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The introduction section of this paper will provide the general information about the issue of bullying. Statistics on the prevalence of the issue can be stated. The definitions of the problem is also given. The final part of the introduction gives the thesis of the paper. It is evident that bullying is prevalent in many schools in Texas especially to girls. There are instances of bullying whether the girls are studying in private or in public schools. The impacts of bullying can affect anyone especially the individuals being bullied. Additionally, the individuals who bully others and those who witness others being bullied are also affected. According to Pepler et al. (2004), the impacts that are associated with bullying are always negative. The impacts are generally mental but ca lead to improbable actions by the affected. It is thus vivacious to guarantee that the individuals who are bullied are catered for.
The guiding research question is discussed in this section of the paper. The questions include; How does Bullying on girls in Private & Public schools in Texas harm them? ( How is this harmful in the girls Identity? How do teachers handle bullying in their classroom? How does bullying form? What actions can be put in place to discourage bullying in private& public schools?)
The literature review will provide the areas of the paper that have been previously studied and the progress that has been made in that field. In terms of identity, girls are often affected in that they feel anxious and depressed. Their feelings in terms of sadness and loneliness increase drastically and may affect the way in which they perform their chores or a daily basis. Moore (2009) argues that if the girls who are bullied are affected immensely, their grades tend to drop as they are likely to drop, skip or miss school altogether. The girls who bully others tend to abuse drugs that include alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. This completely alienates the identity of the girls. Additionally, the girls tend to be abusive to their friends, parents, and boyfriends.
There are many instances that teachers can use to handle the issue of bullying of girls in Texas schools. The manner in which the teachers can handle the issue of bullying is different because every student has a different circumstance. Once the teachers identify the instance of bullying in school, they should not ignore it. This is the mistake that most teachers do. The teacher should document the issue on a step by step basis so as to determine the real issue. The teacher should then encourage the girl to talk freely and remind her that the student would not be judged based on the report provided. The teacher should then ask the student to provide what the impacts of bullying are having on her. By establishing rapport with the student, the teacher can identify the probable solution. If the bullying that is happening is through the social media platforms, then the teacher should guarantee that the accounts of the perpetrators are closed immediately. The teacher should not allow the use of peer to peer conflict resolution to happen in the same room as this re-victimizes the girl affected. The teacher should help the girl to find new friends. Bullying forms when the girls are seen by others as in a vulnerable position due to her size, looks, and other social issues such as wealth and the conditions of her family.
There are various actions that can be implemented to discourage bullying. According to McGrath (2007), punishment is one certain action that can be implemented. The students who bully others can be punished by expelling them from the school. The other action that has to be undertaken is to ensure that the student bullying the other one is required to apologize. In some cases, the bullies do not know what they are doing. Another action that can be done is to provide the students who have been bullied with therapy classes to help them comprehend the ordeals that they have gone through. This helps them recover from the mental problems that they may be facing. If the students have resorted to abusing drugs, then they should be provided with rehabilitation facilities (Heath et al. 2013).The paper will conclude by summarizing the main points that have been stated in the paper.


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