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Communication is one of the most crucial basis upon which human societies grow and develop. It plays a key role in the conveyance of information which is quite a crucial stage for any development to take place. You will agree with me that with the advancement seen in technology since the nineteenth century, communication has taken several steps closer, much closer at that, towards efficiency. Narrowing down, we can clearly visualize the internet which has further revolutionized communication. With the advent of the internet, organizations, inclusive of governments, have been able to relay tones of information to the public without even breaking a sweat. Thus, the essence of this essay is to show the benefits of a new product that may one day hit the market. It is a social site called ‘The Flak’ which has more benefits as we will discuss soon. I will describe the measures that I will undertake to market this product effectively to maximize profits for the organization that will take up this site as their merchandise (Pederson & Nelson, 2007).

Product Information

The Flak is something new but in the long run it still remains a social site. That introduces the challenge that I am to face in the marketing of this product. Why should anyone's interest be affiliated to the new site as a preference of the other social networks? What makes this one special? That is what trickles down to the advantages that the Flak has which is absent in the other networks. To begin, the Flak will be an integrated product that will work to give the satisfaction that all the other social networks provide and more. Evidence of this is that the social network will have a normal credential provision page where the new user can sign up or a regular user can log in. the integration comes in where the site enables the user to sign up using any other social network that he or she is a member. The Flak takes up the profile and pastes it in its database and provides you with a notification which requests you for confirmation of the details are right. Also, it can be conjoined with any other network that one is more frequent so that one can receive notifications in that network about the updates of the events in the Flak.
Something else to put under consideration is that the Flak is user-friendly. It has user-interactive features that make the user navigate through the site and pages quickly and efficiently. In this manner they are able to click on commands without wondering what the button is meant for. With a web page which is dedicated to provide troubleshooting services and solutions to problems that a user experiences is but a click away. With a twenty-four hour help desk service available present on telephone lines, mobile phone and emails, the user is in good hands. Confidentiality is also another feature that receives priority in the Flak. Information that a user does not wish to let the public know about is not accessible to unauthorized users. In addition, the Flak comes with an application that is usable on both mobile phones and computers. What is unique about this particular setup is that it comes with a pre-installed firewall dedicated to serve the purpose of securing the information of the user’s privatized information.

Application of the Flak

Where can this network be utilized? The Flak can be utilized in keeping track of votes. Voting is not necessary the elections in the country. It can be for TV shows. Since it is integrated with the other networks, it can be used to monitor the voting throughout the country at once. Even countries can use it to monitor voting areas and relay voting results to the citizens as they come in. they do not have to run after reporters to seek interviews to provide the results to the public. Rather, they can update the users with a live feed from the counting stations. With a few adjustments, the Flak can be tweaked into being a safe site to conduct voting. A special page can be introduced so that voters can vote comfortably in their homes. This will mean that the network will be connected securely to the record center to ensure that every member registering as a voter is indeed a citizen.

Marketing Strategy

Value will be created if the producers of the product will encompass all the aspects that a product should possess to be termed as quality; the tangible product, the intangible service that come with the product such as maintenance and warranty, and the price. The second process is the communication of the offerings which means the describing the offering in conjunction with its value to the current and potential consumers. It also includes learning from the customers their like and preferences. Technology has made communication easier with many platforms available for advertising (Pederson & Nelson, 2007).
The third point is the delivery of the offerings. People have often mistaken delivering as simply ensuring the product finds its route into the consumer's hands. However, it also encompasses the phases of ensuring that the consumer gets the most satisfaction out of the offering as well as taking care of any service that the consumer might need later. Exchanging of the operations comes final in this process and involves the actual transaction. Mostly we expect the exchange to involve cash for the services or products. Other forms of rewards can be used such as in Kentucky where airline tickets payments is through frequent-flier miles (Tanner & Raymond, 2012).


Evidenced from the above literature, it is clear that this product can meet the wants and needs of the current consumers. With the new features that the Flak provides, new platforms can be created on which the consumers (individuals, co-operations and governments) can utilize to perform lots of utility tasks. It is my recommendation for an entrepreneurial company to take this project up and experience the humongous benefits that this offering can give.


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