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Chapter1: Grapes

The farming of grapes put into perspective, and the amount of work people has to contend with to ensure success. The grapes are produced in quantity though the workers in the fields do not get the full benefits of working in such setups (McMillan 17).

Chapter2: Peaches

Tracie goes to seek for a job from a friend, even though, her intention is to find out what happens behind the scenes. Tracie’s friend is involved in the farming of peaches, and she seeks to know how the job is done. Huge amounts of peaches are produced, yet the wages paid to the workers is not commensurate to the job done (McMillan 37).

Chapter3: Cutting Garlic

The workers working in the garlic company are underpaid, yet they do a lot of work to meet the company’s objectives. Workers have to work under severe circumstances effectively characterizing the work to slavery. What the company’s say on different platforms is directly different from how they are treated while at work (McMillan 57).

Chapter4: Gleaning Garlic

The gleaning of garlic requires intense labor in order to maximize the capacity required by the firms. The workers have to work overtime to complete the assigned duties. The farming process suffers fundamental flaws because of the mistreatment of workers (McMillan 79).

Chapter5: Grocery

The grocery stores have a variety of produce from the farms, and the prices are inherently expensive (McMillan 101). The expensive nature of the groceries does not correspond with the amount of wages paid to the workers. The prices offered at the grocery stores are a fraud to the people who buy them.

Chapter6: Produce 101

The produce is produced through various means and fashions, and the workers play a critical role in ensuring that the firms collect the basic minimum. The chapter discusses the various basic elements of farming (McMillan 129).

Chapter 7: Produce 201

Chapter seven elaborates on various fundamentals of production as exposed from the farms. The produce is classified into different categories from the farms with workers playing a critical role in ensuring that the products are harvested and taken to the market (McMillan 169).

Chapter 8: Kitchen Novice

Tracie in the chapter narrates the manner in which food is prepared at a typical American restaurant. Tracie notes that the kitchen novice contributes to the kind of distasteful food that is consumed in the restaurants. The intrigues that go in the kitchen at Walmart are shocking in so far as food preparation is concerned. Tracie notes that food is not prepared to the required standards. Food already packaged in plastics is unpacked and warmed. Plastic foods are warmed or even heated and then served in their initial form. The kitchen novice is oblivious of the kitchen duties and, therefore, learns in an environment that is indicative of bad cooking practices.

Chapter 9: Kitchen Spy

The chapter narrates Tracie’s ordeal of being made a spy examine the various issues that take place in the kitchen area. The key areas of concern are food preparation and how they are served or packaged in various plastic baggies. The restaurants are supplied with food by different entities, and the cost of supplying food is relatively high. Most of the foods are not well prepared yet individuals prefer consume such as a measure of saving time. The health of individuals is put at stake when they consume ill-prepared food at the expense of making their food.

Chapter 10: Kitchen Fixture

The chapter focuses on the proper management of the operations of the kitchen and what can be done to make things better (McMillan 219). Tracie is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that sanity is restored in the kitchen, yet conflicts between Tracie and the co-workers affect the process of enhancing better food management.


I liked the book because it provides an in depth analysis of what workers go through to make the American people have food on the table. It is a nice investigative piece that that helps in understanding the different kinds of foods consumed by the US population and helps in making appropriate determination on the right foods to consume. The book is interesting and I commend and recommend it for anyone who would wish to understand food consumption in the US. I will recommend it to individuals who want to eat a balanced diet and get healthy, especially the obese and ill persons.

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