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Published: 2020/10/12

“No time to think” is a well-known article written by a journalist Kate Murphy in the New York Times. The writer has actually picked a common issue of everyone’s life. He is of the view that with the technological, cultural and scientific development, human life has become so busy and occupied. Where he states that we seldom find time for ourselves, he also mentions the fact that no one wants to be alone with his problems. We all run from being free because naturally the human brain starts to reflect about the failures, problems and questions one might have in his life. This leads to the negative thoughts which further lead to depression and anxiety.
The writer is somehow right about the fact that no one wants to be depressed. Humans keep themselves engaged in different activities to keep their mind distracted. If a person isn’t busy at work, he might be busy with his family or friends or just spending time with TV, socializing on internet, reading about ongoing political situation or just doing something in which he finds peace and pleasure. This practice or way of life might have distracted them from retrospect and thinking about their past but on the contrary “thinking” is the first step to solve a problem. Human brain is mysteriously complex. All those questions which don’t find an answer keep stacking in the sub conscious and then a sudden event or shock could explode them. This might lead to the intensive psychological issues which are too difficult to be treated.
He also proposed a solution that if we start thinking and accepting the failures we had, we can develop a positive outlook towards life. It is normal for every individual to have failures based on wrong decisions or uncontrolled circumstances. This is the reality of life because it is never smooth. When we develop an understanding with the fact that it is not just us who went through such rough phases, we start to think optimistically and learn from the mistakes we could have avoided. Every human should spare sometime for his own catharsis. It is extremely important to overcome the fear of reflection for a healthy and realistic life.
Running away from reflection doesn’t solve the problems as such. One only becomes strong when he starts to confront the fears. Fears are usually liars and we all must strive to explore the truth lying within. Past is always like a novel. It sharpens and improves the imagination and helps an individual to learn the things he can’t learn from books or encyclopedias. The individuals who accept the failures, learn from them and take them as a normal part of life are observed to be mentally healthier than those who run away from such self-therapies.
The initiative of Google regarding the courses offered to its employees is really appreciable. They are called “Search inside yourself”. Such courses train the people to reflect, learn and be realistic about life. Such courses must be offered at work, schools and wherever there is a need to make people realize about the actual realities of life.
No one is actually busy. It is all about priorities. You can never lead a healthy mental life if your own self isn’t a priority for you. It is often said that no one can love you more than you can and loving someone comes with acceptance of all his negatives and positives. Realize the distinction between being busy and frenzied. We all need a careful balance between work and leisure .Take yourself for what you are and you will definitely notice things getting better.


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