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Between 1960s and 1970s, student rebellion and activism in the US became widespread. This grew to become the driving force of the era’s most critical movement for social, cultural and political agitation. This activism was started by an act of four young African American male students who staged a sit-in in a racially segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter in North Carolina. This was a demand for equality in service with the whites. This sparked off a series of student sit-in movement marking the beginning of the history of significant student agitation and activism that spread over to protests over war in Vietnam that was viewed as catastrophic, costly and less strategic to the American interests.


The student activism played a critical role in the history of both the US and the world in general as it formed a forum through which the students could cause a political, environmental, economic as well as social change. For example through an essential focus on schools, the curriculums well as education funding, the students were able to influence and drive critical changes or greater political events. For example during the time, student activism was diverse and focused on different issues of concern such as the internal affairs of a specific school or educational institutions while others focused on broader issues such as the country’s involvement in the war or such issues of greater world concerns such as dictatorship (Street, 109). As a result, such student activism helped to influence critical changes in the structure or functions of some important institution’s impact on the world such as a disinvestment campaign while others achieved positive impact through a focus on regional and national policy effects of different institutions among them a campaign against harmful or government education system.
Additionally, the student activists and counter movements played a crucial role in the political and Cultural Revolution of the youth in 1960s. This helped in transforming the history and experience of the baby boomers both in experience and in practice. For example, the movement helped to challenge as well as counter the modern worldview regarding the progression of world history, as well as the normal science as a basis for universal objective truth and truth. This led to the transformation of the world from modernism to post-modernism that led to profound change over both disciplines and worldviews. In addition also promoted the development of a political and cultural ideology founded on profanations that ran counter to the domain assumptions that guided modernism

The objections to the Vietnam War

One of the key reason these groups opposed the Vietnam War was their perception that the US military involve in the country was a mistake. Chronologically many American opposed the Vietnam War due to several reasons categories as their opposition to the draft, moral, legal, as well as other pragmatic proposals against US intervention in Vietnam (Loeb, 78). This was also an aggravated by the massive media portrayal of the human devastation in the southern Asia region for the US troops.
In Particular, these groups protested bitterly against the Vietnam War owing to the conscription draft that put the lower calls and the middle-class registrant at a disadvantage. These groups found the conscription draft to be unfair as it particular placed the baby boomers at the greatest risk. In addition, opposition to the Vietnam War has also been attributed to access uncensored information by the extensive coverage by the television on the ground situation in Vietnam. This ordinarily would have been classified information, but an increasingly open society had made it accessible to an increasing questioning public.
Opposition to Vietnam War also emanated from moral arguments against the US involvement, which was popular amongst the college student, inclined to citizens the county of imperialist tendencies thus viewing the war as immoral (Loeb, 67). In addition, it was hard to justify legally what the US had given as the reason for their involvement in the war the domino effect.

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