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Dear Mr. Jackson,

I would like to bring to your attention that the communication between my supervisor, Mr. Hall, and me is good, and we relate well. There was, however, a problem of communication between my supervisor and me on matters pertaining to one of our clients. The problem has however since been resolved.To be sincere on Ms. Fitz case, I would have handled it efficiently if I had more information concerning her dealings. I must, however, state that the case required an experienced personnel who had worked in that department for a long time. It does not mean that I do not have the skills but shows my interest in giving quality to the clients.I acted reasonably in Mr. Hall since I gave him the information that I knew about the customer. By releasing, the information to the customer although I had requested him not to do that, I think Mr. Hall never acted fairly to me. The decision we made had an adverse impact on Ms. Fitz although the matter has since been contained.Thanks for the inquiry in order to improve the quality of services offered to our clientsRosie Alexander.Task twoFrom: “Alan.”To: “coot.”Cc: “Bob.”Subject: Re Questions for ManagementDear Mr. Coot,I would like first to report that the event that occurred was not good in any case although I thank both of you for delivering the services needed by the client in time. The roles of a lead supervisor in responsibility to the customers are to ensure that the members do the right thing. The lead supervisor has the mandate of evaluating the members of his team and giving information to the manager on the performance of his team members. The lead supervisor also ensures that the products that are offered to the customers are of high quality. Since at times they are in charge of firing and hiring of the employees, they ensure that individuals with the right skills are picked for the various jobs thus leading to quality production of goods and services to the customers. Your role as a lead supervisor is also to ensure that the customers receive their goods in time.Based on your question, whether it makes sense to hurt the reputation of the company in the face of the customers, I agree with you but I have a concern. I start by stating that we are a system, and therefore we should work together. Working together in harmony is essential for the survival of this company and because of that; I want to appreciate you for the good job of ensuring the product delivered to the client was of high quality and was done on time.Your experience is crucial for the growth of this company and because of that; they are needed for the accomplishment of the business goals. You do not interfere with the long-term goals for the managerial development of the business since you are part of the system that will help the business achieve its long-term objectives.Sincerely,Alan.Task threeFrom: Louise KearnsTo: Jim storyCc:Subject: Re: Mark HinojosaDear Jim story,I appreciate your concerns on one of my former employees since integrity and ethics are vital in our city. Concerning Mr. Hinojosa”s performance, I will be sincere with you and categorically state he is a good man who can take the city to the next level if he desires. When a city employee he performed well in his docket and thus he managed to keep his record clean. Mark while working as a city employee always beat deadlines, anticipated problems ,and was always proactive in coming up with solutions to the various problems that they faced.I would advise that you be keen on his judgments and asking whether I trust his judgment is private and confidential. I would, therefore, recommend that you to face him and ask him some of the dealings that he had while working with us. His judgments however at times placed the city in a difficult place.Based on the proclaimed statement he recently made, I would give my opinion but you have the chance to seek the opinion of other employees he closely worked with. When he worked with us, the issue of ethics was a problem and that made him crash most times with his superiors and work mates. He however was a good staff and did his work with a lot of diligence and dedication. According to me, you have to go deep down and get the reality and make you conclusions on issues pertaining to the statement.I always do not like to compromise the confidentiality of my employees’ performance and therefore releasing that will go against some of our policies. I will, however, advise that you allow him to come for them after which he will show them to you.

Thanks for being patient,

Dear Mr. Don,
I am sorry to report that our policy is causing some form of harm to our employees. It is in the best interest of our company to safeguard and protect our employees from any other kind of humiliation. Concerning the problem that one of our staff faced, we should give that matter a lot of weight and address it in a sober manner since other employees could also be facing the problem but they are just silent. Because other employees could also be facing the same problems, it is important not to assume the challenges faced by Lucy.Lucy is a student, and that makes her an asset to us. We should, therefore, strive to address her concerns since the company might need her in future and probably she could be one of the directors since she is well conversant with the dealing of the hand strap. Based on that, it is advisable for to talk to her and encourage her to continue working in that environment. The concerns made by Lucy should be given the utmost attention since they are healthy and are important in our relationship with our employees.It is important to respect the opinions of employees and therefore telling Lucy that the dress code is reasonable since we are working on the beach is out of order. The right of every employee must be adhered at the same time we must secure our business from losing the clients. In order to avoid losing clients, it is advisable you move Lucy to another department in which she is comfortable. The disorderly will soon be addressed by issuing some regulations that do not make us lose the clients but at the same time also protect the reputation of our company.Thank you for updating me on the important issues affecting the company.

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