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The air passenger transport concerns facilitate international commerce, export manufacturing, service industries and tourism. Etihad Airways is one of the foundations of economic growth in the nations of the Arabian Gulf. The nations that compose the Arabian Gulf region initiated the investment in sponsorships and events in order to increase their global profiles. In addition, new aviation infrastructures have been constructed in order to provide support for the airline communication activities. The nations of the Arabian Gulf are represented by Etihad Airways. The research will explore the regional representative characteristics of Etihad Airways. The research will explore the characteristics that have caused Etihad Airways to be perceived as a respected global aviation brand. The perspectives of Cronkhite (2012), Etihad (2014(, Etihad (2015) and Finney (2010)were accessed in the composition of the research.

Etihad Airways

An important objective for international concerns is the strategic alliances and collaboration with foreign held organizations. This is a policy that had been adopted by Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways is based in the city of Abu Dhabi, located in the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways is a new organization. The communication activities that have been conducted by the management of Etihad Airways have caused the air passenger carrier to become a global brand that had ds efficiently flown more than forty million air travelers to more than eighty six global destinations. Etihad Airways has invested billions of dollars in new aircraft. The strategic objective of Etihad Airways is to extend the number of destinations that their routes access over the next decade. Etihad Airways has been under the effective leadership of its Chief executive officer, James Hogan. The goal has been to elevate the standard of quality given to the air passengers who travel with Etihad Airways (Etihad Airways, 2015). The objective of the research study is to identify the communication strategies that have been applied. The communication strategies that have been applied by Etihad Airways have included sponsorship of sporting events and sports teams (Etihad Airways, 2015).


Etihad Airways was established as the premier air passenger carrier of the UAE in the middle of 2003. This was achieved by means of a royal edict that was mandated by Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyran. Etihad Airways was initiated with a venture capital fund of approximately 166 million dollars. Etihad Airways has been one of the most rapidly growing passenger airline carriers in the history of international aviation. Etihad Airways has approximately 13, 535 employees (Etihad Airways, 2015).
Etihad Airways has over ninety aircraft and has begun to demonstrate profits over the past three years . James Hogan, the Chief Executive Officer at Etihad Airways, received his appointment as CEO in 2006. Mr. Hogan has more than thirty years of expertise in travel related communications. Mr. Hogan also serves as a member of the board of governors on the IATA (International Air Transportation Association. The financial turnover that has been experienced during the past three years by Etihad Airways has been $4.1 billion in 2011, $4.8 Billion in 2012 and $6.21 billion in 2013 (Etihad Airways, 2015).
Etihad Airways has prospered as an international air passenger carrier and has become a global brand as a result of the cultural communications that are conveyed. The management of Etihad Airways has promoted the culture of the United Arab Emirates. This includes generosity, warmth and consideration in the cultural communications that are conveyed to the passengers and the global communications. Etihad Airways has magnificently represented the culture of the United Arab Emirates and has caused the increased recognition of Abu Dhabi as an international air passenger hub that connects the Eastern and Western segments of the globe (Etihad Airways, 2015).
One of the causal attributes for the success that Etihad Airways has experienced over the past decade is due to the organizational culture that is communicated. Etihad Airways has a substantially sized workforce. This is a challenge in providing effective communication to the personnel. Effective communications within an organization are essential for motivating the employees to communicate the cultural perspective that is represented by Etihad Airways. As the number of customers have increased significantly, it is important that the employees at Etihad Airways communicate the performance that is anticipated by its customer base (Cronkhite, 2012; Finney, 2010).

Maintaining Motivated Employees

The motivation of employees is very important in improving the performance of an organization. The indexes of employee efficiency and production have been substantially increased. As a result, the Etihad Airways organization has become more profitable. The communications that motivate the employees are an important consideration in the increased customer satisfaction and increasing the market share of Etihad Airways. In this respect, Etihad Airways has achieved success in increasing the levels of customer satisfaction by communicating the necessity of motivation on behalf of its personnel (Cronkhite, 2012; Finney, 2010).
The subject of the manner by which organizational administrators can convey increased motivation to the personnel has been a topic of increased attention in the academic community. Customer satisfaction is reliant on employee motivation. The idea of the motivation of the personnel in an organization has been correlated to increased levels of customer satisfaction. The idea of employee motivation has been comprehended by a number of academic practitioners and has been scarcely practiced in the international air passenger industry. In order to comprehend motivation, it is important to comprehend the perspectives of the personnel and the customers (Cronkhite, 2012; Finney, 2010).
The correct organizational communications derive effective employee production and efficiency. The effective communications of the management derives elevated levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is attributed to the premise that the expectations of the clients are easily fulfilled when the organizational objectives are clearly communicated by the management. Employee motivation is an outcome of effective leadership. This causes it to be inevitable for the organizations that are seeking to maintain elevated levels of personnel motivation to practice effective organizational communication and leadership. The causal attribute of the increased levels of communication that are conveyed by the management at Etihad Airways cause the organization to realize increase levels of profit which being able to sustain a market share of loyal clients (Cronkhite, 2012; Finney , 2010).
Motivation is the primary reason that causes the personnel and the clients to respond. The motivation and the communication s of the personnel at Etihad Airways lead to the fulfillment of the anticipations of the basic desires and the condition of appreciation of the customers. The theories that are delineated in Maslow’s’ hierarchy of needs have significantly defined the qualities of human behavior. The customers are extremely motivated to procure travel services at Etihad Airways as a result of the perception that their needs will be fulfilled. The economic factors are one of the most outstanding causal attributes of motivation. It has been researched that economic rewards as the primary source of motivation have only been successful in the lower tiers of the organizational hierarchy at Etihad Airways (Cronkhite, 2012; Etihad Airways, 2015; Finney, 2010).

