Good Research Paper On Feelings Of Parental Absence And Level Of Confidence.

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Published: 2020/12/27

Feelings of Parental Absence and Level of Confidence

The human society, characterized by different types of relationships between individuals, requires that all children receive guidance in the entire growth process. The biological setup of the human race has placed the role of child upbringing to the parents and the entire community at large. The mother-child relationship is an enormous pillar for healthy growth of an individual. Due to different causes, such as death or abandonment, many children confronted by a variety of issues that deter healthy growth. The kids develop a feeling of parental absence due to the neglect of society, and they lack a sense of belonging. These feeling have had severe effects on the level of confidence and belief in their self, for the affected children. The kids are more confused about what role they play in the society and are not aware of what the universal community expects of them.
Family is the core organization unit in our society. It is an institution centered on human activity and forms a system of norms garnered towards achieving specific goals. The main basis of a family is the organized behavior and ideas that form the relationship between members of the family. Parents play the leadership role in the family, and they guide the children through their growth and towards becoming self-dependent. A family gives the children a solid foundation on which to build their lives. The institution allows a chance for listening to the child`s voice and the parents can take them seriously. The children participate in making decisions that directly affect them, and thus they feel a sense of self-worth. The primary roles of family are provision of accommodation to members and dealing with emotional growth. The parents should guide the children through the different stages of their emotional development. Studies have shown that children are lacking parental care experience emotional gratifications and are not able to deal with their growth changes. The effect on their sense of self-worth is enormously negative.
Self-confidence refers to the level of self-value that an individual places on himself or herself. Confidence development is an enormous part of the socialization process. The essential element of confidence is the personal acceptance of the different consequences of a particular situation. The children require parental support to guide them through self-awareness. They can thus not dwell on negative outcomes, and they worry much less about failure. The parents instill a certainty that the kid can cope irrespective of what happens. Parental absence would leave the role unperformed, and the children may not have a substitute mother figure. This will lead to low self-esteem.
Most of the credible researches done to investigate the effects parent absence on the growth of the children has shown different impacts. The orphaned children showed very high level of anxiety, fear, and stigmatization. They were not comfortable with the environment in which they lived in and had not formed the necessary links that would instill a sense of belonging. The fact they did not have superiors or someone they felt close to meant that they did not share most of their issues. The mental thoughts burdened them leading to high-stress levels and ultimately depressions. They were thus not up to the task of performing daily tasks. They lack critical thinking and good decision-making skills and thus easily manipulated by others.
The children experiencing parental absence encounter effects in different critical areas of their growth cycle. The education of the orphan encounters many challenges. Elder children may drop out to find means of supporting their siblings. After the death of the caregivers, the development of the kid experiences complications in a variety of ways. Brain development and cognitive capability diminish due to the low sense of self-worth. The emotional development that is supposed to take place in the entire growth cycle of the kid stalls so that they are not emotionally mature. Developmental health may also delay because of poor feeding habits and depression.
A case study on renowned child welfare organization SOS showed the level of effects of feeling of parental absence on confidence of the individuals. The research highlighted that the main needs of a child are belonging to a family, growing up with love, respect, and security. Deprivation of familial care had an impact on young children as shown by the high percentage of the sample implying that they miss their parents. This has psychological and behavioral implications of their esteem. Majority felt absence of their homes, and this has emotional and mental disturbance leading to loss of confidence. Forty percent of the respondents indicated that they felt their-selves as deprived and did not get what they needed. The union of real kinship would increase the confidence levels of the individuals due to a sense of belonging. 48.6% of the respondents indicated that they felt helpless without their parents. The helplessness case is the leading cause of low confidence in the children since they feel that no one cares for them and how they feel.
Absence of the parents would mean depriving the children all the attributes of a family as discussed. They would not receive the primary informal education given by parents and may miss mainstream education due to lack of funds. The children require guidance in family, religion, and economic institutions. Impact of the parental absence feeling on the kid shows very low self-confidence levels. Different community organizations have been set to take care of the orphaned children and impose the necessary parental feeling. This works to boost their confidence levels and thus prepare them for future roles.

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