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Art and Architecture

Description of the environmental issue
White pollution is a term that refers to the use of polymers of plastic products where they transform into solid waste after use, and it becomes challenging to deal with degradation and this leads to severe pollution of the urban environment. The white pollutants include foam boxes, plastic cups, plastic bags, or other plastic materials.
Plastic materials damage the environment because of the adverse effects that they bring. This is greatly contributed to lack of environmental awareness by the public. It is wrong when the public disposes the foam boxes to the environment as they also taint the images of cities.
White pollution affects the environment because of the failure of the society, government, merchants, and consumers to adopt the necessary measures to curb the situation. In most countries, there are no specific laws to deal with white pollution and packaging waste. As a result, the supervision system is weakened and not strict enough to eliminate white pollution. The government has failed to enact legislation that will curb white pollution and continues to damage the environment.
White pollution affects the health of individuals at the local, national and international level. Health hazards caused by white pollution include disposable foam tableware that leaks and damages individual’s health when temperatures exceed 65 ℃ in food stored in the disposable plastic foam bags. Moreover, White pollution contributes to the deterioration of the soil, and this directly affects the growth of crops. The plastics that are found in soil prevent the crops from absorbing the right amounts of water and nutrients and this decrease agricultural produce leading to food scarcity.

Solution to White pollution

There is the need to prohibit the use and sale of white pollutants materials like foam boxes, plastic cups, and plastic bags. The policy must build on eliminating the non-degradable and disposable plastic materials.
In addition, policies that monitor the recycling of used plastics must be put into place. When plastic materials are recycled, the percentage that is released in the environment decreases and the environment becomes safe and pollution free.
The use of non-degradable plastics is also a solution to white pollution. The kind of these plastics is integrated with degradable raw materials, and this helps the plastics to decompose in particular environments.

What kind of “object” to make

I will make a plastic bag mask that will be an important object in the campaign against white pollution. Gathering of supplies will be the first step where I will look for Vaseline bags, brown packaging tape, scissors, glue back and water. I will prepare the mold, cut the packing tape strips and wet the strips in water so that they can become pliable. Nonetheless, I will be required to apply strips to the mold, build up the features of the mask and place the mask in the sun so that it can dry. Finally, I will go a step further to decorate the mask by incorporating the elements of paint and tin foil to make more appealing.

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