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Leadership theories are widely accepted schools of thought which can be used to describe the individual rise to helms of leadership in an organization. The biggest aspiration of the arguments is to emphasize behaviors, or attitudes that can be adopted by individuals to boost them on their way to become reputable leaders. Personal leadership skills are usually inherent abilities, which require nurturing to fine tune. Despite the emergence of leadership concepts, there have been divergent opinions bearing in mind that they attract huge interests. Transformational leadership is required for the success of any unit. Leaders give guidance other than setting goals for a team.

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Keywords: Leadership Theories, Personal Leadership, Transformational Leadership

The Application of the Personal Theories of Leadership

A good working rapport qualifies as a useful aspect of the personal theory of leadership. Subordinates are crucial members of a team, and their effort is beneficial in countless ways. Leaders who develop a productive working environment, putting their leadership abilities to optimum use Chemers (2014). Employees gain motivation to work, give their all and improve service in a situation. Rewarding employees for their resilience and hard work also constitutes a sound leadership system. Therefore, the involvement of personal theories of leadership is a surge forward in many ways.

Leaders who practice leadership theories gain the confidence to trust their staff with the matters of a company. Team members work under minimal supervision, ensuring timely delivery in a quality fashion. Employees are also willing to offer their services diligently, due to the real nature of the leadership at the summit Northouse (2018). Leaders who understand the nitty-gritty of leadership spend time with their juniors, discovering their best interests, ambitions and how they can be achieved. Personal theories of leadership can also be used during examples of successfully run ventures or organizations. They can be used to exclusively describe the benefits of pulling together under able guidance.

Personal Experience

I have been an active member of my community charity group. I felt the desire to run for chairmanship position which I won unopposed. I was in charge of ensuring the distribution of food in streets for street children and low-income families. Together with my team, we reached 600 homes. Initially, we amassed a whopping $2000 through contributions from friends and well-wishers. It was a commendable job. Each group member was awarded a certificate from the Governor’s Office. We received tons of accolades for work well done. Through my essential leadership skills, I was able to collect as much money as possible.

I rallied my friends, family and other people of goodwill and together, we contributed towards a great cause for the less fortunate. The work was able to transform the lives of many street families. The work became the foundation of the charity fund, initiated by the governor towards street families. My theory of leadership helped me consult widely from older people at the time. The art of coming up with such a program was mind-boggling, which prompted me to use my skills to develop an appropriate work plan, and the results proved beyond limits. The transformational theory, which can be used to describe my leadership theory advocates for a better relationship between leaders and subordinates, to unearth the potential of one another. The work was transformative in numerous ways.

The transformational theory encourages a spirited collected of effort toward a common cause. Some of its most significant advantages are the ability of workers to feel at ease within a working environment — a shared vision and exemplary leadership cap the basics of the theory. The transformational approach does not fall short of its shortcomings as well. Managers in many incidences are required to have a personality that will improve the working environment. It possibly takes time to pull a unit towards the same visions. The ability to share a common goal makes it possible to pull efforts together.

The Briggs-Myers Test

The evaluation of various leadership theories is a step towards creating visionary leadership. A Briggs-Myers Personality Test is very critical. The principle of this evaluation tool is to assess how the temper of an individual affects their interaction with people in their environment. In many cases, sociologists and psychologists prefer this tool to determine candidates and their suitability for managerial positions. A rating scale of 1 to 4 is scored to determine how individuals react. Questions range from “if leaders enjoy creating new relationships” to “how they get annoyed with people who do not compromise” Brandt and Edinger (2015). The basis of these questions is to determine the nature of an individual, as wither introverted or extroverted, how they plan life schedules. The life of a leader requires adequate timing with a visionary mindset which this tool analyses in depth. Transformational theory of leadership seeks to filter individuals basing on their ability to relate with people, and how they can amass brainpower to fulfill the desires of a unit Brandt and Edinger (2015). A Briggs-Myers Test can be used to evaluate the ability of a leader in the transformational theory belief.


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