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Every time that we consider plagiarism, it is necessary to understand that a lot here depends on the intention of the person committing it. Plagiarism is a deliberate acquisition of authoring on other people's literary and scientific works of the genre, as well as works of art and inventions (partially or completely). Copyright infringement is currently pursued by criminal and civil law. If we consider the example of Widdicombe, Rowan could not come up with a good spy novel, so he copied directly from other writers to make up his own novel and he did it completely intentionally, as all he wanted was collecting materials and putting them all together (2012). In this case, it is pure plagiarism both by form and by the intention of the main hero.
Over the last few years, there are many new types of copyrighted works, including electronic. It is no accident, but it is a natural development of system, because the amount of information about the different types of products is so great that in a timely manner to analyze the original data is not available or possible for those skilled in the art, and for the author's circle, inside which sometimes occurs involuntary redundancy.
As plagiarism is rather modern in its ingenuity, but quite developed in the course of time, then naturally it appears in new and sophisticated forms. As a consequence, copyright protection and prosecution of plagiarism becomes daunting task. Also the prosecution for illegal use of copyright is almost impossible, because there is a great difficulty in establishing the presence or absence of deliberate appropriation of another's authorship.
At the same time, attitude to the problem of plagiarism has a fairly long history and a different approach to change over time. For example, in the ancient world, there was spread very widely borrowing of other people's works - the Greek historian Herodotus, we can say, drew his ideas from Hecataeus, or the Renaissance knows such examples - Venetian philosopher and politician Alcyone completely usurped the product of Cicero. Word to say in the past of plagiarism, as such, the authors did not see anything wrong, and willingly compensated for the shortcomings of their creative abilities partial replacement of other people's creations. Later in XVIII- XX centuries related to the illegal use attribution largely changed, many great writers were often accused of plagiarism. Particularly well known case of authorship Dumas Sr., in which he was accused of using a large amount of text of authors such as Sir Walter Scott, Schiller and others.
Thus, it is clear that the phenomenon of plagiarism did not arise suddenly, but emerged long before our era, there is still mutating and adapting to new conditions of today. Currently, an increasing amount of documents is translated into electronic form and made available on the web. Because of this, there are new opportunities for the organization of telework and distance education. For example, a journalist can work outside the office of his publishing house, getting most of their information from the Internet, and student - can write an essay and send it to the teacher of the virtual university.
As it is known, any technological innovation can wrap both for good and ill. Ease of finding and copying the correct document has led to massive expansion of plagiarism. According to the German city of Bielefeld University, 30% of all papers, homework assignments and dissertations are written off from the Internet. However, the Germans - the law-abiding people, so for this indicator they are far ahead of the rest. For example, according to a study Who's Who, among American High School Students, 80% of students in the United States at least once written off course from the Internet and present them as their own. Today, analysts believe plagiarism one of the main causes of the crisis in education.
Plagiarism may take the form of taking works of others and passing them as works of their own, illegal publication of others' works under one’s own name or violations of the rules of citation. It should be noted that the rules of citation appeared in ancient times and were used in commenting on the books of Scripture. Without complying with the rules of citation, it would be impossible to develop science, as to trace the continuity of thought without them is almost impossible.
Plagiarism is treated as a kind of copyright infringement - the law which governs the legal relations connected with the creation and use (publication, performance, display, etc.) of works of science, literature and art, that is, the results of creative activity of the people in these areas. Copyright provides moral and material incentives for artists to create and spread among the masses scientific and cultural values. Author owns the rights to publication, reproduction and distribution of works. Without the consent of the author, and the conclusion with it the author's contract the use of works is not allowed. The right of authorship and author's name provides the right to integrity of the work, which means that only the author can make changes in their work or allow them to make to others. In addition, the author is entitled to remuneration for the use of works by others.
With the advent of the Internet, some Internet users have the illusion that because the network is available to everyone, then its content belongs to no one, which is completely wrong. Publication on the Internet is different from the publication in the journal by only carrier of information. In this and in another case, there is an author who has committed some work to create the work. Assignment of the labor of others and receiving benefits for this account is against the law no matter in which media information is published.
The lack of unity of command and censorship on the Internet and the ease of copying digital materials have led today to the reality, when on the web there are many similar texts, often without reference to the source. Many authors believe that the publication on the Internet blurs their copyright, but this is not true. Having its own Web-page published material is easier to defend copyright.
In principle, the popular information redundancy in the network leads to the fact that access to this data is more reliable. If the original site is blocked, you can view For information on the other, so when copying information, sites provide a link to the original source and do so with the consent of the author's, there is no problem. If the link to the source is not done, the question arises, how much to trust this information (Gladwell). As a rule, one author we trust less, other - more and when it is not known who the author is, it is difficult to understand which information is accurate.
Commercialization Network somewhat changed attitude toward plagiarism in it. If your site contains advertising your goods the same, then you are likely to be interested in the fact that this information is disseminated on the web. Moreover, if your article (which has hidden advertising) will be broadcast from an independent source, then you (the author of hidden advertising) will be beneficial to the text has undergone a minimum of changes (Alzahrani, Salim, and Abraham 135). Therefore, most of the information on the web is created precisely in order that it copied. Press releases, company news, announcements product line updates, advertising cartoons - all of this information, which the authors’ marketers tend to see in the press and on the websites of news resources, preferably in an unchanged form.
If your site contains information that serves to attract visitors (handbooks, dictionaries, technical articles, entertainment information, exclusive interviews with interesting people, etc.) and generating traffic to your site, then leave it on someone else's site (and together with its part of the traffic, and therefore money) no desire.
Thus, in different cases plagiarism can cause different reactions from the copyright owner texts. However, a different attitude to plagiarism is not an excuse. Many believe that the Internet plagiarism is less noticeable, but it is not. Find and prove the fact of plagiarism in the web is easier than in print. Search engines and special programs let you do it, and even give the quantitative characteristics of piracy in the work. Another problem is that many do not even know that they plagiarize, and do not put effort into avoiding the offense.

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