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The school works great as an example of a social system model. It acts as a community that comprises of various people from different backgrounds and races. They come together to combine their skills in achieving one goal in life: success. Through the school rules, a social system model can come up, form various ways to bond people together, and help learners understand each other’s backgrounds. The school helps students to yield results and equips them with skills for the future careers. Most of them get to discover another gift they hid themselves. Apart from that, one appreciates who they are as well as the identity of others. T High Rogers School located in Houston, TX, is one school that upholds various social systems models to enhance learning, encourage tolerance, and improve students’ correlation.
T High Rogers School comprises of a board of governors, teachers, and students. The teachers have various levels of command; principal, deputy principal, heads of departments and the regular teachers. Together they form a social system. They come together to discuss the way forward as a school. Through meetings, the teachers have an opportunity to air their views about the progress of the school. The students rank themselves in different levels. There are prefects, heads of departments like sports, captain, and the general students. Participation in the hierarchy bears fruits in the end.
For the school system, the best organization theory is the classical organization theory. It combines the aspects of bureaucratic theory, scientific management, and administrative theory. Bureaucratic theory helps in establishing the hierarchy of structural power placed in an organization. Scientific manage involves the use of personnel alongside optimal equipment carefully to scrutinize the various components of a production process. Just like its name, administrative theory helps in establishing the management principles that concur with the organization. The theory is simple and direct to what people should do and how to do it. It will ensure everything works out smoothly.
A boundary is a line that limits a person or something from going further. It acts as a limiter to one’s ability. In most scenarios, people outdo themselves in the tasks given to them. It is not a bad thing but overdoing a work will lead to fatigue. Others may take the advantage of a no boundary limit by giving other people their tasks for them to complete. The result is unfairness within the working community. Though the work is done in the end, there arises an issue with favors from people.
In the school, it is important for a boundary to be put in place. In this regard, there exists a boundary within the teachers and the students. As per the hierarchy within the school, one gets entitled to the things they can command or do. In the case of teachers, the principal holds the least boundary, as he/she has to oversee all the activities that happen in the lower ranks. The teacher has the least powers hence a shorter boundary. There are items or rules within the school that the teacher cannot oversee without the authority from people above him/her. An example of such has the power to expel a student regardless of how notorious he/she is. The teacher reports to the principal who in turn expels the student. Similar situations happen in the student’s hierarchy. The prefects have a certain degree of boundary though it does not limit them to the students. Since the students are the least power, they end up having a short boundary. Any slip across it leads to serious punishment from the seniors.
The boundaries discussed came to be through rules. The rules keep the boundaries in check and ensure that people do not exercise powers not granted to them. The set of rules has a guideline on what action to undertake in case a person does not stick to their roles. Most of the actions are hefty because the effects of breaking the rules might lead to serious accusations towards the organization. Boundaries between the various students help in pointing out those that do not adhere to the rules set to them by the school. In instances where one does not do their duty, the rules will assist in pointing them out.
Supra system refers to the different systems that make up one major system. The name states that it is a combination of two major systems in an organization summed up to make up one huge system. A supra system commands the other two systems and makes them work together to perform set tasks. In T High Rogers School, the supra system is the board of directors. They oversee the operations of the school.
The board comprises of leaders who do not have a role within the school but their children could study in the institution. The board has several interactions that it has as a suprasystem. The board has the power to hire and fire some of the staff. The designation of power to them ensures that there is mutual understanding of the system. Placing the power within the school will lead to hatred. One teacher might hate another and will do everything to ensure they will sack them if the principal has the power.
Another interaction that the board has is the power to rule the developments of the school. Plans that the school wants to put in place have to go through the board to verify them. They ensure that the school does not take matters into its hands. Apart from that, they oversee the plans placed and ensure it is fully done. The interactions do not conform in any way with the organization and the supra-systems. They tend to work together to complete the tasks set upon them.
An interface is a medium of communication between different levels in a social system. Due to the working schedule of the different levels within the social systems, it is impossible to enact change or improvements on a daily basis. One side of the social system cannot enact the new rules without the consent of the other side. The interface comes in place to make it possible. It acts as a median for the two or more sides. One interface that combines the organization and the supra-system is meeting. Meetings get the two groups together to discuss various points noticed or matters arising.
Meetings act as an important task between the two groups if they need to progress. The turbulence seen in the meetings comprises of arguments and decisions aired to both sides of the table. The turbulence brings together the organizations in an equal platform resulting into decisions that will govern the school and bring about change. The interface allows the communication between the supra-systems and the social system. As stated earlier, communication is vital if the school wants to move forward in terms of plans and changes.
In the organization, the key input is effort. Even if all the students get to clear their balance at the same time, the effort they put in their studies is what will guarantee their place in the next level. The same applies to the teachers in that, regardless of the pay, lack of proper education towards the students will lead to poor performance. The best way to maintain the input is assessment. Thorough assessments, the teachers, and students will gauge how they perform individually and as a whole. From the results, the board can judge whether the performance is improving, dropping or stagnating.
Proposed task output is a different perspective of a task created to form a better result. The proposed task is set to outdo the current task or improve its efficiency to the current output. The need for the organization was to create more ways in which the supra-systems gets to interact with itself. The organization lacked trust and job fulfillment. The reason behind such problems was some of the people in the organization looking down upon others. Some never did their part to the uttermost level hence incomplete tasks. The problems led to the organization deteriorating performance wise.
The current mission is to create a better relationship within the supra-system. One of the major task roles that will effect immediately is setting better grounds for working. Most people do not know what role they play within the system and blame others for the result. The proposed task objective to direct on the issue is coming up with a chart that shows the tasks a specific person ought to fulfill. By attacking the problem, in the beginning will guide the organization in establishing ground rules for working together in harmony. One of the main day-to-day activities to fulfill the task is through partnership. The second is coming up with better grounds or conditions for working. To keep the goal at its level best and ever continuing, the organization will put in place extra activities that will bring the people more closely. Outdoor activities are one of the things that will help in further bonding. Apart from that, having regular challenges and competitions within the organization will assist in engaging the organization.
Presently, the task output focuses on people doing work without placing concern on how their other team players fair. The system is selfish and only benefits the highest people of the rank. System waste is the loss of resources and leakages within the system. The waste it through the working conditions and hours that people do not put in use. If the organization closes up the paths that lead to waste of resources and time, the organization will bear better results. The waste in the proposed system is the time placed to come up with the plan.
Organizational structure is a chart that displays the various departments and tasks entitled to people within the system. Through the structure, the organization is in a position to establish the various department and people entitled to it clearly. The proposed organizational structure lines up the various levels within the system from the highest to the lowest. The chart stipulates the hierarchy of the organization.
In terms of goals fulfillment, the board meets up regularly to look for the various tasks and ways, it can come up with a solution for the school. The teachers come up with their timeline on how to achieve good results within the school. Lastly, the student has to come together to ensure that the school maintains a certain degree of discipline within itself. Through such kinds of tasks, the school as an organization grows in terms of performance and discipline.
A function is a description of a particular task or person within a system. The importance of tasks is giving people tasks required from them. The main function that runs across the system is improving the status of the organization. Feedback is comments that one gets after going an action. Feedback to the organization comes from results and the intake of students to the school. A social worker uses the feedback to draw a good perspective that the community has and what goes about within it.
T High Rogers Elementary School Hierarchy Chart

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