Management Communications

The communications that are conveyed to the personnel in the form of recognition, praise, empowerment and respect cause the employees to perceive that they belong to the organization. The communications of appreciation have been important in the success that has been realized by Etihad Airways. This quality is referred in the Herzberg theory of motivation. The theory that has been proposed by McGregor with regards to the theories delineated as theory X and theory Y have been an integral theory with regards to explaining the concept of employee motivation. The levels of the communications that are transmitted by the administrators have been demonstrated to have an important influence on the employee motivation (Cronkhite, 2012; Finney, 2010).
As the employees at Etihad Airways have been adequately motivated by the management, there has been a substantial influence on the manner by which the employees fulfill their responsibilities. The communication of motivation to the employee is part of the value adding process of the employees searching for more effective manners of achieving their responsibilities within an organization. The communication of motivation by administrators is one of the reasons for innovation and invention with regards to performance. The effective communications that take place between the employees and the management at Etihad Airways leads to a higher level of quality in the production of services. The clients are satisfied with the increased employee motivation as this adds value to the services that are being purveyed. In addition, the increased levels of communication between the mismanagement and the employees at Etihad Airways leads to more elevated levels of employee commitment (Cronkhite, 2012; Etihad Airways, 2015; Finney, 2010).
The effective communication of motivation by the management at Etihad Airways causes the employee to maintain their attention on the organizational goals and the employee responsibilities. Effective communication in an organization created the effective usage of time resources. As the employees feel respected and empowered through the increased communication, they are in a superior position to tailor their skills and aptitudes to the organizational requisites. The qualities of employee motivation are important at Etihad Airways due to the attribute of being able to maintain and increase its global presence (Cronkhite, 2012; Etihad Airways, 2015; Finney, 2010).
The employees at Etihad Airways are in direct communication with the customers. This communication to the customers that originates from the employees has the requisite of elevated levels of motivation. Etihad Airways management has been able to provide admirable reimbursement packages and benefits to their employees. Etihad Airways offers above average salaries to their employees in order to sustain the motivational drive of the personnel. The motivational drive of the employees is important in being able to sustain and attract satisfied customers. The administrators at Etihad Airways have also been effective in the application of non-financial motivations that include recognition, respect and empowerment in order to stimulate the employees’ motivational drives (Cronkhite, 2012; Etihad Airways, 2015; Finney, 2010).

Etihad Airways’ Sponsorship in the Global Community

Etihad Airways has developed into a philanthropic organization that patronizes sports activities around the world. Etihad Airways became the primary sponsor of the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. The sponsorship and the naming of the stadium were performed in synchronicity with the beginning of the Australian Football league Season in 2009. In addition, the sponsorship deal provides it members with unlimited airline services to Melbourne for duration of five years. In the United Kingdom, the Manchester City Football association was the recipient of a sponsorship that was valued at 400 million pounds. This is renowned as being one of the largest football sponsorships in history. The Manchester City Football association is now one of the most affluent football clubs in the United Kingdom (Etihad Airways, 2015).
The sponsorship will continue for a decade and the name of the Manchester City stadium will be changed to the Etihad Stadium. These communication activities that have been initiated by the administrators of Etihad Airways have caused the increase of the value of the Etihad Airways brand. Etihad Airways believes in establishing high standards in the sporting industry. In addition, the hospitality that Etihad Airways would be able to provide would cause their brand value to increase. The communication that has been established by Etihad Airways has caused their presence to be acknowledged as a benchmark for all future communications between air passenger carriers and the sports that they endorse (Etihad Airways, 2015).
Etihad Airways is also a patron to the initial F1 Grand Prix race that was held in Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways continues to sponsor the event. The audience that is receiving the broadcast of the Etihad Airways sponsoring of the F1 Gran Prix at Abu Dhabi is estimated at 80 million members of the television viewing community. In addition, Etihad Airways also sponsors sporting events that include the Abu Dhabi Golf Classic. The ADGC is one of the most recognized golfing events in the area. There are over one hundred and twenty golfing professional who participate in the Abu Dhabi Golf Classic and the awards are estimated at more than $2 million (Etihad Airways, 2015).

