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After my first degree, I would like to be a production engineer in the Vehicle Manufacturing industry in Detroit or a Project Manager for a Solar Power Organization in California. Having studied Mechanical Engineering at the undergraduate level, I am interested in putting my acquired skills to practice in the production area of a manufacturing firm. As regards being a project manager in the solar industry, I have immense interest in the conservation of environment through the application of renewable energy, and I am eager to be in that field. It involves fulfilling a higher purpose of saving the planet from environmental hazards.

Production Engineer in Detroit

Expectations and Responsibilities
My expectation, when I pursue this path, is the possibility of getting a job sooner after school. With most engineering jobs, I don’t expect to stay unemployed for long because the employability of an engineer is quite high compared to other fields. My responsibilities will include designing quality procedures, setting up production schedules, and managing the technicians under me on a daily basis. Writing reports, planning productivity levels and ensuring timely delivery of products will make a god part of my day. The hours required for this kind of Job is about eight hours a day. The hours can be spent in terms of shift, either at night or during the day. The most unusual thing about these shifts is that they fluctuate with the prevailing market conditions and the production forecasts. There are periods when toil will take over ten hours of my time ink order for the company to meet its production rate during demands. During these times, there are no holidays and unnecessary travelling. A typical day starts from 8am till 5pm. It consists of early morning planning meetings, supervising production on the factory floor, daily report writing, and closing meetings. The only hazards are the accidents that can be experienced on the floor like burns, inhaling of dangerous gases and other health factors.

Education Requirements

In order to take up this job, one has to study Mechanical Engineering in a recognized university for five years. There are no armed forces training required though it can be an added advantage. Other pieces of training I would need to take are management, quality control and advanced course in automation. I also need a practicing license from the government and also acquire about five year training on the job to gain industry experience. Continuous education is essential in the technology industry.

Aptitude Skills and Abilities

The most necessary skills are design capabilities, communication and analysis of technical reports. Knowledge of quality control, process design and control together with product development are necessary. Others include working under a tight schedule with no supervision and drawing using the AutoCAD software. Teamwork, innovation and creativity are the keys to success in the field.

Outlook and Salary Expectations

The trends of employment favor fresh graduates. With the growing manufacturing sector, up to 75% of Mechanical engineers are absorbed within a year of leaving school. The jobs here exist in almost all the places that have the production of products. Every town has an industrial area but Detroit is most preferred. The city has the highest number of motor vehicle manufacturer in the United States. The average starting salary in Detroit is around US$ 85,000 while the average national starting salary is US$70,000. Other benefits include medical allowance, pension and a car. The companies also offer paid scholarship for graduate schools.

Financial Analysis

Getting a job will give me a chance to start paying my student loans. However, to get the jobs, I will have to spend more money in doing other short training to be more marketable. With that kind of a salary, I will be able to pay up my student loans, rent a house, support my family and even enroll for an MBA.

Project Manager in a Solar Company in California

My expectations of landing a job in this industry are high because of the current wave of energy efficiency that is sweeping across the country. The solar industry and the renewable sector are offering fresh jobs for graduates and opportunities to be entrepreneurs. Responsibilities include managing solar project installations at homes or in utility companies, schools and hospitals. Also, ensuring that projects are done to quality, within budget, on time and to client satisfaction. The hours are flexible, and it takes about 8 hours a day and with no shifts. The job involves extensive travelling across many parts of the nation supervising projects. A typical day consists of planning, meeting project partners, evaluating and monitoring the projects. Sometimes, there are lots of budgeting and sourcing of clients. Hazards involved are the possibilities of projects failing or the ease with which one can lose it.
Education Requirements
Aptitude Skills and Abilities
One has to analytical and be able to interpret complex electrical diagrams. The occupation entails the ability to multitask and work under pressure to complete projects in time. Communication skills, report writing, contract writing, tender writing and grant proposal are essential. The most common entry is through networking and referrals.

Outlook and Salary Expectations

The solar industry is growing tremendously, and the sector is intensively driven by government initiatives and this makes the outlook positive. The easiness with which an individual can begin his or her company is also incredible because of the several financial funding available for clean energy initiatives. The average salary of a project manager in Los Angeles California is about US$70,000. The average national salary is around US$60,000. Salary depends a lot on your experience. There are other benefits like being your own boss, a house, car, medical allowance, and a pension scheme.

Financial Analysis

It will take a little longer to land the job as it requires slight experience on the job. However, opportunities exist in doing other related training that will involve spending more money. I will not be able to pay my student loans soonest, but the job has several financial benefits that will offset the challenges. Most companies also fund the education of employees who desire to further their education.


I have chosen to pursue the path of becoming a solar company project manager. The reasons include the flexibility of the working hours, the travelling involved and opportunities to work with different people in various projects. The job does not confine you to a factory floor like the production engineering job. Even though the salary is lower, there exist remarkable chances of growth. My decision has changed. Initially, I preferred the Production Engineering job but now I love the solar job. It is because there are opportunities for starting my own company in future. The market is young and good for exploration, starting capital required is small and available from clean energy enthusiasts. I desire to create my clean energy firm someday.

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