Honor Of Serving As Association President Essay

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Published: 2020/10/26

With warm friendships developed over the years and experiences that taught us life lessons all worthy to be cherished and never to forget, I want all of you to believe in the power of belief. When I joined our association, I never thought the day would come that I have to say good bye to you. But I did dream of becoming our President one day. I believed it in my heart, and it did happen. I am only one person, but I am one. You might ask, “Can one person really make a difference?”. The answer is a resounding YES, that is, if you believe. Think about the individuals before us in the car industry. Who would have thought that cars would run on steam in the 1700s? By late 1800s, cars run on steam, gasoline, or electricity. By the early 1900s, gasoline cars became more popular than steam-run automobiles or electric cars because of the convenience and speed they offered. The point is, if the inventors did not believe in the power of belief, we won’t be enjoying the comforts our cars offer today. We won’t even be here in this gathering tonight. Belief is what sets us apart from others. I believed that as an individual I could make a difference. I believed that you can make a difference. I believed that, together, we can make a difference We can become what we want to be if we believe. With courage and commitment, we were able to achieve our goals as a business entity.
When I became President, I had so many goals in mind – to continue what previous administrations started, to improve current systems and processes, and to innovate in order to attract new business associates into our fold. Despite well laid plans, we encountered some obstacles along the way. Some were easily perceived, some were not. There may have been some false starts, but then again, we did not let those hinder us from achieving our goals. We accomplished a lot. Compared with the programs of other business units, none comes close to our achievements. And all these have been possible because of our belief in our mission and vision as a group.
In speaking to you tonight, I do not have any new revelations to share with you. No updates on projects we have completed or previews about future plans and projects. I only have a few words to I want to say to you from the bottom of my heart. I want to bid everyone farewell for my time as your president is up. It is time for another thinker, another innovator to lead our organization. I want to thank each one of you for the opportunity to have served you and our group. Without your belief and trust in my capabilities to lead the organization, my dream of making a difference would still be a dream to this day.
As president of our association, the greatest part of my job is to make decisions of varying degrees. Some big, some small, but they are many. I received comments and feedback from different quarters in our organization and no matter how long it took to reach my desk, there was no place for them to go but to the president’s table. All presidents before me share the same task of deciding for the whole organization. The president has no one to pass the bucket to. He has to make the decisions as no one else can make the decisions for him. That is the president’s job. A tough one indeed. And that is what I have been doing for the past years that I have been your President.
As the time to pass the baton is now here, when you have years of experience in our business and having had the chance to lead a group of dynamic and energetic individuals like our group, I begin to wonder about the next generation business associates that will join our group some day. What will our organization be like in the next five or 10 years? How will we serve our clients in the future? Will our clients experience the same level of customer service we offer today? Will our future members have the same opportunities as we have now? These are pressing questions that await answers. And how do we address these questions? With broad minds, long-term vision for our organization, and strategy-centered mindset in order to serve our clients and members in the future. Of course, we should never forget the power of belief as we attract what we believe.
Can our organization operate advantageously far into the future? Definitely. We are a group of men with a firm hold on the tenets of our club.
Can we continue to acclimatize to transformations in the marketplace? Absolutely. We are a group of resilient individuals ready for whatever the world offers us.
Can we continue to meet our organization’s full potential and become a model of growth in the car business? Yes. We have been doing that.
All these we were able to do because of our belief in what we stand for, your belief in my leadership. I have been called an optimistic to a fault. Maybe I am one. But it all boils down to my very own belief system – my belief in myself, in our organization, and in all of you.
It has been a great pleasure to have served you. The experience has taught me a lot about myself as an individual and as a leader. In all the years that I have been with our organization, I always saw myself as a resilient and tough member. I believed in the leaders before me and supported all their undertakings. When I became the president, I was overwhelmed by the support and belief you have extended to me and my administration. All of you have inspired me to be the president that I was. In all the achievements my administration has accomplished, each one of you have been supportive and vital in the success of all my endeavors. I could not have accomplished them without your unending support and belief. You always stepped forward and volunteered to do so much and contribute in many ways. I have been blessed with the best club members a president could ask for. Each one of you has not only done what you were supposed to do, but has gone way beyond what is expected. I thank you for your dedication, your selflessness, and your hard work. Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be of service to the organization.  
Every Past President would have to agree with me that the best way to get to know everyone in the organization is to serve as the president. I have done that now. I think I know you now even better than I knew you before. Along the way, I met wonderful people who have added value to my person and have inspired me to become a better version of myself. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you over the past few years. You have taught me so much about myself. In the past, I remember I said that you are the reason why I deeply take pleasure in being a member of our organization. That was true then and is even truer now. As I leave, I do so with a lot of optimism and confidence – in you, in us, in the club.
Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me, for entrusting me with the privilege of serving as your president. The honor is truly mine.

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