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Smocks “Religion in World Affairs: Its Role in Conflict and Peace” addresses the role of religion in world affairs. Religion has been emphasized as one of the sources of conflict and also one of the mechanisms that can be used to bring peace. Some of the religious affiliations have been found to motivate people especially the religious communities in advocating peace. In today’s world, religion has been considered to be one of the tools that can be used to bring peace in the whole globe. Some of the conflicts in the world are brought by religious issues and can only be solved by religion. Regions such as the Middle East have experienced religious conflicts that have led to the death of many individuals. In such areas and situations, it is only religion that can be used to bring peace. Religious communities have also directly opposed the issue of repression and promoted reconciliation and peace in the community. Religious leaders oppose repression in the society especially in circumstances in which the people are subjected to any form of oppression (Religion and Belief 5). The article presents how religion is important in the whole globe both as a peace-bringing tool and as a conflict instigator. The article is targeting the religious leaders, government officials and various leaders. Religious leaders should understand that religion is a tool that can be used to bring peace and also create war. By understanding how religion is important, the religious leaders should avoid matters that are likely to trigger a war and embrace peacekeeping. Government officials should also understand how religion is important in the society and avoid actions that could trigger religious conflicts in the country. By avoiding religious conflicts, the government can maintain peace. In cases of religious conflict, the government should also work together with the religious leaders as they are also important in conflict resolution. Leaders should embrace religion as an important tool in the society as they can use it to influence people positively in the society. Religion can also be used to guide people on matters of morality and therefore it is important in guiding people on various issues in the society. Religious leaders can assist in cases of conflict by acting as a link between the various opposing sides. The religious leaders also train people on the different ways of solving conflicts. Interfaith dialogue is another means that is used to keep the peace in the society. Interfaith dialogue is necessary as it helps in defusing interfaith tensions that could lead to conflicts. The mechanism is increasing even in places in which they are interreligious tensions. Religion and conflict are also conjoined and in the whole globe; no major religion is exempted from contributing in one way or the other in violent conflicts. Religious conviction was probably one of the reasons that led to September 11 attacks and other violent actions by the Muslim extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some of the Muslim and Christian leaders from former Yugoslavia viewed themselves as protecting their faiths when they were defending violence against the opposing faith communities during the Balkan wars (Religion and Belief 7). Some of the events in the article such as religious conflicts have taken place. The civil war that took place in Sudan for close to a decade is described as a religious conflict between the Christians and the Muslims. The north was perceived as a Muslim region while the south was dominated by the Christians. Some elements of truth are seen after 1989 when an Islamic government came to place in Khartoum with the agenda of making the whole country an Islamic nation. The differences between south and north are beyond religion and merely disagreements in theological characters. The religious differences between Christians and Muslims also overlap with geographical, ethnic and racial divisions. Religion is not usually the sole cause of conflict as many factors also contribute to such. Religion is intertwined with other causal factors that include politics, social and economics that propel and even sustain the conflict. Religious conflicts must also be addressed alongside economic, political and social issues. The matter of religious activism in promoting the peace with justice is overlooked. The US was significantly involved in promoting peace in Sudan since the Christians pressured President Bush to deepen its engagement. Evangelical concern by the Christians was that the conflict was as a result of the Islamic fundamentalist government forcing the Christians to convert to Islam. Jews also joined the Christians in bringing the attention of the public to the Darfur crisis. Religious communities have also promoted reconciliation and peace. Eastern Europe churches mobilized the opposition to Soviet occupation. During the apartheid regime in South Africa, clergymen such as Frank Chikane, Desmond Tutu and Beyers Naude worked hard in order to break the bonds of apartheid. The civil disobedience portrayed by Buddhist monks in Myanmar showed how religion can promote peace and human rights.

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