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1. Caucus: a way to select candidates by group of selected electors
2. Primary: a way to select candidates through open election
3. Open Primary: a primary open to the general public regardless of party affiliation
4. Closed Primary: a primary only open to party members
5. Super Tuesday: the Tuesday in March of the election year when the largest number of states hold primaries
6. Convention: the political event where each party chooses their candidate for the Presidency
7. Party Platform: the overarching policy a party decides to support during the campaign
8. Single-member district: a legislative district that returns one legislator to a legislature.
9. Safe district: a legislative district that is consistently votes for one candidate or party
10. 17th Amendment: the Constitutional amendment that allowed all citizens the right to vote
11. At-large district: a legislative district where the legislator is elected by the entire state.
12. Open seat: a legislative position without an incumbent candidiate
13. General election: the election to decide which candidate will be elected to a legislative or presidential position
14. Incumbent: a representative that is currently holding the elected position
15. Partisan voter: a voter that votes strictly for his party’s candidate or policy
16. Political action committee: an advocacy group that often is used to raise money and support a particular candidate or policy
17. Citizens United v. FEC: a recent Supreme Court case where the Court held that political action committee are allowed to raise as much money as they want for their candidate.
1. Why were primaries created?
Primaries were created in response to the rea and perceived corruption of the caucuses. In a primary, rather than have a candidate selected by a small group of people that were subject to political influence, candidates are selected by open vote from the citizens of the community.
2. What is the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire for presidents?
The Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary are important for presidential candidates because they occur so early in the primary season. By being so early, in a process called “front-loading,” they provide winning candidates with increased attention by the media, a stronger ability to obtain campaign contributions and heightened influence among the electorate. Candidates often use a win in Iowa and New Hampshire as proof of their power and evidence that they a meant to lead.
3. What is/are the criticism(s) for Iowa and New Hampshire being so prominent in the presidential selection process?
The campaign season is a year-long process but putting too much attention on the winners of Iowa and New Hampshire often forces competent candidates that might do better in other states to stop their campaign before they have a chance to prove themselves. Moreover, it often causes voter disinterest and lower voter turnout for states that have their primaries and caucuses later in the year.
4. LIST the FOUR major advantages in being the INCUMBEBT for president?
As an incumbent, presidents have an advantage over the challenger in the amount of free press coverage or publicity they receive through the media coverage of their speeches, appearances and press releases; the ability to look presidential by attending national and international events; the ability to their crisis management skills through their daily responsibilities as president; and the ability to take credit for any positive event or circumstance that occurs while they are president.
5. LIST the THREE disadvantages in being the INCUMBENT for president?
On the other hand, an incumbent president may also be hurt by the negative impact of events that happen during their term in office such as an economic downturn. Incumbents must also deal with critics and criticism of their policies that the nation has had time to judge if they have been effective. Lastly, no president can keep high approval ratings forever. Low approval rating during an election may be difficult for an incumbent to explain as a positive.
6. LIST the THREE main disadvantages to being the challenger in the presidential election?
The disadvantages of a challenger include lack of money and ability to raise campaign contributions, lack of a record showing that they have the skills and experience to be a president, and an inability to convince the national public that they are more than just a regional talent.
7. What role does television advertising play in the campaign process?
Television advertising is enormously beneficial to candidates because it allows them to campaign to a wide audience simultaneously without having to spend the time and money to travel.

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