Good Case Study On Cultural Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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Introduction: The environment and background

Apple Inc is an Electronics Corporation which designs, creates and manufactures world changing systems and products such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macintosh computers and OS X operating system. The company, headquartered in the United States is also provides software and hardware products for consumers all around the world through its Apple store. In this paper the corporate culture of Apple Inc has been investigated in a detailed way to find out how the corporate culture of the company is proved to beneficiary for the company’s prospective and growth. The Apple Inc was established in 1976 and since the beginning of its journey the said electronics company has made a long journey to become the largest company in the computer technological industry in the global market. It is very important to mention that the original goal of Apple Inc is always to manufacture electronic based product according to the need of the customers and the company has also aimed to manufacture products with high technical expectations to satisfy the customers of global market. The company has always achieved to make profit as they able to gain the customers’ loyalty all around the globe by impressing them through their highly efficient electronics product. Apart from this in order to take the responsibility for the interest of general public the Apple Inc is producing environmentally packaging system of the products to minimize the waste. By understanding the company’s corporate culture through a specific organization practice it can be made out how the Apple Inc has become the corporate giant in the technical industry. These cultural analyses of the company may also help to reveal the reasons of why the organization has got most of the advantages in this specific industry as the company allows most effective cultural values in the corporation. The analysis of the corporate culture of Apple Inc is done in this paper by using the Deal and Peterson's paradigm of cultural descriptors.

Nature of Apple Inc

According to the economists a corporate culture needs so many years to evolve and in order to make an impression on every business activity in a proper way. The corporate culture of a company also plays a huge part to influence the employees’ working attitude, thinking capabilities, motivation and behavior. However it as very important to note that whenever a corporate culture is grown in a company it will become very difficult to change the culture. Therefore it is very essential to choose a most successful and unique corporate cultural in order to make the change. In case of Apple Inc the corporate culture of the company is certainly proved to be the best to innovate new sort of electronic gadgets that can change the world and make the users speechless. In order to develop a corporate culture the nature of the organization can become the most essential factor (Kadanoff, n.d.). The nature of the organization in case of Apple Inc is based on four categories. Each product of the company has to follow the guidelines. Therefore it can be said that Apple Inc is a company which is specifically a learning organization i.e. the company is trying to improve and make innovation in their products as well as the business goals of it. Mainly Apple Inc is a hardware company which designs and manufactures path breaking electronic systems with a high efficient innovative technology that is built to impress the buyer section of the globe. Simply the corporation has taken the challenges to serve the people with its innovative technical models and also by taking care of the earth in an eco-friendly way that can be rest assured.

The Unique factors of the corporate culture of Apple Inc

One of the most interesting names that can be associated with Apple Inc is Steve Jobs, the legendary person who had changed the world with his new sort of thinking and innovation. His skills and motivation power had changed the total corporate culture of the company (Galmarini, Symoneaux, Chollet & Zamora, 2013). He was a true legend of the creation and designing section of iPad, iPhone and iMac which have changed the world on its feet. Therefore it is important to discuss the corporate culture of Apple Inc which has implemented by Steve Jobs himself and here is the summary of the unique factors what makes the company’s corporate culture so exclusive.
Focus on the design of products: One of the most important aspects in the Apple Inc is that every employee has to remember the company cares most about the design of the products than other organization in the same industry. Unlike Microsoft Corporation which has historically done poor job in order to create new design, Apple Inc has made sure that the company’s manufactured product has got unique design and elegance in style to draw the attention of the market.
Innovate something new by forgetting what came before: Whenever an employee joins the Apple Inc, the company has always made sure to explain one thing to the newcomer is that Apple Inc wants something more innovative from the employee. The employees have to understand that the company performs everything differently in technology section from the other companies of the same industry. In case of design or in care of the devising every aspect of a product has to deal with something innovative. This type of corporate culture is very justified in order to achieve something exceptional.
Believe in Steve Jobs: Apple Inc is said to be an interesting organization where the corporate culture enhances beyond it workers to its customers. Therefore clearly one thing is very simple, what the firm expects from the employees is also can be expected from the consumers too. In order to achieve this sort of thinking both have to keep their faith on Steve Jobs. This is the bottom line of the corporation as Jobs has been the savior of Apple Inc. He had helped the company to post a new business model and he also made the company to think beyond expectations.
Believe Apple products are the best: Realistically Apple Inc has an ego to compete with its opponent in the same field. Unlike Microsoft, Apple always believes that it has got the efficiency to be at the top of the ladder. This sort of ego has been created by Steve Jobs who has said to be done anything possible to keep the good work going in case of the company’s bright future in the global market. This sort of attitude in the company always proves to be helpful under the circumstances.
Never surrender in case of any circumstances: This is one the most efficient sort of mindset produced by Steve Jobs among the employees. One the allure of Apple Inc is to never admit defeat in any kind of situation. It does not matter how the products of the company have hit badly in the market, the company has always managed a way to pull itself out of the circumstances to save the day. By making right set of strategies Jobs had said to turn things around. That sort of strategy making is one of the major causes of success of the company.
Take criticism to heart to make something special: If any product of the company has been criticized the employees of the firm has to take the issue to heart in order to come up with some extraordinary response. The ability of doing this sort of stuff has been mastered by Apple Inc.
Remember consideration to details: one of the most important factors that Apple Inc makes sure that consideration to details must be paid off in order to go for a long run. For an instance, if an operating system is going well in the market that it does not mean it will go on and on. Therefore new changes of details according to the users have to be designed. For an example, Google Inc’s Android OS is very popular in the market but if an Android user uses Apple iOS then the user might find that iOS has something better than Android OS.
Secrecy tenures supreme: The discussion of Apple Inc’s corporate culture cannot be completed without mentioning the company’s affinity for secrecy. Unlike the other tech corporations, Apple Inc’s future updates hardly get leaked. In reality it has to be mistakenly operated case by one of the employees to find out what is coming next from Apple Inc. In fact the rules in the secrecy of the company have to be credited for the success it had through the long run.
Domination on the market: Steve Jobs had made sure that the company possess on goal to achieve the dominance in the tech market. According to his thinking the company wants to be superior in all the tech sectors and in order to make the competition against the other firms of the section the company wants to destroy others by their innovative and elegant products.

