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IPhone 6 is better and faster than any phone in the market today. If one is looking for a phone that has good features all put together in one, then he should buy an iPhone 6. IPhone 6 has an enlarged screen; however, Apple did not increase the size of the phone which is a plus. Therefore, if one thinks iPhone 6 is not for him because of its big screen he just needs to try it and experience for himself. If one likes taking pictures, iPhone 6 has an advanced camera. Similarly, if one uses his phone for long hours for social media or work, with iPhone 6 one does not have to worry about the battery dying. It has a long battery life span and likewise has a trendy design.


IPhone 6 is the thinnest phone in the market at the moment. One does not need to worry whether it will fit into his hands because Apple took that into consideration. It has a shiny appearance for the fancy type and the back is made up of metal just like iPad Air.IPhone 6’s screen is curvy making it easier to fit right into ones hands. It has a thinness of 6.9mm and it is made specifically for the working class group. I bet when one places the IPhone 6 on the desk in the office, everybody will want to touch it because it looks great and thin.
The power button of iPhone 6 is on the right and this is because it is a big device, therefore it would be difficult to switch it on or off if the power button was at the top like for the other iPhones. The metallic button is raised to make your work easier
The advanced camera of iPhone 6 found at its rear is slightly lifted. If one is a photographer, he will be happy to know that Apple tried their best not to interfere with the quality of the camera for the sake of making a thin iPhone. Additionally, the lenses are protected from damage from sharp objects by a sapphire.
IPhone 6 and IPhone 5S both have speakers at the bottom though iPhone 6 has only a single speaker. This one speaker in placed at the extended bottom so that while one holds his phone it will not be covered. Therefore, if one loves to watch movies or listen to music on his phone, he will not need earplugs because one can easily listen through the speaker. IPhone 6 is the best phone that Apple has ever manufactured; this is in relation to the design. So, if one likes phones with decorations then iPhone 6 is for him. It has different colors from silver to gray

Retina HD Display

When one purchases an iPhone 6 the first thing he will see is the Retina HD Display. The retina HD display on iPhone 6 has great contrast and brightness with a 1334*750 resolution. Its display is the most advanced ever made by Apple. If one is looking for a phone with advance pixels, buy iPhone 6 because it has dual-domain pixels. Its crystal is well positioned to give one amazing viewing with its high contrasts. Another interesting feature for the movie lovers is that with iPhone 6 one can watch a movie with their friends because it has a wide display. IPhone 6 is a big phone with a wider-angle viewing making sure everybody is able to watch the movie. The pixel makes sure that the movie is visible from all angles in color. If one is out in the sun, he can see clear images and text due to its polarizer.


IPhone 6 is able to retain its battery power for a long time unlike other phones. The A8 chip with the assistance of the M8 in iPhone 6 saves ones battery power and makes sure it performs well. If one likes to play games or watch videos he should buy an iPhone 6 because onr will be able to use it for a long period of time and it does not compromise on quality. A8 saves energy more than double what A7 can do. Additionally, its camera has advanced face detection and has minimal noise. The A8 helps iPhone 6 produce very high quality pictures. IPhone 6 has a feature called metal that game developers can use to make their images feel and look real.


Everybody loves a phone that connects easily and fast. IPhone 6 has the best connectivity with very high download speeds than any other phone out there. It is very easy to connect iPhone 6 with other wireless devices. This feature helps one to be constantly in touch with his loved ones through social media; one can also watch his favorite songs or movies online without any problem. It has LTE hence one can connect to other LTE devices; one can also roam with his iPhone 6 as your travel the world. It has 3 times better Wi-Fi connections than any other phone.


Apple never disappoints when it comes to quality, it always meets the threshold. In iPhone 6, Apple has even gone a step further especially with the design because the design of iPhone 6 is very different from the other iPhones. IPhone 6 has a curvier shape compared to the other iPhones. Apple has moved from square shaped phone to curvier ones. The curvier the phone the less likely it is to fall off from your hands. IPhone 6 curvy design is yet to find any competition out there. Similarly, the metal case at the back that gives it a shiny appearance makes it very attractive. It is a phone that is big in size but interestingly the quality is far much better than even smaller phones in the market. Its size has not compromised on quality at all; probably its size was an advantage. If ones main focus is on quality then iPhone 6 is what he is looking for. If one likes high quality images and texts, buy iPhone 6. It will not disappoint him by loosing signal in the middle of an important call or download a movie for hours and hours. One should try iPhone 6 today and he will be amazed at what it can do for him.

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus iPhone 6

If one is torn between Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, let me help him out. I have chosen Samsung Galaxy S5 because it is among the top rivals of iPhone 6 out there. Many people in technology are of the opinion that they are almost the same. Samsung Galaxy S5 has a smaller storage space than iPhone 6; therefore one will not be able to store all his documents, movies and games. If one compares the appearance of both of them, he will notice that iPhone is slimmer and curvier. Samsung wins when it comes to the camera, however its megapixels are weaker and the snapping expertise is not as advanced as the camera of iPhone 6. Therefore, iPhone 6 remains at the top and I would advise anyone to buy iPhone 6 and experience for himself. Samsung Galaxy is equally a good phone; however iPhone 6 is far much better, with advanced quality, and expertise and design.
IPhone 6 is among the top Smart phones in the market right now. If one is looking for the best phones in terms of performance, camera and appearance, he should buy an iPhone 6 and he will have an amazing experience. Whenever one travels for work, with iPhone 6 it be very easy to reply to an urgent email. In case ones work involves a lot of calls to clients or conference calls, he will not need to worry about the battery dying. As for students who like to watch the latest movies and songs, not forgetting games, iPhone 6 is the best phone for them with its high downloading speeds. Furthermore, every time one is using his phone he must be holding it. So, what better phone to have than iPhone 6 because it feels great just holding it. So, is anyone looking for a phone that does everything? They should buy an iPhone 6 today. It will be worth it especially because he will not miss out on much. The features that iPhone 6 lacks are very minimal compared to what it contains and what he will experience.

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