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Recent years have the rise and emergence of many Muslim organizations especially in the Middle East. These organizations involve Muslims coming together and then claiming to fight for a certain course such as democratic freedom, freedom of worship and fight against the western domination among others. Many of the Islamic organizations that have been formed have slowly become weaponized and nearly all of them have military faction. Most of these Muslim organizations are constantly engaged in battle with not only the western powers but also the governments of their prospective countries. Unfortunately, many of these Muslim organizations have s transformed to become terrorist organizations that now target innocent people. However, not all Muslim organizations are terrorist organizations as many in the western society think or assume. Hezbollah is an example of an organization that has been rapidly growing in the recent times, specifically in Lebanon. The organization is composed mostly of Shia Muslims. Although the organization initially started as a small entity, it has in recent years become an extremely powerful with massive financial as well as weapon power. This organization has mainly been seen as the opposition block to the country’s ruling party. This paper hopes to conduct an exhaustive research on the organization. The research will trace Hezbollah from its roots, analyze its membership and growth, it leadership, objectives, goals, areas it controls, relationship with the Lebanese government, the types of weapons it has, activities that it engages in, the threats it offers to the region and the its impact on regional stability among other aspects. At the end of the research, a comprehensives report that discusses all the major elements, characteristics and activities of this organization will be provided.


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