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The human civilization has been very extensive in expressing its desires the use of art. It is evident that every nation worldwide has its own specific sets of art that represents their identity. Moreover, the limitation of the expression of art is almost on the infinite level. It includes the religion, politics, social life, human relations, animal and environment relations and even sex. In an instance, one of the species of Neanderthals has painted an illustration of animals on the ancient caves of France. As early as that, the Homo sapiens love to express their way of life through art.
The main objective of this paper is to see nations through art. Moreover, the discussion of arts is limited only to four given websites and four given nations. The nations to be discussed are the following; Sri Lanka, Syria, Senegal and Paraguay.

Paraguay as one of the proud countries of the South American Continent has been very prominent through its trading state in the early 18th century. As seen through the artifact from the Metropolitan Museum named Admiral Paraguay, it is safe to assume that tobacco is their one of the many products they have traded. The artifact is clearly connected to a cigarette brand as stated on the website. Regardless of that, the artifact is composed the combined drawing of the Paraguay Flag, a Galleon Trade and the brand name of the cigarette. Other series of the brand artifacts include the animals present in the country. It could not be seen on the artifact literally that the society is categorized. But most probably, many men are working on the trade and the government officials are tasked to do it. However, it is safe to assume that the society is patriarchal. It can also be seen in the series of the brand’s artifact that the flag has a feather on its stand. It could be referred to high ranking officials commanding the trade (MMA, 2015).
The artifact signifies the role of trade in Paraguay. It also gives support to the fact that it is a country that has supported exportation of their products. Undeniably, it has contributed to the prosperity of the country.


As one of the countries in the Middle East that has the most fossil fuel, the country boast of its economic development. (Without discussing the present conflicts caused by ISIS). They were granted their independence on the year 1946 by France. But before that Syria was once a part of the oldest human civilization the Mesopotamia. They were once considered as the cradle of civilization. Old artifacts showed that these people living on that era are very expressive of their selves through art. Vases and monuments are one of the prominent objects seen by archaeologist. Women are seen to be a minority on these times. They have fewer rights than men as seen on the artifacts. One artifact named “Winged Head” as seen from the American Museum of National History, it has depicted that people on that time has started worshipping gods and goddesses (AMNH, 2015).
The artifacts have given proof to the blooming era of a human civilization. The modes by which they used these artifacts have given credible evidence to their existence.


One of the countries located in the African Continent. As seen on the artifact from Brooklyn Museum named “Senegalese Soldier”, the prominence of their natural beauty has been physically observed. Senegalese mean are characterized by their pouty lips, broad nose and a trimmed brow and mustache. This could signify that the Senegalese are very territorial and has a credible evidence of tribal soldiers. The society could be patriarchal basing on the artifact (Brooklyn Museum, 2013).
It could signify that the tribal age of Senegal has been fighting invaders from getting into their tribes. Senegal even though poor has been fighting for survival ever since they were born. Senegals are born fighters. Fighting for their own development as clearly seen on the artifact.

Sri Lanka

The beautiful Island of Sri Lanka located at the upper part of the Indian Ocean. From the Asian Society arts, the architecture of Sri Lanka is clearly seen. It has described the flourishing art of architecture in the country. Moreover, the reliance of architecture to their culture is clearly seen. It is made evident through their Buddhist artifacts seen on the walls of the buildings they have made. The country has been very dignified of their colorful facets of arts. It is not limited to their buildings but it can also be clearly seen on their clothing (AsiaSociety Org, 2015).
Additionally, the traditional Buddhist culture can also be seen on their annual Feast Celebrations of Buddha’s Enlightenment. The Vessak Buddhist Festival is one of the most prominent celebrations in the country. The exhibition of artistic frames that are designed to mobile cars indicates the inclination of the country to Buddhist tradition. However, the country has been struck by a civil war for almost 20 yrs. and has halted some of its Arts celebration.

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