The History of India and China Essay Example

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Analytical essay

The history of a country / region is structured with the fragments of political, social and environmental ctor that together determine the economic influence with subsequent impact on natives and residents of the place. The history of India and China when studied from the same perspective determine the obvious influence over the interest and development of the groups of people in terms of benefits and drawbacks. The study of the history of both he countries makes it evident that a country / region cannot grow until it evolves from petty conflicts that disperse the national interest on individual grounds rather tan collective grounds. Hence, the presented study evaluates the same consideration as the thesis statement.
The subcontinent of India possesses a complicated history overloaded with the religious, ethnic and racial impediments. From the year 1600 onwards the end of the Mughal rule in the continent fostered tussle in between the Muslims of the vicinity and the Hindus.Hindus gained power from the support of Britishers who favored Hindus with the formulation of “Company Rule” . Also the trade conditions offered to Hindus granted them viable options to earn profit higher than the Muslims of the place. Moreover, within this segmentation, only the political reasons and riches were benefited leaving behind the middle class in the same queue of oppression, like Muslims and Sikhs of the place. Furthermore, the discrimination of rules within the region aroused rivalry amongst the rich trader genre over the grounds of resources, race and power. Thus, the situation was the same from the 1600 to the1850s.
The social and political environment depicts the obvious tussle in between groups over the grounds of religious, racial and economic empowerment. However, by the end of the period the literate of the generations were able to highlight the political state and the back hand implications cast over the people of accountant that was actually keeping the people of India engaged in the fight of peanuts while making the rules earn fortune from the hard work of the nation.
The period in between 1850s to 1929 could be regarded as the era of realization that made the nation fight to the injustice as one. Here also, religious and racial implications were the ground that united the diverse group of people, The British government introduced arms that used grease of cow and pig which was to be triggered by holding in the mouth. The contents were abandoned in all the religious sects and racial communities, the forceful attitude of Britishers raged anger amongst the groups and made them united against the rulers. The Britishers tried to take hold of the situation with the display of power but failed. It was only the strategic move of supporting the elite and high caste group that they became successful in holding their position in the land. However, by the year 1929, the politics awakening of the nation aligned the objectives of all the groups in one direction that is freedom.
The history of China when studied from the same context of racial and religious contradiction with subsequent social and political implication determines the same influence over the economy and history of the region. From 1945 until the start of the Great Leap Forward the tussle between the communists and nationalists completely deserted the economic and social growth of the country. The infrastructure of the cities were completely crumbled in the period with, a ragging death toll resulted from the encounter of opposing armies. The country was clearly distributed in two halves over the grounds of racial and religious conflicts. The country resources and interested were all consumed by the civil war. However, it was only after the interference at the national level that things got further complicated. At the same time, The great famine further strained the people of the country and multiplied the influence of unrest. The preference of communists in policies and decision making brought on the cultural revolution which demanded equally amongst all. Although, the purpose of the campaign was fair, but the results catered numerous unfair implication. It was only after the death of Mao, the leader of the campaign that the movement was in control
A comparison of the history of the two countries makes it evident that the individual approach at national level brings in destruction and devastation only. It becomes a point that can be exploited by third parties for their interest, as happened with the two nations. A review of the present day situation of the two countries makes it evident that a focused, constructive approach filtered from racial and religious biases can bring in sustainable development of nations and regions. As in the particular referred cases, China could be considered a winner as it have efficiently managed to establish friendly relationship across the globe. While, India, which is still indulged in religious and racial biases remain indulged in petty issues. Hence, it is the reason that the GDP of China has increased wit double the rate of the GDP of India.

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