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Marketing Plan

The business should build its brand through creating a great content, ensuring regular publishing and keeping an eye on its overall content strategy. The acknowledgement of the fact that lack of a consistent and cohesive brand voice creates confusion among loyal customers and hindering would-be customers.

Marketing strategies to use

The business would explore the various options while undertaking its marketing initiatives. These would include:
Social Medial Marketing
Social media campaigns and social network marketing provide a platform for marketing a service or product on the internet through various social networks. Business use this currently overwhelming window in executing their marketing campaigns, customer service and sales (Pride and Ferrell, 2008). This would entail using the most common social media platforms which include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn among others. The strategy would be found the most appropriate for the phone holder business as the global advancement in the social media has taken a sharp twist and continuously growing at an alarming rate, and thus ignoring it would make the business lose its market grip.

Internet marketing

The online marketing would another strategy for the business to explore as it aspires to reach the global horizons within the shortest time 24/7. The online marketing entails a variety of marketing forms like search engines marketing, video advertisements and e-mail marketing. This strategy of marketing calls for the formulation of a suitable approach with regards to development, design and advertising. According to Solomon (2003), a business with a total website market initiative has more success online compared to one that has designs a website with no thought of marketing their business through it.

Marketing Budget

The business will allocate £1200 for its marketing initiatives in the following portions:
Branding - £220
Newsletter Marketing - £90
Referral marketing - £130
Social media marketing - £170
Affiliate marketing - £280
Promotional Marketing - £250
Alliance Marketing - £60
The business’ marketing activities, timeframe and costs
Monitoring of the efficiency and success of marketing strategies
The business should ensure measurements and analyses of the result of the marketing approaches it has instituted in its operations. This is significant since it helps in assessing whether the business is receiving a return on the investment, and meeting the goal of the marketing strategy. The business would undertake its monitoring and evaluation of the marketing approaches through:

Trackable phone numbers, links and discount codes

The aspect of phone tracking contributes immensely to the evaluation of the performance of a marketing strategy. The business would place it on the its web site or in an e-mailing newsletter to facilitate tracking of how many phones are made to the business due to that particular marketing tool (Hart, Greenfield and Johnston, 2005). This provides an insight of the marketing strategy and places interest in what is generating the most traffic.
The links are essential for the tracking of online marketing strategies- particularly in social media. This would result in seeing how many clicks that a link generates. When the business use the links in conjunction with the Google Analytics, which monitors the number of visits to the business’ website and how long they have stayed on the site (Blythe, 2006).

Ask customers

Another successful way of monitoring and tracking the progress of a business marketing strategy is through inquiring it from the customers. This would entail questions like, when did they hear of the business and how. The how aspect of the question encompasses the strategy the business used to market itself, and thus helps in formulating which marketing strategy reach a great audience.

Customer retention mechanisms

Failure to attend to customer relations is not healthy for this phone holder business. This would result in losing grip of your customers and thus adverse implications on the part of the progress. The business arena is experiencing rising customer acquisition costs and therefore businesses need to be innovative and presume a proactive role in retaining their customers (Kotler and Armstrong, 2001). The following measures shall be of great significance towards ensuring client retention to the phone holder business:

Setting of customer expectations

The greatest way to foster loyal clients is through promising so less but delivering so much on their expectations set in the service level agreements (SLAs). When a business sets its customers’ expectations early to a level that you are sure of providing better than that, then, you are eliminating the uncertainty on the level of service you need to offer in order to make your customers happy (Blythe, 2006). This explicit vision ensures that the business builds key performance indicators (KIPs) on the specific expectations of the clients and therefore making sure the business is always over delivering. The “always” connotation holds highly since customers usually remember negative experiences and will at no doubt quote that particular negative experience as the reason to cancel his contact no matter how many times you have delivered successfully in the past.

Courtesy system

This offers a powerful tool that provides a room for improvement of the interpersonal skills of the business’ team and thus changes the spirit of the business. It encompasses speaking to colleagues in a more pleasant and polite manner with no parody or sarcasm and give them the best treat that you expect them to reciprocate the same to the customer of the business. This develops the feeling of worth and importance among the business team thereby making pleasant social relations at work (Solomon, 2003). This spirit encourages them to be always pleasant as they relate to customers in a human, warm, and natural manner, and motivating them to provide extraordinary services. This results in a warmer, better, trustworthy and stronger relationships.

Be an expert

As long as one is considered to be an expert in a particular line irrespective of the industry he occupies, it is likely that he will retain more customers. Being your clients’ trusted advisor builds their loyalty and thereby reducing customer churn. For instance, in the case of this phone holder business, an IT oriented business, one should aspire to be a technology guru. This would make his responsibilities transcend the mere minimum entailed in your contact (Zoltners, Sinha and Lorimer, 2009). In a customer seeks advice on an appropriately suiting mobile phone, you are in the best position to assist the customer in making the right choice over the device.


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