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Ladies and gentlemen, more than often the stories of organ trading in the world hit our news from various parts of the world. It is evident that the underground organ business involving some crude methods some of which endangers the lives of the donors flourishes even with the toughest of the laws in the world. Such is a clear indication that the demand for organs is by far too high than the supply. For your information, in the United States alone, there are up to 79,000 patients patiently waiting for various organ transplantations. Perhaps you be tempted to assume that this number is low compared to the United States population of almost three hundred million people. However, you shall be wrong since even with such a high population, the demand for organs is still high as the list indicates.
There is a great demand for organ transplant to save the lives of these people in the waiting list. Due to the low number of people donating organs, between 16-17 people would die while waiting for a generous donor like you and me to donate the organs they need. It is necessary for one to donate his or her organs once they pass on. After all ladies and gentlemen, it is very kind of anyone who donates his or her organs upon death. Such a person‘s death lengthens life for another person. It is worth noting some of the patients in the waiting list as young as ten year or less and you can increase their lifespan by 80% by donating your organs upon death.
Do you wonder how you can do that? It is pretty simple! All you need to do is to approach the nearest medical specialists for advice. The medical practitioner would offer you all the information you require and get you a card indicating that you have formally committed your organs upon death to be harvested. After your life here on earth, you shall be the sunshine to a patient in that long list as your organs are harvested and transplanted as soon as it is practical. By doing so, you shall have improved the life of such a person by 80%. Moreover, you do not necessary need to wait until you die. One can donate organs while still alive (Medlineplus, n.d). It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that one can live a full life after donating some organs, such as the kidneys. If you feel okay, and philanthropic enough, you are encouraged to reach out the specialist for advice.
One may wonder what happens when one donates organs after death. Shall they have all the body destroyed and, therefore, there shall be nothing to burry? Fear is normal in humans. However, it is important to note that such is not the case. Organ harvesting is done by specialists who leave your body intact as any other normal body for burial or cremation. In this case, there is no worry on such matters.
Moreover, it is not everybody can donate organs upon death as the cause of death matters a lot. The Center for organ recovery and Education (n.d) indicates that most dead people cannot donate organs,but can donate tissues and corneas. The best organ donor is one who is proved to be brain dead since the organs are still functioning optimally increasing the chances of success in the transplantation. However, the suitability for donation is examined by medical practitioners at the time of death (U.S. Department of Health and human Services, n.d). On the same note, those with chronic illness may not donate organs while still alive as such may jeopardize their lives.

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