Etihad Airways’ Future Investment Design

The plans that have been implemented by Abu Dhabi in order to become a major world travel hub over the next fifteen years have been able to advance. The expansion of the air passenger carrier fleet that was implemented by Etihad Airways represents an investment of more than $43 billion. The acquisition of the new aircraft has caused Etihad Airways to become one of the most expansive fleets in the world. The investment that has been implemented by Etihad Airways will also enable Abu Dhabi’s recognition and future development (Etihad Airways, 2014).

Marketing Communications Launched by Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways started a marketing initiative that has become globally recognized as the Why campaign. This campaign has had the objective of demonstrating the manner by which Etihad Airways has grown since the ten years of its inception. The initiative that is known as the Why campaign communicates the reasons for air passenger customers selecting to fly with Etihad Airways in comparison with any other air passenger carrier. The objectives of the Why campaign has been communicated globally by a variety of media sources. The campaign communication that is applied by Etihad Airways in their campaign is: “The World is our Home. You are our guest” (Etihad Airways, 2015). This initiative has been designed to direct communication with regards to the cultural perspective of Etihad Airways and the global scope that is maintained (Etihad Airways, 2015).
The communication slogan is an extension of the brand development that derives its cultural value from the United Arab Emirates and the communications that Etihad Airways has conveyed throughout the globe. Etihad Airways also applies a variety of communication mediums. One of the newest communication implementations is the application of social media. The social media communications enable Etihad Airways to communicate with millions of potential consumers. The initiation of a Facebook page has been the source of considerable success in communicating with more than 200,000 clients. Etihad Airways has also successfully applied You Tube and Twitter for its advertising communications. In the application of the new technological communication platforms (Etihad Airways, 2015),
Etihad Airways has been able to communicate with its users on a personalized level and has been able to enhance consumer loyalty for its brand by effective marketing. In addition, the social media have proven to be a valuable recruitment source for the personnel who desire to associate with the Etihad Airways organization. The strategic communications include the application of the Manchester City Football association website. The concepts that were applied in the communications with the Manchester City Football organization were on target and had been able to establish the communication format that Etihad Airways has been implementing by means of social media (Etihad Airways, 2015).
These marketing communications have transformed Etihad Airways into a global actor. The primary communication strategy of the Etihad Airways organization is to be able to operate successfully as a viable and sustainable air passenger carrier. In a time period of a decade, the communication endeavors of Etihad Airways have been effective in its endeavors of attracting more than forty million clients. The communication initiatives that have been applied have facilitated Etihad Airways' endeavors with regards to its elevated standard of service. The communication efforts that have been applied by Etihad Airways have been able to connect in all sectors of its marketing efforts (Etihad Airways, 2015).


Etihad Airways could embark on an expansion of its efforts in sponsoring football organizations in other European nations. The recommended organizations are participants in the German Bundesliga and the emerging French Football leagues. These would be suitable organizations to approach with its marketing alliance initiatives. The sustenance of the organizational commercial plan with the Manchester City Football organization should be made into a primary goal (Etihad Airways, 2015). In addition, Etihad Airways could apply text messaging as a regular means of communicating with its client base. The application of direct telemarketing and newsletters are other paradigms that can be applied in the expansion of their customer base.
Etihad Airways should consider investing in addition communication initiatives with the Russian and African marketplaces. The investment of resources in communications with potential clients in these markets would enable Etihad Airways with a competitive advantage over its competitors. The European market is the primary key for the potential expansion of Etihad Airways.


Etihad Airways has been able to prosper as an outcome of the abundant petroleum wealth of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways is slightly over ten years old. Notwithstanding, the communication endeavors have been able to facilitate Etihad Airways' capture of a significant portion of the air passenger market in the region. Considering that Etihad Airways is a novel brand that is in the process of evolving, one of the primary competitive advantages that it has maintained is the capacity of being able to make decisions by means of its enhanced communication structure. Etihad Airways has had the capacity of being able to access a variety of distinct markets. In the next decade of development, Etihad Airways should be able to develop into a primary global concern with the potential of attracting more than 25 million consumers on an annual basis. Etihad Airways has the potential of becoming an organization that extends across the globe with its participation of over 100 destinations and 27, 000 personnel. Etihad Airways relatively young characteristic as an air passenger industry participant has enabled the establishing of ambitious goals during the next decade.


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