Good Essay About Evaluation Of A Package Of A Consumer Good

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Coca-Cola can

Product Protection:
The can is made of aluminum which does not rust, soak or allow watering materials to pass through it. These facts prevent the coke in the can from spillage or contamination with impurities from outside the can. Additionally, packaging protects the coke from loosing its taste by preventing carbon dioxide gas from escaping. This keeps the product fresh and flavored.2. Attention:
The packaging is well label and the colors are well visible from a far distance. Hence, the consumers can not fail to notice the product (Singh et al., 2012). On the other hand, the packaging is decorated with bubbles. This attract consumer instantly especially those who are thirsty and they are eager to quench their thirst.


The color of the can distinguish the Coke can from any other can on the shelf of any store (Singh et al., 2012). Additionally, the company has used the same color all over the globe. Thus, consumers are in a position to recognize it anywhere they travel around the globe.4. Target Marketing:
The product targets the consumers who are travelling and or engage in vigorous activities such as sports, hike or camping. Thus, the consumers don’t have to worry about breaking the can and spilling their drink as they continue with their activities. Additionally, since the packaging is small in size and robust, the consumers can put many cans in one place without worrying about breakages or contamination.5. Information/Disclosure:
The can is well label with the expiry date and the ingredient which were used to make the product (Finan, 2014). Additionally, the packaging has information as to where the consumers can store the product and at what temperature. Moreover, the consumers are informed on how to dispose the can in an effort to keep the environment clean.6. Safety/Liability Protection:
The packaging does not warn the consumers on the danger of consuming the product. However, the expiry date warn the consumers when is safe to drink the product. Moreover, the ingredient shows the consumers what is contained in the can Finan, 2014). Thus, those consumers who take sugar for example can refrain from taking the drink.7. Environmental Concern:
The can are made of aluminum which is recyclable. The cans can be re-used multiple times before they become un-reusable. Additionally, there is a message on the on the can which show how the consumers can disposed off the packaging after consuming the drink.
8. Cross-Promotion:
The Coca-Cola Company has a multiple drink products on the market. Thus, it is common to find the all the products advertised together. The packagings of all the products of the company have the label and the name of the company. Thus the consumers who are loyal to the company can easily identify the coke can through the company name.
9. Additional Package Uses:
The can be used to make scarecrow in the farms since they don’t degenerate easily. Additionally, by cutting out the lid, the cans can be used at home to hold items such as pens, pencils or flowers.10. Innovation:
The cans are alternative to the glass bottles which were common around 1990s. However, the glass bottles were prone to breakages putting the life of the consumers at risk.

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