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Starbucks, is one of the largest leaders in the of coffee industry, operates coffee shops . It is one of the most coffee places around the world, which provides coffee and food in a with great environment. Also, Starbucks operates under the philosophy believe that theyre are not simply selling coffee;, they are providing give a good of coffee experience. SMoreover, Starbucks’ success is epitomized by the fact that it is the third highest-ranked place after home and office that people go on a daily go tobasis. I think Starbucks get earned this popularity because of their hard work focus on cuostoumer satisfaction as well as . There are many other factors that I think Starbucks employs did to be what I consider the best coffee place for me including .t The convenient environment, quality and options of coffees, and costumer satisfaction.
The first things that anyone would entering a the Starbucks with its recognizable logo will notice is the great lay-outorganization of the place. Well-organized Also, the one design on all Starbucks stores. chairs and tables provide space for customers to sit comfortably while, For example, the organization of chairs and tables, organize in right places and give you the space to stay comfortably. Moreoveradditionally, sometimes they organize the chairs are organized to for its’ purpose, for instance, they provide tables for group work. Starbucks that give the right position for them. Alsoalso , they provides board and meeting rooms for more privet greater privacy in some stores shops while. iIn other sid arease, they they have comfortable sofas for relaxing and chatting with your friends in public. The stores enhance customer ease by playing give me the feel of relaxing such as they turn on a relaxing music., which give me the relaxing feel. I always find myself choosing Starbucks as the best place for meeting with people. Visiting I think Starbucks store gives me a change in the changing of my routine of , which are home and school and provides an opportunity s. There reasonto meet for that is see and chat with new people and chat with them and as well as providing give me the ability to study more with a more invigorated active feeling amongst other because many people who, likewise, come coming to Starbucks to finish their work.
Starbucks hasve so many major of different kinds of coffee that one could drink type a. I think I can take different kind of coffee everyach day for a month. Also, the good taste of their coffee keeps me coming back that let me come again and again. Another Starbucks’ advantage is Also, the customization of their coffee a customer that I can choose on my coffeerequest. For example, I have a cousin who’s who crazy about Starbucks’ customization of his coffee. He sometimes orders , he had an order he sometimes take, which is extra hot toffee, not latte, with extra nut and extra espresso. I always teaseargue with him about his order, but appreciate the fact after thinking of the idea of his customization that that anyone has the opportunity to create and customize his or her coffee. Moreover, Starbucks has nutritional information fora map of their menu itemshot and cold drinks posted and food providesas well as details of calories so the customers can, to see which drink or food is better for theiryour health. In addition, Starbucks provides a coffee on the go to be made at make it at home, a well as offering , also, they offers coffee makers to that’s give you the ability to make the same great tastinge of coffee at home.
In On the other hand, people may be confused about by the large variety Varity of of options at on the Starbucks menu which can almost be , it is disadvantageous sometimes at times;, but still, after determining knowing the order that you like, you will get to used place the best order for you thanks towith the ability to have many major of menu optionss menu.
The best thing aboutin Starbucks that I might not find it on at other coffee places is the focus on cuostoumer satisfaction. The people who work in Starbucks always trying to be friendly and give provide me withthe high quality of servicee and being friendly. Also, I have come to knowknew many people who work at Starbucks with whom Iand have become as friends. For example,, and one of the example of friendly is I know an employee who became a Muslim which inspired me and I thought to bring a gift for to him for that.
In addition, Starbucks has a great rewards program, which provides gives a lot of free stuff. For instance, they have rewards card gives you free things like free drinks and food. Moreover, when your birthday coames, you can order drinks and food for free as Starbucks gives the customer benefits for , which gives the costumer the loyalty, and making one appreciate appreciation to Starbucks for taking care of their cuostoumers.
They also have a unique program in which when that is as many you collect specific stars (lit’s like points) you will get free drinks and food. This program motivates gives the cuostoumer the motivation to continue to buying more coffee to get the reward.satisfied. In addition, Starbucks they provides easy payment methods such as a mobile app with . The mobile app has simple different options like easy payment, stars earned, notification for free rewards, and free music added every week.
In concision summary, Starbucks has become became a lifestyle for some people with people getting addicted to drinking . People get addicted to drink their coffee everyday. I think I willould continue to purchase from Starbucks because it gives me the features that I like. Also, I would recommended the rewards program to it for people who don’t know about the rewards program it to enhance their have a good experience. The eEnvironment, high quality coffee, and focus on cuostoumer satisfaction these are the factors which influenced me to appreciate Starbucks and to keep going to their shopstore.

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