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Bariatric surgery involves a few procedures that cause weight loss in individuals by limiting the amount of food that the stomach can contain at a time. It is helpful when the diet and exercise do not affect the weight of an individual. The process involves performing surgery on the digestive system of a person in a few ways depending on the weight and health factors. The purpose of bariatric surgery is to limit the absorption of nutrients that contribute to putting weight on by limiting the amount of food a person can consume altogether.
The first bariatric surgery was performed in the 1950s at the University of Minnesota. The progress of this surgical technique flourished in the 1960s. Bariatric surgery is also commonly known as Gastric Bypass in the U.S. Obesity has been a major problem among the masses in the United States and it brings with it many problems such as risks of cardiovascular disease, brain stroke, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. In individuals with a BMI higher than 40 and those which are lying between 35-39, the condition of the former is rendered extremely obese and the latter are highly overweight and in both cases the risks to health are alarming. (ASMBS, 2004).
Most of the time, the surgery involves a laparoscopic procedure, in which an incision is made in the abdomen that will be used to work on the digestive system of a person.
Laparoscopic surgery is generally considered better because it takes lesser time for healing, takes several hours for the complete procedure, for about three to five days the patient will need to remain admitted to the hospital and it is effective in weight loss up to a 60%. A few complications like thrombosis, vomiting, diarrhea, reaction to anesthetics, ulcers, nausea, hernia, hypoglycemia, malnutrition, trouble breathing and bowel constrictions can occur. The cost of treatment is also high. (Web MD, 2015).
There are several types of Bariatric surgeries being performed in the present day. A popular one is Roux-en-Y, which is quite common and irreversible. It involves sewing up the stomach in which a pouch is created that can contain one ounce of food at a time. To this pouch, a part of the small intestine is attached, and so less nutrient absorption occurs.
The other is Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch in which 80% of the stomach is removed from the system, and usually it is performed on extremely obese people with a BMI over 50. (Mayoclinic, 2015).
Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is one where an inflatable band is tied around the top portion of the stomach that when tightened, creates two separate pouches of the stomach which also restricts the amount of food that will be absorbed by the body.
Vertical Banded Gastrectomy also known as stomach sapling divides the stomach into two parts, and it restricts the amount of food that is consumed. (Mayoclinic, 2015).
Sleeve Gastrectomy is another procedure that changes the stomach’s structure and makes it tube-like that restricts the amount of nutrients that will be absorbed into the blood stream. It is also the latest form of Bariatric surgery introduced today.
There are several pros and cons to Bariatric surgery, and they need to be considered before a person goes for this treatment. The plus points of this surgery are that it does not involve as many complications as other weight loss methods and is comparatively safer. It is also one of the most effective methods of weight loss where most of the patients are permanently relieved from overweight bodies, and it creates a healthy life for them in the long run. They are less prompted to eat . Hence they lose their weight readily and also do not gain it afterward. And with the loss of the weight comes the added advantage of lesser health problems associated with obesity and fat like heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. They are prone to live healthier lives.
The negatives of this treatment also exist, however. The patients need to get very vigilant and careful of the diet they consume after the surgery, and they must maintain great self-control otherwise the entire surgery would go to waste. Hence, excessive planning over their meals and nutrition content of food needs to be made and kept up with. Relapsing back to the old routine will be of no help after the surgery. Another issue is the bodily scars left after the surgery. It is a surgery requiring quite a lot of incisions in the abdomen that will be stitched up afterward. However, some scars may take a very long time to go away, and some might not get healed even. This can leave a blemished skin for the person. Also, at times the surgery may not go successful, and the person might not lose weight at the rate they wished because every person’s body works differently. Hence, the success of surgery is uncertified. (Web Md, 2015).
Bariatric surgery is helpful for obese and overweight patients in maintaining a good body while losing weight through less consumption of food and less nutrient absorption. It is one of the most effective ways to weight loss today.


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