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There are a number of concerns in respect to our sexuality. The field of sexual health is very broad and has a number of inter-related challenges and problems. Some of the challenges involved in this field are very common among the youths. Sexual health issues comprises of the problems related to sexual health, sexual pleasures as well as the issue of eroticism (Regmi et al.). Young people are the most confused individuals especially in terms of sexual health. Being one of the young people I have found ignorant on a number of things involving my sexuality. Ignorant comes due to lack of knowhow in respect to issue concerning our sexuality (Braeken and Rondinelli).
I have seen several of my classmate dropouts of school due to unplanned pregnancies. Sometimes I wonder whether our parents and those mandated to provide us with the right information are really doing what it takes to see that we are aware of these issues. The issue of early parentage has really fascinated me a lot because I have seen several of my peers being victims. This has really motivated me to learn more about human sexuality and especially about Planned Parenthood. I would like to be a responsible parent in future. This therefore ignited my curiosity to know more about it Planned Parenthood. In order to learn more on planned parentage, I decided to have an interactive experience with a community health educator involved in educating the public on sexual issues.

Interview with a community health educator

A community health educator is an individual that is involved in teaching people on behaviors that promotes wellness (Holtrop et al.). I had an encounter with a community health educator by the name Elizabeth who for many years has been teaching people on the issues of sexuality. My decision to encounter her was informed by my quest for knowledge. I wanted to learn a number of things from her especially concerning the issue of planned parentage.
I went to see her in her office. In the office she was quite busy lady. At that point, I realized how essential this topic might be. When I arrived she warmly welcomed me and took me around the office. In her office she had a lot of books, magazines and reference materials all geared towards ensuring that individuals get the right information about sexuality. I was very challenged that such a field could have all the wealth of information. I just considered it as a mere topic which should be left to the parents to educate their children. I could not imagine that I was getting such an impression only through observation. What about when I get the information from the person who have read all those materials. My excitement could not wait anymore.
I told her what had really brought me there that is to have an interactive session with her concerning the issue of Planned Parentage. I wanted to know more about what she teaches people especially youth about, why so many are youth ending up with early pregnancy. What the youth should do in order to be responsible parents ready to secure the future of our children.
Madam Elizabeth was very happy that I had made such a brave act of looking for him in order to learn what he teaches people about planned parentage. He admitted that that he rarely receives young people in her office to learn about sexuality but goes to look for them instead. Most of the young people instead of being keen to learn about sexuality, they are very busy engaging in other illicit activities which risk their sexuality. “When I see a young person come here and inquire about these issues of sexuality I am very happy”. In most cases we have to move around looking for youth in order to teach them about sexuality”, Said Elizabeth.
According to Elizabeth Planned Parenthood as a sexual health topic is quite broad. It involves a number of things. Some of the issues in this field come about due to unplanned parenthood. Young people need to know what they should do to ensure that one they are in a position to fulfill the duties of a parent when that time comes. In respect to the issue of unplanned parenthood a number of negative things emerges these issues includes abortion where a young person might tend to terminate the pregnancy, use of birth control methods which young people use so as to avoid getting pregnant, use of emergency pills, relationships, pregnancy, sex and sexuality, and sexually transmitted disease. All these things according to Elizabeth must be talked about when discussing about Planned Parenthood. I was very excited to learn about how such a small topic could carry all that information. She offered to give me an in-depth insight on the issues that are directly attached to Planned Parenthood.

According to Elizabeth, abortion is a very serious offence which is committed by the young people each and every day. Young people due to lack of information and know how about sex ends up getting pregnant. Being pregnant at a tender age to some young people is quite challenging since it might mean dropping out of school or having extra responsibility. If the young people accept to be taught on responsible parenthood, then these cases of early pregnancy which leads to abortion could be prevented. It is also important for the young people to learn about dangers of abortion so that they can be more responsible. Most of the young people think that even though they get pregnant in the process they have a solution of abortion. This notion should be discouraged (Prabhu et al.). I was more than excited to learn about abortion.

Birth control

Most youth use birth control methods and ends up misusing them at the end. Birth control method according to Elizabeth requires to be used at the appropriate age and for the right reason. Using birth control methods at a tender age will end up causing complication at a later stage. Therefore, it is important to educate young people on the advantages and disadvantages of using birth control methods. In order to have a planned parenthood, birth control methods are not the solution. They usually have a failure rate and might end up making one conceive. The best time to think of birth control methods is when one is married and has a family.

Men’s Sexual health

According to Elizabeth, most of the young men do not mind about their sexual health since they are not to fear about being pregnant. Young men have a lot that they require to worry about in respect to their sexual health. They need to desist from early sex and ensure they go for check up on a routine basis. This will help since some common conditions which they may have will be diagnosed and treated appropriately.


Pregnancy comes about as a result of two individual’s engaging with each other sexually. A number of youth engages in sexual activities just for pleasure. Since these individuals are sexually active and viable the lady may end up conceiving and becoming pregnant. Elizabeth admitted the fact that youths have a lot of questions on how they can avoid pregnancy. When it come to the issue of pregnancy, it is important for the young people to be informed on what to do and not do in order to avoid incidences of early (Prabhu et al.).


Every young person is in a relationship. According to Elizabeth, most of these relationships are ‘sexual relationships’ where young people relate with each other with a view to take part in sexual activities. Each and every individual needs to be happy in every relationship. In some cases relationship can be very complicated as well as unhealthy and sometimes unsafe. It is very unfortunate that a number of women engage in relationship which makes them lose their own sexual and reproductive control.

Sex and sexuality

Sex and sexuality are two most important that youth need to take care of. It is unfortunate that young people have been provided with inaccurate information about sex and sexuality. Young people need to have a basic understanding of sex and sexuality in order to make appropriate decision concerning their sexual health (Pasternack).

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted diseases come as a result of irresponsible sexual behaviors. A number of young people are suffering from incidences of having sexually transmitted infections. These infections can be effectively treated if these young people agree to be responsible. Planned Parenthood may face challenges if one of the partners is suffering from a sexually transmitted infection.
Elizabeth concluded by saying that we as the young people we need to be responsible about our future. When we learn about all these issues concerning Planned Parenthood, then we are going to responsible parents in future.


When I finished the interview, I have never been such amused with my life before as I was that time. I realized the huge responsibility that we have as young people in respect to being future parents. We need to learn about sexual health issues. Most young people are ignorant about these issues. I was happy to have learnt a lot of things from the interview with Elizabeth. That interview has since changed my life and my point of view on some range of issues. My understanding on sexuality has since been broadened.

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