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Computer hacking involves the exploitation of weaknesses in a computer system or a network of computers. The reasons for hacking are diverse and may encompass enjoyment, profit or protest. Hackers usually have advanced understanding of the working of the computer and the information relating to computer security. Many Americans do not regard computer hackers as serious criminals. This is because hackers play a significant role in identifying the existing areas of weaknesses in the computer networks and systems. Hackers recognize the existence of vulnerabilities and point them out. The consequence of hacking is improved security relating to computer systems and information. Americans believe that hackers are the only people who raise their hands to pinpoint problems. They acknowledge that even though people buy computers, there are fundamental errors that need to be addressed.
Hacking is important to the society since it describes the working of the system and the failure of the system. In this regard, it is wrong to think of hackers as criminals. Around the world, most governments and media have treated hackers as threats. However, Americans perceive hackers as pioneers of electronic frontier. Hackers exist far ahead of the world in determining dangers and vulnerabilities. In this regard, they expose the shoddy work that computing companies present to people as finished products. Initial hackers were students of MIT. These students had wit and intelligence that enabled them to explore the computer system beyond what the manufacturers had done. They discovered the new corners of cyberspace and found solutions to them. Against this backdrop, the perceptions of Americans about hackers changed. While hacking has positive and negative aspects, the many Americans do not regard illegal hackers as criminals.

Paper Number 2

Businesses need to be automated using computers so that they can be competitive. The development in technology has led to evolution in businesses. Most businesses are using computer automation systems to stay relevant in the competitive business world. Automated business presents a variety of benefits that businesses can exploit to gain competitive advantage. Automation helps to reduce costs in business. It helps to reduce the paper trail systems that that have conventionally been inefficient and costly. Cost reduction helps business to channel the savings in other viable investments that can encourage growth of the business. Automation helps to streamline operations at the workplace by removing the existing bottlenecks. Such bottlenecks are usually occasioned by manual actions that consume a lot of time and resources. The computer can apply rules and perform calculation in a reduced duration compared to manual actions.
Apart from the streamlining processes in business, automation helps the business to attain lasting productivity. The reduced amount of time makes it possible to assign many duties and responsibilities in the customer service. Increase productivity leads to increased profits. Hence, an automated business has high prospects of realized a greater return on investment. Automated business systems ensure that users do not have to remember lengthy processes. This is because the workflow is able to carry out its actions and alert those who need to respond. An example of the automated business system is the use a digital engagement platform that prevents customers from standing in long queues. The digital platform allows customers to have service numbers. It also alerts customers to respond to their service. This makes it possible for banks to deal with large numbers of customers in a very short time.

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