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Aging has been a subject of research for hundreds and thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians also used to prepare tonic using different solutions to make their skin look healthy and also used to consume herbal commodities so that they could live longer than their predecessors (Goldsmith 29). It is normal for civilizations to work on issues that could prevent citizens from aging and eventually perishing. The drug developers could be approached with the positive message that the new discovery could stop the civilization from aging and could result in reduced cost of healthcare services, an opportunity to work more and save more and also give an opportunity for different generations to live together at a single time.
It will not be too easy to approach drug developers with the discovery. Over the years, many scientists and chemical firms have claimed to discover a solution or treatment to reverse aging but none of them have stood up to their claims (Esmonde-White 114). Drug developers are hard to convince regarding the developments in this area. One way to successfully approach them is by showing evidence of the development that has taken place in the recent past (Park 3). None of the chemical companies have been able to deliver evidence that they could reverse aging, and this is where we have an advantage.
Recent research has shown that giving nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) to mice for ten days can reverse their aging process from two-year-old mice to a six month old. Repeated research has shown consistent and promising results (Chopra 67). The result is equivalent to a 60-year-old man’s age reduced by 40 years making him look and feel like a 20-year-old. There is solid evidence that this newly found discovery will work with humans, and reputable scientists have also verified this fact. The claim is evidence based that repeated experiments have shown that aging can be controlled in humans and so drug developers could be convinced about the new discovery.
The drug developer must be shown that this drug will guarantee profits. For example 30% of women in the US and more than 25% of women in the UK spend a portion of their monthly income and savings on facial and body treatments to look young, attractive and healthy (Wings of Success 149). There is also a large population of men who look to do the same.
It is estimated that over 11% of the population in the world spends on beauty and health items to make them look younger, fitter and healthier (Grimes 77). It makes it more than 700 million people. If drug developers are made to realize that they have a market of 700 million people to serve with a potential to further expand then they might be more eager to cooperate.
The drug will not only be beneficial for the drug developers to earn them profit but it will be one of the drugs to greatly benefit the members of the society. If aging is reversed then people will get to stay young for a longer span of time. It will encourage them to work more, earn more and save more money (Kolker 121). Normally people work in their early youth, middle adulthood and late adulthood, which makes up for 30 years.
When aging will reverse people will be able to work at least twice that much if they will successfully be able to consume the drug at least once in their life time. Working more would help them to save more money in adulthood, if they are incapable of consuming the drug or choose not to consume it again (Lloyd-Sherlock).
The rising cost of healthcare is one of the most serious problems for people all over the world. Cancer and other life threatening diseases are much more common then what they used to be a couple of decades ago. It has become very costly for people to afford these types of treatments if they are discovered with them. Not only life threatening diseases are expensive to cure but minor fever and infection could also result in multiple tests making the patient fork out hundreds of dollars (Lluch 111).
It is very common to see hundreds and thousands of dollars being drained out on medical tests and their treatment for even the most minor diseases especially when they age out with time. The aging dug will help to prevent this. It will make a person look and feel full of energy inside, just like he or she used to be in his days of youth. When a person is prevented from wear and tear then he or she will most likely also avoid falling ill and become victim to infections. They will have more energy to combat illness and infection as reverse aging will prevent them from wear and tear (Lluch 115).
Finally, the new drug will be good for the civilization because it will successfully see different generations live in the same era. Nowadays it is an achievement for grandparents to see their grandchildren grow in front of them. With this new drug they will not only be able to see them grow but maybe also see them getting married and have children of their own. The drug is capable of making the great grandparents live to see their grandchildren.
The drug would help people do what they have previously never imagined. It could keep many family traditions alive for a longer period of time. Many tribes that existed long ago have vanished and so have their teachings as they did not have descendants to take their name forward to the next generation (Abeles 152). The drug will help to overcome that problem. Civilizations will not vanish as people will live longer between themselves and the other generations to come.
Drug developers will be eager to develop anti-aging drugs if evidence is provided that the claim will work. Previously, a lack of evidence and research has only wasted time and resources of drug developers. Drug developers need to be realized that the new research is positive and consistent with the results. If drug developers are made to realize what a big market they have in their hands then they will be more than eager to serve it.
Anti-aging drugs will also help people living in a civilization to earn and save more as they will feel full of youth most of their lives will consuming the drug. If they will work more then they will also manage to save more and enjoy their adulthood later if they decide to discontinue the drug. The drug will also help people living in the civilization to avoid medical cost that is apparent because of aging. People become more vulnerable to infections and diseases as they grow old. More importantly, people will also live to see their grandchildren and maybe their great grandchildren if they have the opportunity.

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