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New City Home city care is a private home health company offering nursing care and therapy services to the elderly residents of medium-sized Midwestern city. This plan is an executive summary of the marketing plan for Home city care, and provides a detailed summary of the company’s historical trends and current strategic plans, demographic data, market place analysis including competition, models and best practices for reaching the target audience, recommendations, the actual plan and best practices for implementing it and the tools of evaluating and adapting the plan as discussed here under;
New City Home city care started back in 2009. It was founded by Dr. Alice and Taylor who saw the rising need for care of the old because of the increasing population of retirees in New Jersey. The company was founded by the two individuals and has since expanded to taking care of majority of individuals in a small town in New Jersey. It has not only provided a home to the elderly but also, a place that their health can get checked and ensures that they are free from treatable ailments. In 2010 New Home City care provided nursing and accommodation services to a population of 100 elderly people; this population has expanded in the past years to 20,000 at present. In the foreseeable future, the number of the elderly is deemed to increase and hence this calls for the need of a strategic plan on ways to expand the company to increase the healthcare and provision of homes for the elderly.
Moreover, the current strategic plan of the company is to expand and ensure that all the old that seek healthcare and lack homes are well taken care of all over New Jersey. New City Home City care boasts of better nursing facilities with comfort for the old. Its wages, payment rates are attainable by the individuals seeking a home for their loved ones. The company’s motto is to attain proper health standards in order to ensure that the elderly get the best services and act as a representative of the old (Strauss, Frost & Ansary, 2009).
However, demographic data is also key in drawing the plan to reach the target audience for New Home city Health care. The table below shows the population of the elderly that home city has been taking care of from the year 2009;
The number of clients at New Home Care has been on the upward trend since its establishment back in 2009. There is need for the number to keep the upward trend because the population of the old in New Jersey supersedes the youth. New Home City Care is thus tasked with the sole responsibility of ensuring that all the elderly get accommodation. The current target town for expansion has a population of 20000 residents. The responsibility of home city health center is to expand and provide quality service to such elderly (westwood, 2013).
Nevertheless, the upward trend in New Home city care has been majorly facilitated by the quality standards that have been met in the company. The balanced diet has been a key factor in improving the health of the elderly admitted in the company. Moreover, the quick emergency response system has ensured that those in need of medical attention get to see the doctor and are served before time gets out of hand. The company boasts of current medical machines including kidney dialysis and a medical team ready to check on the health of the clients. New Home city care has a team of experts ensuring that the health of the old are kept in check as per the company policy and dictated by the law of the land. The team of qualified experts has always kept the company at the apex of its competitors and its future seems bright as a result of such. The clients at New Home City care are each provided with alarms and a GPs tracker to help the security team in checking their location in times of emergency and also the team of experts to help locate the clients in times of quick need for medical attention (Strauss, Frost & Ansary, 2009)
The quality standards at New Home City care are up to date and need no criticism. The quality standards have enabled the institution to save many lives, and above all have made the elderly more comfy in the nursing home. New machines are also being donated to the company by government, NGO’s and well-wishers yearly. This has ensured health and safety standards are met within the institution.
Conducting feasibility study is important in the analysis of the market. The new target market where New Home City care aims to expand is dominated by a great populace of the old. Though, the headquarters has more people as compared to this new area there is a forecast of an increase in the number of the elderly because of the ever increasing number of retirees. Knowing the market demands, for example what is needed by the elderly is important. The elderly would want a treatment that seems more like being home. They would like to be surrounded with love and respect. Equally important is the knowledge of; the common ailments that the elderly in the target area suffer from and a devised way to help manage the ailment or keep it at bay and the culture of the people of the new place in order to understand the way the old do their things.
The main competition in this new area streams from some family members who regard taking the old to a nursing home as tantamount to abandoning their parents. Such attitudes towards nursing homes pose as a threat and taint the image of New Home City Care. There is no nursing home that has come up in this new area to pose as a big threat to New Home City apart from the beliefs and customs that tend to deter clients from bringing their parents to the nursing home. The company has every need to push and prove to the people that their intentions for setting up a nursing home in the area are primarily driven by the desire to serve the old. The company also has to prove that they have what it takes to take care of the elderly as their loved ones could.
Consequently, the best practices for reaching the target audience are by promoting welfare and development projects to support families where the elderly belong, creating awareness among families to prove to them that taking their parents to good nursing homes like New Home City Care is not abandonment of their parents, offering to provide healthcare services to the old and needy as a campaign for requesting for a chance to take care of them. This also acts as a way of proving to the society that the nursing home knows what it is doing (Strauss, Frost & Ansary, 2009). The healthcare nursing home can also sample out some elderly in the institution to talk in the community forums to lure them to bring their elderly to the healthcare company.
Models that can be used to reach the target group are such as the media. New Home City Care can make itself known through advertising itself in the media and in the dailies. It can also set up a newsletter from which the target group can get to know who the founders are, the clientele as well as the workforce. The potential clients can also get to know the motto and agenda of the nursing company. This makes them know more about the company. Knowledge is good because it aggravates the need to make a sound decision (Westwood, 2013). 
The strategy of the company is to expand and ensure that the elderly are provided for with quality services and their health is also kept in check. Recommendations are in order because they alert the company and keep it in check against the laid down strategies. As the coordinator of New Home City Care I would recommend the following;
New Home City Care should get acquainted with the custom and traditions of the elderly in the target location in order to understand their behavior and decide on the best ways to get to treat them.
The company should also identify the illnesses that a majority of the elderly suffers from the area and device ways of managing such ailments before admitting them to the new company branch.
The elderly already admitted at the New Home City care that still have a sound mind and with ability to communicate should be involved in advertising and marketing the company to the target audience.
The company should employ more experts to expedite the pace of service delivery to patients and ensure their health and safety standards are adhered to.
More machines to aid in the management of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and hypertension should be bought in the company to make it easier to admit such clients to the health facility.
The company should be versed with each client’s health standards and medical history before admittance into the health care facility.
The company should carry out adult hood education to assist those who do not wish to admit their loved ones to the health facility take good care of their parents/ grandparents at home.

The marketing plan

The aim of the plan is to reach the target group and to admit more clients to the company. Exacting a good marketing plan ensures that this objective becomes a reality. The company marketing plan is:

Identifying the target audience.

Making the target audience gain knowledge about the existence of New Home City Care through advertisements and welfare programs.
Identifying the competition and searching for the best practices as per the law to gain power over them.
Setting a base in the new area and getting accustomed to the place.
Educating the members of the community on ways of taking care of the elderly to ensure the health and safety standards are met even outside the company. This is placing community needs before those of the company because the elderly form the mainstream of the company.

Admitting the elderly and taking care of their needs.

The expectations are by the end of a year the company should have been fully set up in the new area with all the recommendations met.
The proven best practices for implementing the above plan are; advertising through the social media, writing a company newsletter and passing it to the target audience on a monthly basis, sampling out a section of the old and allowing them to act as promoters of the company to the target group, setting up and installing modern machines to ensure that healthy standards and safety are met within the institution.

Tools of evaluating and adapting the plan

These tools include; surveying, questionnaires, personal observation, and conducting direct interviews.


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