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This paper discusses certain aspects about the modern learning schemes that are introduced now-a-days in the schools. We know that our children are the assets and the key human resource of our countries. The conventional schooling does not provide adequate educational needs that the children need in order to become knowledgeable and intellectually sound.
Teaching and learning in a technological environment is different for the participants as compared to the conventional education environments. The elementary school learning is a modern way of learning valuable knowledge by utilization of capable human resources. In fact, we know that technology is used in almost every aspect of our life to achieve certain set of objectives in an efficient manner.
The knowledge acquiring and learning has been a basic need of human being since the evolution of humanity (Glennan, 1996). Conventional methods of knowledge sharing are equipped with the latest technologies in order to make them effective and facilitate the students to the best extent. It is important to identify certain challenges that instructors and students associated with the technological classrooms and elementary school learning environment would face during getting or giving education (Frank, Zhao & Borman 2004). The study provides an insight into various aspects about the challenges and their solutions about elementary school learning.
Today, technology has shaped the mode of communication and spreading education to the learners. There are a lot of web based educational systems, websites and learning centers equipped with modern and state-of-art technology that will help the learners and the facilitators in various ways. Before getting into details about knowing certain challenges of elementary school learning environment, it is important to know the basic definition. Elementary school learning needs to bere-defined as the delivered instruction that is spread by using any technological mode of communication with the intention of promoting the learning.

Professional, Political, emotional, and educational Challenges

The identification of various challenges with regards to the technological learning environment is important to know for ensuring the success of learners. The challenges about educational environment need to be considered with two different roles or perspectives: One is with the role of student and other is with the role of teacher or instructor (Boyer, 1983).
The instructor's role is more important in facing the challenges with regards to the elementary school learning. It means the difference in the information technology specific knowledge between the students who know to use information technology and, others who do not know about how to deal and get educated with such resources.
The difference of knowledge about using the information technology is an important factor to be known by the instructor before it starts teaching its students from the technological perspective. The instructors need some extra effort to put in place with regards to the preparation of course content that needs to be taught to the students in the classroom. This is due to the fact that technology is enhancing day by day and we find latest versions of interactive tools and applications coming in the market.
The challenges faced by the instructors and students about elementary school learning environment are important to be considered for the instructors and the management of the elementary school learning center. The instructor's role is considered to be important in encountering these challenges for sustainable growth of the students (Frank, Zhao, & Borman 2004). Management of school systems or learning centers must focus on acquiring latest applications, tools and technological advancements that help in building a collaborative environment. The instructors and students both should be encouraged to be a part of technological community in order to get benefit from the collaborative systems in terms of sharing their problems and seek solutions for them.


We need to understand the importance of education at every level i.e. political, public and school level. Commitment and consistent efforts are the central drivers in conducting any sort of positive work in this regard. In elementary school learning environment, when an instructor starts to teach its students, the first important thing to consider is checking the motivation level that each student possess with regards to learning from this advance form of education.
The technological tools and applications that help in enhancement and encouragement of interactivity of the instructors and students should be installed on the education resources. The Research and Development team should be made out of the education and technology specialists providing support to the elementary school learning environment. Their task should be simply concentrating on research about enhancement of elementary school learning environment by any way possible and, present their findings in the form of reports to the higher management on periodic basis. Despite of using modern and state-of-art technology in the elementary school learning environment, the management and instructors should acquire some ways to have face-to-face continuous interactions with the students. It will help the students to learn in a better way. With the help of these technological resources, we would be able to deliver better education to all the students of the society. In one way, we would be able to increase the literacy levels in the given society. Further, these children will be able to build a bright career on the basis of strong foundation of their education. Thus, with the help of technology, we would be able to educate more and more children in the given society.


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