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Facebook is a social site with many advantages to the adults, youths and also the business persons. First the website allows shearing of information among individuals. This may include, asking questions, inquiring public opinion, shearing of videos and picture with our friends. Furthermore, face book provides a small charting request that can be used by a person to chat with his or her friends. Facebook is also majorly used by many students for group discussion and not also forgetting other business men and women who also use it for small business discussion. The advantage of Facebook is that it can also be accessed using the phone and the recent phones of today come with a Facebook app which allows easy update of status and comments. Most of the people finds it easy to link with their longtime friends and relatives through Facebook. This is because it also helps in finding school mates, relatives, lost business partners and friends. Addition to the above, Facebook also assists in the promotion and marketing of the products through Facebook ads and fan page. Besides games, Facebook is a boredom killer mainly for the retired elderly people and during the student’s long holiday. In Facebook, mistaken disagreement dependent upon illogical contention majorly known as fallacy is also witnessed. We may know ask ourselves, “What are the most common types of fallacies in the Facebook posts?”
Fallacies are mistakes that weaken an argument. When a person has the ability to identify fallacies in his or someone’s work, the person improves his or her ability of evaluating the argument he or she reads, hear and makes. In fallacies, it is important to understand two things: first, arguments that are fallacious are quite persuasive and very common mainly to the casual listener or reader. Many examples of fallacious reasoning can be witnessed in advertisement, newspaper and many other sources. Secondly, it is sometimes not easy to evaluate a fallacious argument. An argument may be very strong, somewhat strong, somewhat weak or very weak. An argument with various parts or stages may have some weak and strong sections. Bellow is some examples that might be encountered while making fallacies argument:
Appeal to Ignorance is the first example of fallacy that is experienced when a person’s takes advantage of the others person lack of knowledge on a particular issue as confirmation that their own point is right. For example, “it is very easy for a person to believe that there are Martians living on the surface of mass because a person cannot prove that they are not living there”. The second fallacies are the Appeal to Authority which is also known as argument from modesty. In this scenario, the arguers will be tempted to attach an argument to an influential person to give weight to his or her argument instead of focusing to the merits of an argument. For example “Well, Isaac Newton strongly trusted Alchemy, do you consider that our better than Isaac Newton?” The third fallacies are Appeal to Popular Opinion which is evidenced when somebody claims that an idea is true because most people believe it is so. For example “Most of the people bought this movie so it must be an interesting one.” The fourth fallacy is the Association Fallacy majorly known as guilty by association. This is mainly experienced when a person links a specific practice with a negative thing to deduce guilt on the other person.” Osama was a Muslim therefore I don’t trust Muslims.” The fifth is attacking the person which is also referred as argument against the man. This is frequently experienced in debates and refers to somebody replaces a rebuttal with an individual abuse. For example “Don’t listen to Brian’s argument he is an idiot.”
The sixth is beginning the question which is the type of fallacy where the end of an argument is neglected through phrasing of the asked question. For example, “if the newspaper were not stolen by the aliens then who stole them?” The seventh fallacy is the Circular argument which is evidenced when an argument takes its evidence from an issue within that argument instead from the one that is external. For example, “I believe that vegetable Oil is good because it is written in its package that it is good.” The eighth fallacy is false dilemma mainly referred as Bifurcation. It is evidence when a presented argument has only two achievable options. For example, “if you don’t elect Brian you must are a communist.” The ninth is the slippery slope which is assuming that a small action will certainly lead to tremendous and often ridiculous outcome. For example, “if the law allows lesbians to get married then what next? Allowing people to get married to their pets?”


As it is evidenced, a person may encounter different types of fallacies. Arguing with somebody who utilizes the use of false logic can be an experience that is very frustrating. However the knowledge of fallacies examples can help in the understanding of what is going on and identify the lapses.

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