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In any undertaking, it is better for one to implement reflective measures so as to understand their progress. In various professions, practice analysis performs this role perfectly, ensuring that professions have an understanding of their progress. Over the past, social workers have employed this mechanism effectively (Bishop & Holland 1975). This paper uses Gibbs’ reflective cycle to reflect on the development of the values, skills and knowledge. In essence, this reflection will be based on how the wider reading has shaped my learning, understanding and development by working in a children’s home.


As a matter of fact, my profession as a social worker was shaped by the religious education we received in the church in my early years. At this point, teachers used Jesus and the disciples as the best examples. In most cases, they worked freely to ensure the society was a better place. Determined to give back to the society, I volunteered in a children’s home. The main role I was to play n this destination was to offer guidance to the children and teach them the basic life skills to shape them to become better members of the society. With several other volunteers, our target was to see the children succeed and have better lives.


Although I was confident initially, the task proved to be very challenging. My expectations were that the children would behave in a straight-forward manner and take lessons from me. In essence, this was a reminder that there is a big difference between theory and practice (Gibbs 1988). Theoretically, my role was easy and did not need a lot of technicalities. This proved not to be the case as I struggled to stamp my authority. The children turned out to be rude and disrespectful. My colleagues found it challenging to cope with such a situation, others opting to quit. The fact that the children came from different backgrounds did nothing to reduce the heat. As a matter of fact, the initial stages proved challenge. However, this is not the case any longer. My extended stay in the Children’s home has equipped with the hands-on experience required to address various issues effectively. Although the children still behave the same manner they used to, the skills and knowledge I have acquired helps me overcome the challenges. With such experience, I have learned to cope with the most difficult situations in the children’s home, such as when the children fight or even engage in illegal activities. Such ability to cope easily and recover is as a result of the experience and the skills that I gained over time. Although theory and class-work play a major role in a person’s practice, it is experience that plays a major role. Without it, it would be impossible for one to cope with certain situations that are not similar to the expectations.


As already argued above, my stay in the children’s home to date can be classified into two groups: theory and experience. In the initial stages, nothing seemed positive in the position I was in. Despite being ambitious and yearning to work, the inconsistencies brought about by the behavior of the students overrode everything. Everything from the children seemed negative, to the extent to which I could not appreciate them even a little bit. The only time enjoyable was whenever I was with the colleagues. Together with my colleagues in the children’s home, we endeavored to ensure the situation was calmed by advising the children. Important to note is the fact that this is no longer the case as I can apply the experience I have gained to handle even the most tricky aspects in the children’s home, more so the ones relating to indiscipline matters.


My opinion to date is that there are a number of ways such experience could have been positive to all members from the beginning. As a matter of fact, our approach was based on theory rather than practice. This change of events came as a shock as we did not know how to respond to the basic issues in the home, concentrating more on the theoretical aspect. With the experience I have gained, there is no doubt that I would handle similar matters in a different way if I face them today (Collingwood & Woodward 2008). I would do a number of things differently. For instance, my approach will be more practical than theoretical. In such a case, I will look for real solutions to the problems that arise, instead of applying the text-book knowledge which does not work. Despite this, there are a number of skills am yet to learn so as to make my work more efficient. For instance, I have to learn to appreciate what is available instead of my preferences. With time, I will improve on this.


More challenges of the above nature are bound to arise in the children’s home. As a caretaker, my role entails solving these challenges and ensuring the children are accorded a conducive environment to shape their growth. With this in mind, I am in a position to analyze every situation keenly and come up with decisions that are rational and more mature. This is based on the experience I have acquired over time.


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