Good Example Of Research Paper On Education Of World 2015 Project: Kisangwe Valley

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Project Title: The Education of World 2015 Project: Kisangwe Valley

Protect Description
The primary goal of the project is to revamp the current methods and tools of teaching in Kisangwe Valley in Tanzania that are currently outdated and that are not helping much in facilitating high education achievement. This goal will be supported by various objectives.
The first objective of the project is to provide the schools in Kisangwe Valley with the latest edition of books and other learning materials and the discarding of old learning materials that are outdated and that are no longer relevant per se.
The second primary objective of this project is to provide the schools with the latest brand of technology. Computers are particularly key items of interest that the organization hopes to provide in large numbers. These will not only be used to serve as sources of information (through the internet) but will also be used to store and manage school-related data and information.
The other objective of this project is to construct a community library center, fully stocked with books as well as many computers connected to the internet where students and the community at large can access data and information from across the globe and can, therefore, keep up with the latest education trends and development and therefore not lag behind.
The final objective is to take the teachers in the area through training course and program where they will be educated on modern means of class instruction as well and how to reap the full benefits offered by technology-supported education by being taught how to use these materials.

Project Activities

This project will be comprised of several activities that are all aimed at achieved the final goal that is to improve the education in the area by introducing new tools, instruction methods, and other related aspects
1. The first project activity will be the construction of a community library that will be fully stocked with materials including books, computers and a host of other education-related materials. This project will require great collaboration with the immediate community since it is this community that will provide an appropriate and prime location for the construction of the library. In this particular project activity, local labor will be utilized albeit with a little help from volunteers from the United States
2. The second Project Activity will be the planning and organization of teaching educative forums, workshops and seminars that will last for a duration of about three months. These will be carefully planned for to ensure that they are fully effective. In this activity, teachers from the areas will be taken through intensive trading and education on modern educations means, tools, resources and instructional methods. They will, for example, be taught on some of the best instructional methods that have been scientifically proven. The teachers will also receive training on how to use modern technology. For example, since most of them will be accessing the computer for the first time, the program will cater for this by taking all of them through basic computer lessons and will also be taught to use other technological gadgets’ and devices.
3. The third and final project activity will comprise of the provision of modern as well as the most up-to-date education technology and materials. These will include the latest editions of book, modern laboratory equipment, computers among many other materials that are aimed at improving the status and quality of education in the region. Schools will not just be provided with these materials and products but will actually train school officials on how to use them.


Although this program is targeted at students, they are however not the only ones who will benefit from this initiative. Rather, the beneficiaries of this project will be wide and varied.
The first of these beneficiaries will obviously be the students. The project will ensure that students have learning materials and resources that are up to date. This will ensure that the kind of education that the children are receiving is relevant and, therefore, even when they are through with school, this education will be of great value to their lives and they will be able to apply what they have learnt. Through things such as the internet, students will be able to expand their scope of knowledge and understanding, and they will also be constantly updated on world current events.
The other key party that will without a doubt benefit massively from this project is the general community of the Kisangwe Valley. This has been pretty shell -locked community that does not interact much with the outside world. In fact, not much of the outside world is known by the community. However, this project hopes to change this aspect. The program will expose the public to the world and hence, the public will be able to appreciate the world more. In addition, the construction of a community library will be very beneficial since it is not only the students who will be allowed entry. Even community members will also be able to make their way into the library and hopefully look for books or other relevant resources that may help them with whatever problem that they have.

Expected Results

The major expected result is the overall improvement of not only the student’s performance but also their overall education achievement. The project hopes that the performances of the schools, especially during the national certificate exams will have improved significantly. In addition, the project hopes to increase the amount of students from Kisangwe Valley who manage to make it to college.

Project Time Table

This project is expected to take a total of 11 months The first one month will be spent going round the schools in Kisangwe valley establishing the need and requirements of the school The results will then be assembled and analyzed so as to determine what exactly each school will get.
Construction of the community library is expected to start from the second month all will go on for about five months. During this time, the organization will also be in the process of buying books, computers, lab equipment and other important resources which will eventually be sent to schools and others stocked in the library. The eight month will then be spent arranging and filling the library.
In the following three months, workshops and seminars that will teach educators on how to use these new resources and that will also teach them on modern education methods and modes of instruction will be put in place and by the eleventh month, everything will have been completed. It will henceforth be a matter of waiting to see the outcome and impact over the following months.

Logic Model

The sustainability of the project will be ensured by having constant checks on the progress of the new system. For example, some of the developers of the program will still make visits to schools and evaluate whether the teachers are using the new education and instruction techniques and whether the new and updated books as well as resources such as computers are still being used. Simply put, there will constant evaluation even in the months following the project. In addition, the project will continue sending new resources and education tools to schools in instances where they need to be replaced or increased as way of showing its commitment to the sustainability of the project.


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