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For the purpose of clearly understanding the Roman Catholic Church, it is crucial to appreciate its elongated history. Essentially, it designates that Roman Catholic Church is principally instituted by Jesus Christ as well as his twelve disciples. When Peter, one of his apostles was bestowed the power to turn into the head pope, he as well made preference of the nature by which Roman Catholic Church ought to resemble. In the current era, the pope exemplifies Peter, while the cardinals who are pope’s higher-position bishop plus bishops symbolize the apostles of Christ. Collectively, the pope plus his nearby circle of bishops signify the harmony of the Catholic Church. Every time there are differences inside the church, it is the mandate of the pope to have the final word regarding faith plus morals because of the institution of papal trustworthiness (Noggle, 34).
The bishop found in Rome is recognized globally and to the Catholics as pope and is the highest and visible leader in the Catholic Church. It is worth noting that the pope is referred using other titles, nevertheless the utmost and best identified ones include pope, Roman Pontiff and Holy Father. As heirs of Peter more than two hundred Popes exist since then. They resemble Peter in that they are human, devoid of human imperfections. However, Catholics believe that they also have a share of his power. The Pope, alongside the rest of the Catholic bishops in the whole are believed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, bestowed with a superior gift of discerning real faith as well as teaching the church and the entire world about that faith (Jack, 48).
Similar to a democratic nation, the Catholic Church basically has a sole leader. Nonetheless, different from a democracy, the Catholics consider that the Pope possesses the power to offer teachings with or devoid of the accord of distinct church members. The Catholic Church believes that they don’t have the authority to alter the instructions in the Bible like the Ten Commandments thus are not supposed to question the pope’s teaching. This is normally referred to as the Magisterium implying that it is the teaching power of the Church, which is presented by the Bible as well as the Church traditions regarding the pope as the Father or Guardian in the universe (Wain 41).
Therefore, the superiority of the Pope, the credit that essentially he is the worldwide Pastor with total power over the whole Church, conserves the unity of the church by existing as a symbol of unity, besides being a midpoint of communication, rectification and support in the Church's undertaking. The Pope's preeminence is founded on one service principle which is basically a campaign for unity (Jack, 55). By a mystic intellect of the faith, God’s People through the guidance of the Magisterium, which is mainly the office where bishops offer teachings from confers themselves indefensibly to apostolic devotion. The Magisterium pastoral ministry is methodical, thus, to defend God’s People regarding the issue of sin and truth. This education office labors in serving God’s word and is in no way above it. To accomplish the education office of this ministry, the Apostles as well as their inheritors, the bishops, receive a gift of soundness in issues of faith in addition to morals. The Pope, is the leader of the bishop’s college thus relishes this gift of soundness in an exclusive sense. As priest and supreme educator of entirely the faithful, as well as having the duty of the accountability to check his sisters and brothers in the faith, Pope can announce as conclusive a theme of doctrine regarding faith plus morals.
When Catholic Church, through her Magisterium, suggests something that has to be understood as being proclaimed by God, a Catholic is supposed to follow to the designation with the compliance of faith. If the Magisterium suggests something that is not in a conclusive way, however meant to assist the believer in an improved appreciation of Revelation from God, a Catholic is expected adhere to such kind of teaching that is in line with their faith (Hammond, 39). It is, thus, the Pope's mandate, like Peter, to direct the family of Christ's believers, to protect them in the certainty, in addition to confirming his sisters and brothers in the faith which is made probable through Christ.
A crucial role of the pope is the fact that he’s the leader of the whole Catholic Church. As head, the pope guides the faithful in the universe, both openly and via orders to the bishops to supervise the managerial territories regarded as dioceses. He also uplifts bishops to cardinal if appropriate. The pope is thus basically the Ultimate Pastor. That implies that he signifies Christ's love as well as care for each individual. That is the reason as to why the priority of the pope lies in knowing people, appreciating how they spend their lives, heeding to their necessities and partaking in their anguishes and their delights. There is no account that should make the Pope permit his interaction with normal individuals to be congested by a horde of managerial duties. In the event that the Pope imparts a principle of faith to the worldwide Church in his exclusive office as ultimate head, he is said to be fail-safe, inept of error. If the pope declares his official power in issues of faith as well as ethics to the entire church, Catholics consider the Holy Spirit watches him from fault (Hammond, 92).
Additionally, the pope is considered as the bishop of Rome, implying that he has full, ultimate, universal and also instant jurisdiction across the world covering the entire Catholic Church. He is also regarded as the Unifier of God’s People and due to his global character in the Church, this generates many demands. The benefit of the universal Church plus the sovereignty of indigenous Churches have to be stable. That is the reason why the Pope must direct and motivate the Central Synod made up by Bishops in order for it to competently work out settlements and overall Church guidelines. The Pope requires widespread secretarial amenities to communicate efficiently with the numerous local Church front-runners. The Pope also necessitate to build connections with frontrunners of different Christian churches (Gurr, 19).
The pope turns out to be pope via an election that is held at the Cardinals’ College. The College denotes entirely the cardinals all over the universe, in the same way bishops’ college is used to refer to all Catholic bishops in the world. Cardinals are basically bishops who are selected by pope to turn into cardinals, if their key function is electing a fresh pope on the event that the old one dies or quits. Uplifting cardinals is similar to the U.S. president recommending Supreme Court members which is a technique to guarantee that the pope's governmental opinions and guidelines are passed on if he is a pope no more (Jack, 61).
A two-thirds popular decision is required to elect a fresh pope. In case no one obtains two-thirds of total votes or in case the candidate drops the proposal, wet straw is usually combined with paper ballots before being incinerated in the chimney. Black smoke results, which alarms the crowds congregated outside about the fact that there’s no papal replacement yet. If someone obtains two-thirds of all the votes as well as accepting the papacy, the straws are not used when the paper ballots are torched creating a white smoke that indicates to the crowds that a new pope is successfully elected. The cardinals normally cast votes twice every day, for the 21 elections. In case no one is voted by the required two-thirds popularity, the 22nd ballot is cast and the individual who amasses a meek majority is considered the voted pope (Noggle, 38).
In conclusion, it is worth noting that the key role of the pope is to lead the Catholic Church on the matters that pertain faith and god’s love for mankind. The pope is the supreme witness of faith and he passes this to believers through preaching which includes mingling with non-Christians. Together, the pope as well as his close ring of bishops signifies the accord of the Catholic Church. He is thus used as an infallible understanding when it comes to faith manifested in God’s People. The pope does so through discerning the faith that the Christians have in their hearts. Their drive is to ensure that the Church is steered under a mutual mission, shared background, and communal faith.

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