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Some scientists believe that Global Warming will have a positive effect on Rain Forests. In fact many researches predicted that the rising temperatures as a consequence of Global Warming will affect the Amazon basin causing there drought that will lead to the disaster in the region resulting in a sprinkling of trees.
The Amazon was affected by a drought in 2005, becoming really intense during the season without water from July to September. This drought made possible for the scientists to test their theories and predictions. And it goes without saying that according to the majority of theories it should have led to the reducing of transpiration and photosynthesis of trees amounting in exacerbating the drought by reducing level of water in atmosphere and precipitation.
It was a kind of surprise but scientists found that the greenness of the forest in fact only increased during the drought. The abovementioned was a result of more access to sunlight. Trees also managed to dig their root deeper in order to get to the water.
In other words Andrea Thompson states in her Article that Amazon forests wouldn’t be as vulnerable to the drought as majority of climate models suggests but it is still a really disputable question.
First of all it was just a short drought and it is hard to predict whether the impact of the longer one will be that positive. And one shall not forget of other dangers that would increase because of the droughts such as for example fires.
There are many It is truth that there are different effects of climate changes. The effects may be positive or negative. They may bring economic profit or loss, social benefits or disadvantages. But if one manages to estimate all the pros and cons of the Global Warming he will come to the conclusion that the amounting effect is positive and will be positive till. Such a conclusion was made by a Professor Richard Tol of Sussex University who have examined 14 different researches predicting climate changes.
In accordance with the Prof. Tol’s research Global Warming have increased human and planetary welfare in the previous century. The influence of the global warming was positive and indeed will be positive till 2080.
Of course, you may think that that is not the truth. Or you can state that the advantages are too small and that is also the truth. You can even allege that developed countries have received much more benefit than the poor ones. Or in fact you may draw attention to the fact that after 2080 climate changes will turn to be bringing disadvantages. In fact you can even allege that the researches that were examined by the professor are not reliable. Alleging abovementioned you may be right. But what you can’t do is to refuse the state of affairs we have right now. If you decide to agree with the temperature consensus then you will have to agree with economic consensus too.
In accordance with the abovementioned research the human welfare was increased due to the Global Warming in 1,4 per cent of global economic output. There still will be benefit till 2080.
It is not a wide spread information that much more people dies in winter because of cold in comparison with the people who die from the heatwaves. In fact this touches not only the poor countries but the developed too. Yes, it relates not only to the Great Britain but to Italy either. Mortality rates each winter rise in 18 per cents. When the winters are abnormally cold it results in a rise of heart failures that is much bigger that the rate of deaths because of heatwaves.
There is even no need to argue that the cold is a bigger killer than the heat. In the latest 10 years about 29.000 Brits have died each year. In comparison with a heatwave that have been 10 years ago and cause about 15.000 deaths in France and 2000 in Great Britain. There have been no death spikes in Summer during last 10 years. It is not a secret that extremely cold winters affect more poor population than the rich. All this happens because poor people can’t pay for the heat. But the truth is that the Global Warming has reduced heating bills much more than increased the cooling ones. If the humanity manages to improve the energy efficiency of our homes then one day the costs for the cooling will be smaller in comparison to the heating ones.
One more interesting idea is that the advantage comes from the carbon dioxide itself but not from the higher temperatures. Of course, it is not a pollution but a raw source from which trees and other plants generate proteins and fats. In fact carbon dioxide consists only 0.04 per cent of the air so that trees and plants have to fight for it in order to get any. A very interesting fact is that when the weather is fine a field of corn can get about a half of the carbon dioxide from the air around. In fact this is the main reason why greenhouse operators use carbon dioxide into their greenhouses to provide their plants with more food.
The level of carbon dioxide has increased in 0.01 per cent during the last century. One would think that it had a little effect at the plants but the surveillance say that 31 per cent of the plants become greener. Marc Morano in his Climate Depot supports the position mentioned above assuring that there is no need for fear.
In any case one can’t say for sure what is better: the damage that is caused due to the dioxide or the benefit to the plans.
It is a disputable topic that the Global Warming will affect poor part of the Humankind gravely. But it is rarely mentioned that the reduce of famines in Sahel lately has been cause by moderate warming and by carbon dioxide itself. The more greenery present the more food animals have.
And it is not a secret that polar bears have good times and all this is because of prohibiting of hunting. Nevertheless, it is necessary to draw attention to the fact that the highest death rate of polar bears in the western Hudson Bay (1974, 1984 and 1992) corresponds with the coldest winters. In fact the ice is too thick so that bears can’t break it to get food. Bears need to have ice broken. And broken ice will be the result of Global Warming.
Of course anyone can argue that all possible disasters and catastrophes have appeared because of the climate change. The truth is that this all is a myth. The latest IPCC report shows that there have been no significant observed trends in the tropical cyclone during the last century.
And in this regard it is to be said that the thing for people to be frightened the most must be people themselves. Different researches, statements, articles allege that people are the biggest parasites on the Earth. That is why humanity shall fight itself not the Global Warming.

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