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Apple’s current position on the company’s social and ethical responsibilities.

Apple’s position on the company’s ethical and social responsibility is currently at stake due to the increased competition that is experienced in the market. Apple’s executives have been left with a challenge of leading the company especially after the shocking death of Steve Job, who was linked to the company for decades. Loyal customers are also uncertain of what to expect from Tim Cook, who is also less known to the public.
Apple has not met all its responsibilities, socially and ethically. There exist some responsibilities that Apple as a company ought to give to its loyal customers especially during a time of uncertainty. Apple needs to embrace some values that make the company cool such as the fact that owning an Apple product will secure partnership in a certain group or organization. One great challenge for Apple is that some critics say that Tim Cook is just responding to media pressure. Instead, he should realize the great innovation and vision that is characteristic of Apple. In terms of integrity as a responsibility, it should be noted that any organizational change in a company is faced with insecurity (Gamble, Thompson, & Peteraf, 2013). Apple should present its company and the new CEO with an opportunity that is unique and that will promote a good image of integrity and can differentiate the new leadership in place from the old one of Job.
Emotional bonding between a company and its stakeholders is also very important, and this is perfectly created through Empathy, which creates endurance during difficult times. Apple is facing some challenges in terms of selling their products. The company has not sold its product more than it is a vision that is the founder’s vision. Apple as a company should realize that the market competition is stiff and try to sell their great vision now that their position as the best company is uncertain.

The impact of the publication of Apple’s violations on suppliers.

Apple’s reputation has been tainted from the way the suppliers have recently filed violations made by Apple, as a company. The raised violations include many working hours per week closing to around 60 per week. It has also been alleged that, to apple, safety is the last idea that comes to the executive’s mind. The factories, where Apple products are made, are said to have harsh conditions and are unsafe for human operations (Cruikshank, 2006). The company has a history where the employers abuse the other workers. Previously, the voiced allegations in Apple have always undergone no attendance. Despite the employers claiming that the supply chain made by Apple Company are safe, violations against the conducts in report forms.
The factories, which were used by Apple, contain clouds of Aluminum dust. When such violations get exposed, there is a reduced public drive to work for the company and consequently, a reduction in productivity. The current employees, most of who are ignorant of the unsafe environments, also have a tendency to leave their current posts in the company. The impact on the consumers of the Apple products is due to the stereotype that the Apple products are harmful (Lashinsky, 2012). The company has also been suffering an impact because it has been side-lined more as compared to other electronic providers such as Microsoft. The impacts, which fall on the Apple Company, are, however, manageable had they been looked at and a detailed and the appropriate course of action adopted.

Methods Apple can utilize to ensure workers adhere to wage and benefits standards.

There are two major methods for Apple to guarantee its suppliers stick to the wage and benefits standards. One methods is to allow for independent monitoring of the supplier companies or factories such as the Asian supplier factories. Doubling the number of audits is also very important and essential along with its supply chain. That will ensure that its workers are treated better every year.
Apple should also allow independent auditors as this will create a better image of the company to the suppliers. Fair labor association of the company is also very helpful as it secures commitment to limit workers’ hours, and also to protect payment at the largest supplier (O'Grady, 2009). Developing a compensation package to protect workers from losing their income as a result of reduced overtime is essential in the Apple Company. Significantly increasing the workforce, building additional housing, and increasing the canteen’s capacity is helpful in maintaining numbers and also reducing the workers’ hours.
Apple should also consider health and safety monitoring, which is also a decision for its workers. Most workers fear injuries that occur during work such as accidents with the company’s vehicles. The issue of accident can be dealt with by the supervisors and workers reporting all accidents that result in an injury. Apple should consider implementing such methods as they would be helpful.

The willingness of Apple consumers to pay more for the sustenance of the wages and benefits for supplier workers.

The Apple customers would not willingly pay more for the products. However, if the Apple Company failed to make any statement on the wages of the workers, there would be no much complaint. However, the already existing prices in the market would not be increased. Increasing the existing price, would raise questions expecting well laid out reasons. Otherwise, the secrets would never be concealed. The best strategy, to increase the wage range for their workers, is to introduce a new brand into the market. The brand should be in a position to kick-start the project of increasing the wages of the workers.
Apple’s presentation of the new brand in technology would also be at stake (Hill, 2014). Since the brand has a low cost of production, it should be ensured that it is standard for all kinds of consumers. By the time the criticism arises, there already have been a sufficient amount of profit invested. Notably, the idea of coming up with a new brand may result in immediate analysis.
As such, customers paying more to accommodate the presence of workers would fail since the critiques would sell the whole idea of a cheaply construct yet expensive gadget. A single critic would suffice the demand shift for the whole product. The fact that the consumers are digging deeper into their pockets will have the gadgets and new brands subjected to scrutiny. The Apple Company, therefore, should place measures to defend all their brands with an aim of having the customers pay more obliviously.

Apple’s current marketing strategies and the improvement of its competitive advantage.

The marketing strategies at Apple have made them come this far, overcoming all the hurdles. Apple has a strategy of ignoring their critics. Entrepreneurs have a lot of opinions coming their way on how best they can manage their businesses. Apple’s innovations were always mocked in the beginning; they prevailed regardless. Apple is also characteristic in turning the ordinary into beautiful things. The property of beautification is not only confined to the hardware but encompasses the software too. As seen in their computer systems and operating systems, there is a beauty that is worth the price of the products (Hill, 2014). Apple products are perceived as expensive. As such, the company uses a market strategy of justifying their high prices. As said earlier, Apple is not confined to the standards set by their competitors. The same attribute applies to their prices. They have ensured that no other product is better than theirs, may it be the 27” display in the iMac, their thin MacBook Air, their intuitive software among many more.
Apple uses their audience’s language as a means of communication (Arthur, 2014). The common product specifications such as gigahertz, terabytes, resolutions and other technical jargon have been replaced by terms such as “retina display”, “LED backlighting” and “edge to edge glass”. As such, the customers of products from Apple will thus be attracted to the strategies that are laid out like traps and are irresistible.
For Apple to match the competition better, it should focus on the software and not much on hardware. It is evident that software is more appreciated than hardware because when the iPhone 4S was introduced to the market, even those, who had an iPhone 4, opted for the new brand. The iPhone 4S did not offer a different hardware architecture but a more integrated software. Also, for a better competitive advantage, Apple should consider splitting its stock (Lashinsky, 2012). As such, the company would have rewarded the very people who propelled them to their success. It would not be appropriate for the consumers not to afford the stock and result to system upgrading such as to iPhone 5 instead of buying new products due to the high prices. In conclusion, Apple should reconsider sticking to their fabric and recover the value that is degrading both to the shareholders and the consumer.


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