The Rituals, values and myths of the corporation and its effects

In order to explain the definition of corporate culture it can be mentioned that corporate culture is a blend of the rituals, the values, the symbols, the beliefs and the myths of an organization evolve over the time. In fact the corporate culture of a firm many times can be proved to decide the way of the success of a corporation in any industry. It can consist with some beliefs or ethics regarding to the job or the company (Temporal, 2011). In case of Apple Inc Steve Jobs was the founder of the corporate culture of Apple Inc. The logo of Apple is the most innovative part for Apple Inc. The brand logo is probably everything for a consumer in order to understand a product of Apple Inc. Whether it is iPhone or iPad or iMac, the logo stands for the company’s belief. A consumer can be impressed by the logo itself. Apart from that believe regarding to the legendary icon Steve Jobs is an example of rituals related to Apple Inc. The brand name of Apple is so impressive as a part of the corporate culture. The innovative style of logo of Apple symbolizes the company’s innovative personality. Perhaps all of the above one name stands at the top for the success of Apple Inc. is Steve Jobs, the global reformer of the tech industry.

The Significance of the corporate culture of Apple Inc on its business

After analyzing so many sections and factors regarding to the corporate culture of Apple Inc. it can be determined so easily that the significance of the corporate culture for the success of Apple Inc is huge. In case of innovative design or devising technology for both the cases the internal culture of the firm is responsible. To implement latest technology the organization always takes the first step to get the maximum success. The ideas of Steve Jobs had helped immense to encourage new set of workers to achieve something exclusive that can be proved to be impressive. For the reputation of the corporation the corporate culture has played a significant role. The never give up kind of strategy of Steve Jobs made sure that the Apple Inc. can survive any of the worst situation and plan according to the need in order to save the day for the firm’s well being. When a new employee joins in the company it becomes a part of the corporate culture of the company and that adds something new for the employee. These corporate cultures definite provide the onus to give something extra to the company for each and every employee.


Corporate culture of a firm is really an important thing and it is very useful for an organization to dictate terms in order to make a goal. As the discussion in the above is done on the corporation culture of Apple Inc. it can be concluded that from every aspect presented in the paper have shown the importance of corporate culture in order to achieve the success of Apple Inc. Also it has to be mentioned that a corporate culture cannot be implemented in a single day. In case of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has said to be the leader to create the corporate culture of the company. In the guidance of him the company has achieved so many successes and it is now probably the best in the global tech industry. The significant growth of the company is due to the hard work of the organization and the credit also can be given to the corporate culture of the Apple Inc. In the near future the possibilities are endless for the company as it is seemed to be prepared to launch new kind of innovative computers and wireless communication systems to impress the world as Apple Inc. has done before.


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