim and ground the Skrill Company clients’ trust the act is hereinafter termed to as unlawful.
The accused by his conduct actively linked himself with the struggle to achieve a common purpose of stealing money by hacking internet breaching the penal codes legalizing such acts.


Records of transfer between Jones Right the account from Albert’s Skrill account involved in the project where the records had been saved in the computer discs prior to 14 December 2014 and which crucial information was located. One of the computer disc found refer to the following transfers of funds:
3.1 $500 to in his personal email account
3.2 $1500 to all his email account


James Bob 12/12/2014
Ann Martin 14/12/2014
These two persons were found living together with the accused on the day he was arrested. Ann Martin claimed to be Jones Husband so she might shed more light on what Jones does. While James was Jones friend and business associate.

Assets and Computer disc with the traces of the crime

These three computers shows how the criminal Mr. Jones Right hacked Mr. Albert account went further to transfer the money into his account. The first computer on the right hand side shows how Mr. Jones changed password in his home. This computer belongs to Jones and it is the one he used to code and manipulates the Skrill online money transfer to steal money from Mr. Albert. The codes and key gens used to hack Mr. Albert are visible on the left side computer in the displayed dialogue box. Hackers are known to use complicated systems and software to hack in their desired victims accounts and still their passwords (Nelson, Phillips, and Steuart 56). It is always the duty of the company or corporations dealing or offering online services to protect its customers from hackers by using complex codes and syntax that gives hackers a nightmare whenever they try to access their databases. However, some hackers are tough and experienced to appoint that they allure the victims to register their email and passwords to similar sites though they are faked. It thus requires invention of high tech savvy guru to unearth some methods used by hackers to halt their malicious practices.
The second computer on the centre display the CCCTV footage taken on the automated machines the hacker my Jones used to withdrawal Mr. Albert money. The better things with placing cameras in banking ATM is that the banks are able to keep a record of everyone who makes transactions in their machines. Therefore, with the evidence of withdrawal provide by the banking company where the alleged thief withdrew the money, we are able to provide the evidence of stealing in a court of law.
In conclusion, this case about a computer fraud that took place on 10th December 2014 when Mr. Albert went to withdrawal his online money from an ATM near his residence only to realize that they ATM stated insufficient funds in the account. It was this action that made Mr. Albert to browse phone to verify whether it was true that his Skrill account did not have any money. To his surprise, his Skrill account led zero balance. After scrolling the history of the transactions made he discovered that two days before there someone else had withdrawn money from his account at Honolulu city bus ATM owned by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. He went back at his house and asked his wife whether he had used his ATM but his wife said she even did not know about his pin and bank. Further, Mr. Albert stated that he had never shared his ATM pin with anyone else even his wife. It was thus he though it better to report the matter to criminal investigation urgency who took the matter to forensic auditors.

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