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Human sexuality is a complex subject for the scientific approaches because of its diverse behavior. There are a number of aesthetic factors associated with the choice an infidel makes about his passionate physical bond with another one. Even though people have irresistible passion for sexually oriented activities, the religious teachings and normative cultural definitions restrict them even from discussing sexuality. Traditional barriers of most communities control the sexuality of individuals by forcing upon them a belief that talking sex is a taboo. However, sexuality is like a fire inside the soul of every healthy individual which comes out at given opportunities. The irrational and aggressive expression of sexuality becomes a threat to individuals and the human societies. Therefore there are laws and traditional values to regulate the sexual behavior of a person on the basis of the norms and conditions of the concerned society. This paper will summate the interview conducted on five college students and make an overview of their beliefs about sexual behavior, sexual concerns and the feelings deriving from sexual communication among their partners, peers and family members.

The Interview Methodology

As a part of the study of human sexuality and related responses, a questionnaire was framed and five respondents were called for the interview. For the convenience of the respondents and for saving time, the interview was taken in a group session comprising the responses of the five students of different college. Of the five respondents, two were girls and three were boys. One of the girls (G1) stayed in a hostel while the other (G2) went to college from her home. Two of the boys (B1 and B2) were roommates and the third one (B3) stayed at his uncles home. The questionnaire covered queries about a number of things related to their emotional, physical and psychological experiences about sexuality while it also focused on finding the details about their social, cultural and domestic environments. The interviewer (Q) asked the questions in an all-inclusive way and the respondents answered them with integrity on assuring the privacy of information. For better convenience of answering some typically private questions, they submitted written responses.

The Summary

The brief summary of the interview is as follows (in the question – answer format);
How did they feel sexuality?
Ans: All but one girl (G2) replied that it was an easy and comfortable feeling for them. They also told that it was a clear attribute to their personality among the peer and in their respective societies.

What was their sexual orientation?

Ans: Both girls were heterosexual; however G1 revealed her happy lesbian experiences from her hostel mates. The two boys were (B1, B2) bisexual and they admitted having homosexual experiences as part of their boarding life. However B3 was heterosexual and had strong concerns for other patterns of sexuality.

What was their sexual behavior? How did they respond to their sexual urges?

Ans: All of them had great interest in sex. Even though the chances were rare for them, they all admitted having engaged in sex many times. G1 told that she liked regular sex with her lover at the boy’s residence, but she also admitted having casual sex with other male friends. G2 had a narrowed view about sexuality and resorted to masturbation rather than sexual intercourse. She watched pornographic videos and read erotic literature in order to support her sexual stimulation which she wanted as usually as a stress buster. For G1, having sex was her necessity to maintain the relationship; while for G2, sex was a medicine against tension and confusion. However, both of them admitted that they could find the best feeling of relief when they reached an orgasm. On the other hand, all the boys had frequent sexual stimulations due to which they practiced masturbation. B1 and B2 had chances for regular sex as they were bisexual but B3 was mostly sex starving. However, all three boys admitted that they frequently tried paid sex besides the rare opportunities they got to have sex with their respective female partners.

What were their sexual concerns?

Ans: The biggest concern about sexuality before the girls was the psychological isolation as they felt guilty after their first sexual encounter. Later on, they adjusted with their emotional concerns and worried only about being pregnant. For boys, the anxieties about their sexual capabilities were the initial concerns. When they overcame that problem, they also had the anxieties about the responsibilities of impregnating their female partner. These concerns were relevant only when the relationship was heterosexual. These concerns were mostly irrelevant for gay and lesbian relationships. The biggest worry for all the respondents was about the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) when their partner’s health history was unknown to them. Besides this they all feared the social implications of getting caught in sexual activities as they were all subject to cultural barriers of sexual relationships. This typical condition made them hypocritical about their sexuality when it mattered talking about sex.

Who did they sexually communicate with among their peers? What was their feeling?

Ans: All of them had their own persons for sexual communication. G1 had her boyfriend and roommates while G2 talked sexual matters with her close friends. All the boys discussed sex with their male friends and engaged in intimate talks with their girlfriends. For all the respondents, discussing sex with the selected peer member was a comfortable experience as it gave them opportunities to know each other’s views about sex and could clear many doubts about their own sexuality related aspects.

Who did they sexually communicate with among their family members? What did they feel about it?

Ans: Both girls discussed sexual matters with their mother as part of their physical healthcare. However, they concentrated on the erotic side of the communication with their male cousins who would share their sexual experience with them. Moreover, they felt more intimate and secured when the sexual communication was confined to their cousins. This approach was applicable for the boys also. They also found sexual communication with their female cousins was easy and safe. However, they admitted the fact that this communication sometimes can get incestuous and may result in sexual relationships with the member chosen for communication.

How did they feel about sexual communication with their partners?

Ans: All of them admitted that sexual communication with their partner gave them erotic stimulation quickly. They felt it as an integral part of sexual relationship because it built trust and intimacy between each other.


All the respondents had positive attitude towards sexuality and responded to sexual urges based on their sexual orientation styles. All of them preferred privacy for their sexual activities and preferred discussing sexual matters with select individuals. Even though all of them had the sexual experience, they felt the safety of sexual communication with their cousins and partners.


People react to their sexual urges in different ways; however, the normative human behavior demands for the privacy of sexual activities. Even though sexuality is an individual right and choice, the response to the urge for having a sexual experience appears in different forms. The general perception is that the usual male response to sexual urges is more aggressive than that of females. An article “Why no doesn’t mean no to some men?” by LiveScience staff suggests that nearly eighteen percent of the American women are victimized to sexual aggressions by men and this aggressive sexual behavior among the males is due to their lacking ability to understand the cues about the women’s sexual orientation at the given point of time. On the other hand, it is not easy to say that all women are calm towards their sexual urges. Since sexuality is primarily connected to the physical aspects of a person, females with sound health may also involve in aggressive sexual activities. According to a report by Parsons, women have become more comfortable with their sexist behavior and feel it as their way of expressing their choice for aggressive sexuality from causal male mates. The changes in courtship patterns of women may have occurred due to the cosmic law of proportionate relationship between time and change.


Sexuality is one of the sweetest but shiest topics for the common people because of its impulsive nature amidst the societal barriers. Also, sexuality is a concept associated with their way of expressing it through the various means like emotional, psychological, emotional or physical involvements. Obviously, the perception about sexuality is a tickling factor for the common people as most of them feel talking about it is a moral challenge. Studies and observations suggest that sexuality is irrespective of gender as both men and women are capable of responding to sexual urges. However, giving importance to concerns like privacy, dignity, security and health with regards to partner selection in all forms of sexual responses is a safe practice for people of all ages.

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