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Language is a tool for communication, it induces power, and it has its command. Communication barrier: lack of good communication complicates everything. For example, use of the second language to explain a crucial point may differ as compared to using first language. John McWhorter in his argument says that even in proper instruction it’s still difficult to learn a new language. Immigrants to American get problems when communicating with the doctors or the teachers of their children.
The change of language makes it different and, for this reason, fades in the near future. John McWhorter (34), other languages put concepts together which changes the language. In his example of the verbs that marks the sex of the person affect the size of wielding and argues whether it is light in the outside meaning of it. (Kitobana in berik language means “gives three large objects to a male in the sunlight). This language being good it is supposed to be maintained in the coming future (John McWhorter 34).
Language extinction has continuously involved the injustice. All these have brought biases in the ethical positions as he argues that if we advocate one language, other people could lose their job. The linguistic biases also cause a person to spout the ethical position that uncovers the selfish motive that is true to his or her heart. Learning other languages is essential. Keeping the mother tongue is good but then it is important to learn other languages for that they can be able to understand other cultures mean. The new languages also help one to gain opportunities in other institutions that may need other languages rather than native. National languages are always learnt by people though John McWhorter (37) argues that one doesn’t get fully conversant with them. People argue that studying other foreign languages is another injustice. It’s only if the group has the wealth and the educational system to permit it and move on to learning the language.
Languages always divide people. People become good friends at first because they speak the same language. It’s rare to get sudden friends who speak different languages. In the theories of evolution, the idea of language change is that the process allow in group members tag the out group members. It is always hard to attach someone who speaks the same language as you.
The loss of these languages does not mean that everybody is safe from all the biases. These languages might as well help us in the future to solve other problems that might occur between the foreign languages. There is need to address the whole issue with much came before making any decision that may later affect the relationship between other foreign languages and the native language.
Learning foreign language is destructive. Ngugi WA thiongo’s says that these languages change the wellbeing of people. This means that it changes people’s cultures to other cultures. There is always need to embrace African culture from the African perspective and not the outsider perspective. It’s only the local language that can express that Africanism. This is because there is much tradition preserved in the language than the foreign one. African realities are affected by the great struggle between the two mutually opposed forces in the African today. There is imperialism tradition on one hand and the resistance tradition, on the contrary. These two forces are fighting each other in politics, economic issues and the academic institutions. If there is any blow against the imperialism, there will be a victory for all the anti-imperialistic elements in all the nationalities. There is a convincing tone in Ngugi’ argument about the personal experience of the change affects the society. It’s hard to talk an African poetry in English or French because Africans composes African poetry in the African language. Language has become different in the new generation as compared to the former imperialists. The reason behind these is that the generation is westernized in the worldview music, film and television. Even the French also complain about this imperialism. It’s right to reach or address an audience in the heritage language although it is expensive to publish in African languages.
It is very difficult for this generation to find a book written by African author and with original African language. The reason being, they want to target the western people who can be interested in their writing and give them money.
Classes are fighting against imperialism even in the neo-colonialism stage confront this struggle with higher and more creative culture of the resolute struggle. The wield the weapons contained in their culture. They have to speak the language struggle that is included in their languages.
It’s good to remember that the death or all these other languages despite diminishing our culture, it also brings unity among the people from all the nations and hence they will understand each other. Lastly, they will solve any intercultural differences in the community or the nations. Although preserving many languages in the world cannot be based on how fascinating their variation appears to a few people in the world, the urgency to benefit to humanity because of variations.


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