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1. The King & the Clown
I am astonished that the king falls in love with a court clown who goes against each and every decision that he makes as the ruler of the kingdom. The king of the country finds himself in love with the clowns in his court. The king has a reason to hate and punish the clown who mocks him most of the time. The king does not notice the background of the two clowns (Jang-Seng and Gong-Gil). He assumes that they have a good past that would not affect their relationship. I am shocked that the film made a great impact on the Korean film, and it had homosexual content in its story. Homosexuality goes against the traditions of the Koreans, and they consider it a western culture. It creates confusion when the film and the homosexuality theme do well in the film market in the industry. The film also lacks originality since it borrows its story from a story from the Annals of Joseon Dynasty.
2. War of the Arrows
The film has an unrealistic fighting except for the arrows the actor use. I find the film great since it brings out the best theme that refers to love. It gives viewers the platform to understand the strength of love. Nam-Yi shows great love for his sister and gives his life in order to save Ja-in. He goes to war against Manchurians to set his sister and the boyfriend too. I also find attraction from the setting of the movie. The director in the film creates a 1636 setting into play creating a taste for culture through clothing and traditional Korean foods. I am astonished by the director and the writer of the movie places the antagonists and protagonists with the same power. The two sides know how to use their weapons (bows and arrows) well. Other movies would put one of the groups above the other in terms of power.
3. Masquerade
I am happy concerning the movie due to the themes the producers have developed in the movie. The film combines different ideas to create a good story that develops a viewer’s interest to great heights. The producer uses suspense in politics, dangerous love and betrayal to create awesome scenes. I like the ancient Korean Culture that depicts itself in the setting of the movie since the scenes have their story location based on Joseon Dynasty. King Gwanghae uses his wits to make his kingdom stable and to avoid his death. I am influenced to develop an imagination concerning how the whole story occurred. It also generates my curiosity to know how the king committed the act.
4. Chunhyang
The story begins with a climax in the nature of its themes. I am adored by Chunhyang a beautiful girl who stays in a state of confusion between her love and a governor she remains obliged to marry. I like the film due to the sweet melodious songs that narrate the story. The songs soften my heart and have influence towards my heart. The story turns out to have both bitter and sweet scenes when Mongryong comes back to save his only love from execution by Byun. Byun wants to marry the girl by force as a way to reclaim and maintain power in his new throne. I like the movie since it influences an individual to develop a relationship with his/her emotions as he watches the movie.
5. The Anarchists
The movies show a great story through the nature of the characters. I find the movie peculiar since it tries to modernize a past realistic event that took place before 1950s. The story shows how Japan occupied Shanghai and Korea and blocked all the political and economic activities in the country. The film tries to show a state of imbalance in the political relationship between the two countries. The characters (Anarchists) lose their relationship with the rebels and turn to stealing as a form of survival. I hate the fact that the rebels go against the efforts of the anarchists who have interests in helping them attain their independence from the hands of the Japanese.
6. Modern Boy
The story develops a sense of fashion in my life through the main character. LeeHae-myung lives a lavish life with a taste for modern fashion. He makes me have pride of my confidence since he believes that he has the best modernized thinking in the whole Seoul as it develops. His life revolves around dance halls and cafes with beautiful modern girls surrounding them. I find the story touching since LEEHae-myung falls in love with a girl who disappears with his property. I find malice in the action of Nan-shil who runs away with his wealth and turns out as a member of the Independent Movement of Korea.
7. The Good the Bad the Weird
I find the film treacherous, great and full of energy. The gangster who owns a map that Japan wants to advance their invasion of the western Chinese territories tries to sell the map to Japanese and steal it again. I also identify irony in the scenes because the Chinese welcome the Koreans in their country, and yet they believe that the Japanese use them as a tool to conquer their beloved territory.
8. My Way
I like the film since it uses two actors from different nationals to create a good story line. They also start their story with an enmity due to their nationality difference. They end up being friends when they fight in Europe. I also get the themes of humanity in the film during a period that war revolves around Asia and Europe. I learn a lot from the movie due to the changing of the themes in the story.
9. JSA - Joint Security Area
I am fearful of the different scenes found in the movie. The movie shows the death of some of its characters in a horrific manner. The story also shows the Great War that separated both South and North Korea. It also shows confusion through the story of the two Korean soldiers. The movie also has the great impact on the perception of individuals since it involves a soft Sophie who gets entangled in the Korean War.
10. Welcome to Dongmakgol
I find irony in the film since it talks about war and peace. Dongmakgol a village that fails to notice the Korean War that has occurred for many years welcomes some of the proprietors of the war. According to my analysis, the movie also shows hilarious scenes when Captain Smith lands on the village and destroys the Village’s warehouse and develops a relationship with the visitors to mind for his wrong doings.


Korea Unmasked p. 43, 44Korea is a peninsula and a natural bridge between a continental country (China) and an island (Japan). Koreans had to be tough to survive.
Korea Unmasked p. 43, 44exclusive reaction attributable to survival instincts of peninsular people.
P. 47 “Choong-shin, a faithful retainer who stubbornly serves his master without changing his allegiance for personal gains.” What about the other men who worked for the king/imposter. Did they display choong, “the foundation of the Korean scholar’s spirit.”

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