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The leadership style used in the organization is unique. Essentially, the institution has HR person who is responsible in answering and helping all the other employees whenever they encounter difficulties. The individual is usually well trained in matters relating to nursing. In addition, a similar situation occurs in the management. There is one individual who has been set to respond to all the challenges that have been encountered in the management works. On the other hand, the manager works as a team together with the HR and this ensures that great plans have been executed towards the delivery of services to their clients. Furthermore, the staff in this institution work closely together and the offices are extremely close to each other. This ensures that the staff members are able to move frequently from one office to the other. This leadership whereby the leaders and the staff work together is of great benefit to the institution because it enables leaders to develop reports on satisfaction of the employees and that of the customers. Hence, this institution has adopted leadership that involves close cooperation between the employees, leaders and their clients (Marquis and Huston 177).
This kind of leadership whereby all the stakeholders are main participants in the decision making of the company and the enhancing of the teamwork works best for the institution and is effective is referred to as the democratic leadership style. This is whereby every individual is allowed to take part in the decision making that will affect the institution at large. All the stakeholders are in addition given the chance to air their views in what that need to be done or should stop being done in the institution. In return, the act reduces the chances for making errors in the institution. This is possible due to the free consultations that have been practiced in the institution. In addition, the management of the institution does not rely on only a few persons due to the involvement of the staff. Therefore, when decisions are being made, there are consultations made amongst many of the stakeholders in the institution. The fact the manager works in conjunction with the HR is an indication that relations of the public with the institution will be friendly.
The involving leadership that has been used in the institution on focus for this case is seemingly the best. This style should be adopted by many institutions whereby all the stakeholders of an institution should work together in the delivery of the best services. This will not only earn the public at large the advantage of getting better services, but it will also give the employees the satisfaction that they have delivered the best and what they were required to deliver (Marshall 125).
Despite the involving leadership style having worked well with the performance of the institution in terms of service delivery, the institution would performed even better if the involvement of the junior stakeholders would be put to some limits. This would ensure that the decisions made concerning the operations of the institution would be independent. In addition, the management of the institution would have made some decisions concerning the roles of the minors in the institution which would have probably participated greatly in improving the delivery of the institution.
A visionary leadership style would be appropriate for this institution. The prediction of the things that are to happen and taking measures on how to deal with such situation is an opportunity for the institution in the future. For instance, such leadership would put the weather and the environment into considerations and as a result they would be able to tell which the likely ailments in such times are. The institution would therefore be able to deal with the situation when it occurs. The same would apply to incorporating technology in their institutions operations. The earlier it is done, the more advantage it brings to the institution. Only visionary leadership can be able to make such predictions (Clark 18).

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