Good Essay About Having A Friend Doing Illegal

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Staying in touch with a friend who takes illegal actions is a matter of making individual preference, and every individual by using his or her rationale criteria can choose the best for herself or himself. Therefore, having a friend with illegal activities cannot be judged socially if not only if the individual becomes partner with the friend in committing the crime.
In life, we make connections with different people, and each friend has different conditions in his or her life. Having a friend who takes illegal actions is one of the most challenging experiences for many people because it is not a socially appreciated situation. In general, people advise you to stay away from the criminals or break up with the people who take illegal actions. Illegal means creating damage in the social life.
An individual might have four options in the case of having a friend who takes illegal actions: 1) breaking with him or her, 2) staying passive and continuing friendship while ignoring the illegal actions taken by the friend, 3) advising him or her to stop taking illegal actions, and 4) supporting him or her and even being partner with the friend to take the illegal actions. Assuming that I am a well-behaved person, let us ignore the last option.

Breaking Up

Firstly I might prefer breaking up with my friend because he is taking illegal actions. While doing this, I, instinctively, protect myself from the negative influences of having a criminal friend. However, I might lose a good friend because being a criminal does not mean he or she cannot be a good friend. Thus, breaking up with a criminal person might have many positive outputs; however, it might cause some losses as well. While making the decision of breaking up with a friend taking illegal actions, I would write down all the positive and negative outputs of breaking up. Mostly, the people who have strict principles in their lives prefer breaking up with such people. However, we observe that many people still stays as friend with the criminals, and it does not have created a negative influence on your life. When your friend is jailed, that does not necessarily require you get jailed.

Being Passive and Ignoring Crime

Secondly, I might stay passive and just continue being friend with the criminal person. In this case, I prefer not talking about the crime he or she commits and makes him or her feel that I want to stay away from their criminal behaviors. Not involving the illegal action protects me from a situation I might be responsible. Even if I do not get involved with the action, I make sure that the illegal actions taken by my friend does not develop a negative influence on me. The case of being passive might be tiring for the individual because the illegal actions taken by my friend might influence me negatively any time; therefore, I need to spend effort to get rid of possible negative options. Trying to stay friend with the friend taking illegal actions might be something fruitful for me. For instance, I can understand why I need to stay from the crime by observing the criminal because crime is not only forbidden legally, but also damages an individual’s life. Also, it might give me some excitement because even watching a person committing a crime increases the adrenalin in the body. Therefore, staying in touch with a friend with illegal actions might give some benefits.

Giving Advices

Thirdly, I might prefer giving advices to my friend not to commit crimes and take illegal actions because I am relatively more concerned about him or her. Thus, if he or she is a relatively better friend of me, then I do not want him or her to get harmed as a consequence of committing a crime. Also, if he or she is very close friend to me or I am in love with the friend, and then I might be developing a protecting feeling for the friend. However, it is a very risky situation because being aware of some crimes and staying in touch with a friend might be very suspicious for police. I might get easily claimed for committing a crime together with my friend. Thus, the third option requires some sacrifice for the friend. Considering that I am happy with being with some certain people, it is worth spending effort to protect them.


There is no certain answer to the question of staying in touch with a friend taking illegal actions or not because, under different conditions, my answer might be different. Depending on the quality of the relation between me and my friend, I would make my decision.
I make friends to get a social utility. Each friend makes a contribution to my life. The contribution is not necessarily something financial; it might be love, informing me, leading me to my desired goals, and even maybe some excitement. Thus, when I make a friend, I trade something with the person. Depending on what I am receiving from the friend, I would make my decision.
For instance, if the friend taking illegal actions is the significant other for me, and then I might stay friend with the friend even if he or she commits the worst crime ever. If the friend is not someone, I care, and then even a simple illegal action he or she takes might be a reason to break up with him or her.
One might think that my approach is very capitalistic or opportunist because I am expecting a utility for being friend someone; however, in fact, the natural system on the world is based on the utility. Every one of us has to get some utility to survive from the actions we take. Otherwise, we cannot generate the necessary energy for us to continue living. Consequently, this idea is not produced by the capitalistic approach. The capitalistic approach has taken it from the natural system. Making preferences of making new friends and continuing relations with these friends are individual decisions, and it might change from one person to the other person even under the same conditions. The different conditions can make completely different behavior patterns.

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