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DateNamePresident and CEO The Ralph M. Parsons FoundationAddress

Re: Letter of Inquiry
Dear Mrs. Garen,
The Heart of Los Angles (HOLA) is a private, nonprofit organization that has been leading in the provision of beneficial alternatives to unmerited youths. These youths would have otherwise been members of violent gangs or other sorts of crime in the Rampart District of Los Angeles.
Our organization started off way back in 1989 after the pioneer, a young professional in the community, Mitchell Moore, became overly concerned about the living standards of the youths in the Rampart District of Los Angeles. It was tormenting to him to watch the young individuals being shot on the streets day in day out. Others were even being recruited as members of violent gangs that threatened the security and peace of the community for a long time. Given the age of these victims, it would be unreasonable to condemn them since in the streets; they lacked any positive force, such as a role model to depend. This epiphany marked the foundation of HOLA, whose main goal was to debar these unmerited youths from going down the road of criminal behavior and poverty. More and more youths joined to find a positive influence starting with the simple act of inviting a few of these youths to play basketball in an old derelict gym in their attempt. Also, it helps in listening ear to their concerns away from their mundane world. To accommodate this increasing number, Moore inscribed his allies to assist in tutoring art, dance, and music classes.
Twenty-five years down the line, HOLA currently serves over 2,300 youths every year. The services have improved such that they are provided thoroughly exceptional and structured athletic, academic and arts programs. Moreover, HOLA has established a campus, comprising of four buildings, located in the Rampart District of Los Angeles.
These sizable developments have not been achieved single-handedly. Several foundations and partners in the Los Angeles County have supported initiatives, and we are very thankful for their commitments.
We are cognizant of the fact that the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation offers hefty grants in its bid to facilitate the improvement of the whole Southern California community. More specifically, we are aware of the weight that your foundation gives to arts and museum programs, something that is often overlooked. The greatest impact you have had on the development of the Los Angeles County through nonprofit organizations is a clear indication that you will consider our application for a grant to facilitate a special program in our organization is introducing.
HOLA has relished constant success and growth in the past five years. In 2014 alone, HOLA launched several programs worth $10 million in facilitating the well-being of the unmerited youths in Rampart community. We have expanded our staff over the years in order to effectively accommodate the growing size of beneficiaries of our organization.
It is my pleasure to write to you about a project we have, and I believe it will be of interest to your Foundation. HOLA is seeking to provide the underserved youth who benefit from the services we offer with the basic hands-on computer skills. Currently, the computer facilities on our campus are strained, and only a handful of the students get access to computers. We have a plan of purchasing extra computers, and other computer accessories, as well as hire computer savvy staff so as to improve the quality of the services we provide our beneficiaries. The project will be implemented within a period of years.
It is our belief that the prosperity of this project would only be facilitated people who share the deep concern about the welfare of the youth in society. Someone who appreciates the importance of education and supports talent of the youth in an attempt to make them better people in the future. Your Foundation’s commitment to supporting initiatives to improve the well-being of the entire community is apparent from your mission statement. Our hope is that you will grant our project adequate consideration.
Our organization vitally needs the funding in order to launch the urgently needed computer program for the youths who have just been brought out of the streets. These gratuitous youths deserve the basic needs of education like other youths. It would be unfair and ineffective to support the talents and skills of these beneficiaries without adhering to the fundamental requirements of the modern education system: computer skills.
With the advancement of technology in the twenty-first century, computer skills have become a basic requirement for any individual. Students are introduced to computers early enough in their education life so that they become familiar and adept with computers given the direction the education system is taking. In fact, computers are being integrated into the teaching and learning process in schools. Careers, as well, are increasingly employing computers in their operation. As such, we want to prepare our beneficiaries to align the skills they develop to the complimentary essentials.
Already, HOLA has managed to rise over $100,000 in the form of donations from banks and private donors. Besides, other Foundations have made their pledges of cooperating and supporting us in various capacities, and we expect to raise a sum of $200,000 if these pledges are honored. Intrinsically, we have worked indefatigably to gain financial support to undertake this project that is estimated to cost $700,000.
Regardless of our efforts to raise funds for our project, it is apparent that we are far from our estimated cost. The hard economic times prevailing in our nation have strained the budgets of our loyal private donors, and this explains the triviality of the donations we have received.
The greatest challenge at this point is to clutch this opportunity, face the challenges head-on in our effort to develop a novel, productive and rewarding future to the youths of the Rampart District of Los Angeles, who are considered unworthy. Given the strengths we have developed over the years of our operation, we are capable of executing this plan with much ease once we have the necessary funds at our disposal.
Boldly, HOLA comes forth as an organization devoted to nothing less of excellence. Our passion for offering striking outcomes is eminent. We are urging you to weigh in and support our project as we compound on our strengths and growth.
Thanks so much for your assistance and support to HOLA, as well as the community of the Rampart District of Los Angeles. I anticipate your consideration of the aforementioned request and the chance to present a formal proposal to be reviewed. At HOLA, we will be delighted to give you any additional information and details at your request. A copy of our 501 (c), 3 letter is attached.
Kindly do not hesitate to contact me at 213.389.1148 ext. 235.
Sincerely, Name , Executive Director


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