Modernized Macbeth Creative Writing Examples

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Topic: Shakespeare, Macbeth, Violence, Women, Sword, Fight, Family, Veterans

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Published: 2023/04/10

Scene: Act 5, Scene 6-8

a. Malcolm - Badr
b. Macduff - Irfan
c. Siward - Tarek


We have chosen to interpret the Act 5, Scenes 6 to 8 of William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth. These scenes portray how stand out to lead his soldiers towards the castle. Shakespeare provided a remarkable way of creating Malcolm’s character especially when he announced that Young Siward and Siward are the ones who will lead the first battle. Scene 7 on the other hand, portrays how Macbeth waited on the battlefield in order to defend his castle. Macbeth was eager to defend his territory that he was able to kill Young Siward. Towards the end of the battle, Macduff entered the scene alone while shouting a challenge to Macbeth. Macduff was characterized as an eager man that aims to avenge the death children as well as his wife. As Macduff was about to exist, he asked Fortune’s help to find Macbeth. The setting will be set to a Wild West theme to establish a combat mood. The props that we will be using are sticks for Scene 6, sword and chair for Scene 7, and another sword and a model of a head for Scene 8. These will help us in portraying the characters and their roles for each scene.


Scene 6: Wild West Song. Enter Malcolm, Siward, Macduff, their army, with boughs.


We’re all getting closer y’all. Y’all remove the sticks y'all. Show your faces and show your body. Uncle, get your midget son to go fight I say. While Sheriff Macduff and I will work the plans out base on our thinking y'all.


Hope for the best y’all. If we see the Hill Billy’s powerhouse at night, Let us get harmed if we lost the war.


Let y’all the banjos talk; give them sounds that symbolize road kill and grim reminder.
They all exit
Scene 7
Enter Macbeth
MACBETH: They have put under these pressure, I can’t do nothing. But no worries friends, I will and must fight. Who them? They were not born out of a woman, should I fear or what.

Enter your Siward

Y SIWARD: What’s yo name?
MACBETH: You shall be afraid to see it young one
Y SIWARD: No, I will not. Not even if your name is hotter than any hell.

MACBETH: The name’s Macbeth

Y SIWARD: OMG, even the devil himself can’t speak of a name this hateful
MACBETH: Yeah, not even more fearful
Y SIWARD: You liar, you tyrant. With this sword I own, I’ll prove ya wrong of what ya speak
They fight, and young Siward is slain
MACBETH: Too bad you were born from a woman. I ain’t afraid of swords, and laugh at’em when used by people like you, who was born out of a woman.

He exits

Alarums. Enters Macduff
MACDUFF: From that was is it, this noise. Tyran show yerr face! If I can’t kill ya with me sword, then

The ghosts of me wife and children will always haunt me.

I won’t waste my time fighting these men who you paid to fight by you, it’s either you


Or I won’t use my sword.
You must be somewhere there
This noise seems like, sounds like someone is fighting for his life. O’ God show me the way, I ask for nothing, just this.
He exits. Alarums.

Enter Malcom and Siward

SIWARD: This way sir, the castle has been abandoned
His army fighting on either sides
And the nobles, are fighting bravely in the war,
Victory is almost at the grasp of your hand sir
Just a bit more
MALCOLM: They, fight as if they won’t hurt us
SIWARD: Please, enter the castle sir
They exit. Alarum.

Scene 8

Enter Macbeth.
MACBETH: Humph! I won’t die like the old Indians did
With my own sword especially? I see them enemies of mine,
I better bash them than me

Enter Macduff.

MACDUFF: Turn, boi, turn!!
MACBETH: Oh no not you, I’ve been avoiding you
Get away. I’m guilty enough of killing your fam
MACDUFF: I have no words
My words will be said by my sword. You evil bastard.

Not even words may describe you.

Fight. Alarum.

MACBETH: Wasting your time are ya your slicing nothing but thin air

It’s impossible for you to scratch and hurt me man.
Go pick someone your own size.
My life has been blessed, not dying from someone born of a woman.
MACDUFF: Bullcrap,
Let them who bless you inform you
That I Macduff was from a woman’s womb, but untimely ripped
MACBETH: Dagnabit with you talk.
I no longer have the guts.
I ain’t hearing from any witches anymore with their lies to change my dreams into rubble I say.

You are not worth fighting

MACDUFF: Give up chicken so then I can put you in a cage like those wild animals. Then I will put a sign on it that says “ See the jackass y’all.

MACBETH: Never, I will not surrender to y’all to kiss the feet of Malcolm nor be humiliated by strangers.

Despite living wood coming to Dunsinane over yonder as well as fighting someone who was ripped from the mama’s belly, I will not surrender to y’all. I use all of my power to push my shield. Get over here Macduff and curse the one who flinches and whines “Stop! Pause
They exit fighting. Alarums.

They enter fighting, and Macbeth is slain. Macduff

exits carrying off Macbeth’s body. Retreat and flourish.

Enter, with Drum and Colors, Malcolm, Siward, Ross,

Thanes, and Soldiers.
MALCOLM: Darn it. I hoped my amigos survived the conflict.
SIWARD: Another one bites the dust in combat. But from the looks of our comrades, we barely lost any men.

MALCOLM: Where the heck is Sherif Macduff and your child?

ROSS: Sherif, your child gave the soldier death.
His life spam reached long enough to become a man and showed his fighting spirit like a sheriff that just perished

SIWARD: Is he roadkill?

ROSS: Yep and just disappeared from the field. Sadness in you is not as much of his price, it would just build up and won’t stop.

SIWARD: Is he hurt?

ROSS: Yep on his sensitive spot.
SIWARD: The great one’s sheriff is here!
If I had babies to raise like my hair, none of them would have great esteem.
And that's that.
MALCOLM: His bravery is better than the sadness, and I will cry for his brave deed.
SIWARD: He is worth more than that.
His death settled the dispute in piece.
Now God protects him and give him peace with his family.
Enter Macduff with Macbeth’s head.
MACDUFF: Hooray for the Sherif! You are the new Sheriff in town.
Macbeth head is now roadkill. There is no longer destruction y’all.

The Sheriff title belongs to you and knows how you feel.

Everyone give your cheers to the new Sheriff of the West!
Y’all salute deputy of the West!
MALCOLM: Y’all gonna get rewards like Macduff.
My people and deputy,
I give you a mayor for the West,

The very first mayor.

Prepare yourself for this time of year.
Y’all need to get our amigos back that were kicked out by Macbeth’s stupidity. So we can remove all of the evil that he and his horrible wife caused to the land. Whatever the mighty ones told us to do, y’all will do it as soon as possible. Now thank y’all for you wondrous gifts to gain back the land and all of you shall see be become the new roughest tootin cowboy around.
Based on my observation, our group was able to come up with what a good outcome for this project. Every member of our group worked diligently in order to integrate our ideas. Thus, we made the scripts entertaining, yet informative. We even had our meeting during the break so that we can for this project accordingly. Irfan deserves to get 90 because of the effort and the way his part was delivered. Even though there were minor lapses, he was aware of the scene’s story line. On the other hand, Tarek deserves to get 85 because he worked less than Irfan, but the outcome of his work is still satisfactory. He was also supportive of the ideas being presented during our meeting. As for me, I believe I deserve to get a 90 because of the extensive work that I have contributed for the group. In general, I have learned a lot on this project and hoping to have similar works in the future.

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