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Valuation of an organization is review of works that an organization performs and how well it is structured. It brings forth the functionality of the organization, how it gets funded and its long term goals. In doing a methodical review, a group also looks at the challenges of an organization. The working environment is changing daily bringing forth new challenges for the organization frequently. There is always need of reviewing assessment of group often. In evaluating the process, one needs to appraise the jobs offered, problem management of the issues that crop up and the process of structuring the organization.
This research focuses on culmination of work covered in unit 4. The task requires one to select an organization in the community. The organization that I have chosen for this particular job is the Edmonton Community Mental Health Clinic. The reasons for choosing ECMHC is because it provides guidance and counseling services to several diverse populations. It is a community project management by the local people in the surrounding. In gathering the compulsory information for the task, I managed to secure a visit personally. The visit was very crucial since it helped in collecting the required information for the facility to come up with compressive information to answer all the questions for assessment of the organization. During the visit, I managed to talk with staff. The staff explained on how they are prepared in preventing the community from ending up being illegal drug users. The interview also brought about the intervention of disaster management skills in the surrounding community. The Edmonton Community Mental Health Clinic focuses on creating an atmosphere that is multi-cultural and anyone from any part of the world can successfully fit in the environment. The formation of the Edmonton Community Mental Health Clinic is a structural one that is entirely controlled by the neighboring community.
The purpose of creating the facility is because of high number of mental patients in the communal. Its main purpose is to serve the patients fully. The cost of services in the clinic is highly subsidized since it is a community affair. The community agreed on a nonprofit organization making the charges charged to the patients affordable. Some of the physicians who work in the clinic are volunteers, and they lower the costs charged to anyone. In doing so, it hopes to have so many patients who can access the free affordable services of the clinic. The health center devised ways for dealing with different kinds of clients. Most patients who have mental problems are mainly young people due to usage of hard drugs. Some of the mental patients have issues with authority. The Clinic serves them but works on giving the data to the government to help in bringing up proper legislation to deal with those kinds of laws. Some mental patients have emergency issues and since the clinic is a community affair, it offers services to individuals who do not posses any health insurance. Insurance is expensive for most of the patients who come from humble backgrounds. Location of clinic is in a well known place served by roads. Public transport connects the place with other regions making it well accessible.
Organization plays critical roles in prevention of similar outbreaks. Primary cause of psychological problems in the community is misuse of drugs. The young generation mainly abuses drugs since they see it as a form of satisfaction to them. Elder people mostly abuse drugs due to daily challenges of life. Drug addiction is another cause of ill use of drugs. The group clearly understands the public well. It comes up with policies that help in the inhibition of the misuse of drugs. The young people are engaged in activities that assist in mentoring them. They are taught on the dangers of abusing drugs. In doing so, they are educated, and it helps in the prevention of drug addiction. People with depression are screened. People identified with depression in the clinic are furnished with guideline and counseling sessions that help subdue the depression level of them. Through supervision and psychoanalysis, they stop abusing drugs. People who are dependet to the drugs are rehabilitated from using the drugs. In doing that, group helps in preventing the spread of mental health (Alberta, 2011).
The organization plays the imperative role in the education of the community on mental health. The community as whole is provided with insight by the clinic on mental health and how to deal with it. It gives insight on how to address it and how to identify someone suffering from it. In order to reach everyone in the community, it identifies all the community organizations and trains them. Knowledge is passed to other community groups, passing the insight to the rest of the people in the communal. The people in charge of guidance and counseling in the hospital are the one who are in charge of the specific tasks of reaching the community groups. They organize together with leaders of other groups (Pimatziwin, 2005).
Grouping role in communal serves everyone in the area. The guidance and counseling sessions serves the diverse population it covers. There are advices on psychoanalysis of groups in different gatherings. The grouping allows it to make it possible for one to include individuals that need counseling, families and groups. Cultural characteristic of the psychotherapists is miscellaneous. Those picked to counsel patients are those who have experienced similar situations and have been trained to handle patients with different cultural physiognomies and needs. They are professional therapists (Kiste and Marshall, 2009).
The group is a community program and serves everyone. In the communal, there are different people who are in different professionals who need guidance and counseling. It emphasizes on guiding them. Those in such professionals include medical staffs, law execution people and school personnel. In addition to direction and psychotherapy, they offer consultation services to the people.
The role of the organization is ensuring that there is no one in the community who is sick and has mental health conditions and has not yet been attended. It is the founding norm of the group. It advocates serving people entirely with different psychological needs across a diverse population that it serves. The public policy advocates all patients’ issues be treated with privacy. They handle the issues at the community level in respect of public policies (Wallach and Sforza, 2011).
Philosophies of social impartiality advocate for parity and participation. There is numerous public rule that are pertinent to the group. Community project serves the civic, and it should be in line with public policies. Public policy that is commonly practiced is the plan of care and professionalism to any patient. Any client who is served in the hospital is treated with caution plus professionalism. Extra strategy is the rule of equality. All patients are equal, and no one is given much attention than the other unless it is by the situation in the case. Accountability is another method. The organization of the health center is accountable. Philosophies of social justice advocate for parity and participation intended for everyone.
The organization manifests cultural capability in several ways. One of the ways is that counselors and medical staff come from different cultures. It prompts cultural integration within its personnel. Plans are underway for cultural integration from the medics with others from other cultures. Those in the hospital are trained on different cultures of other people hence manifesting cultural competence. The organization practices cultural competence and will place it as one that practice cultural competence.
Personally, being hired by the organization as a counselor would be a dream come true for me. I have yearned to offer help to people in the society for a long time. My interview in the clinic renewed my quest of working as a counselor. I would spearhead the advocating of cultural proficiency in the community. I would interact with patients and staff who come from different cultures.
There are several changes that I would long for in the organization as a counselor. The exchange program for counselors to areas that have people of different cultures is one that I would advocate them. In addition to that, would campaign for the community to hold an exhibition of arts to help the community learn from cultures of other people. In doing so, everyone will learn the cultures of other persons (Institute of Medicine, 2008).


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